5 Packs to Transform Windows to other OS

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It’s a new year, why not give your years old XP operating system a new look? If you’re bored of having to look at the same kind of icons and eyecandy everytime, you can download and install these free transformation packs, and transform XP to look like any other OS.

(Note: Some of the listed transformation packs are quite extensive so please read installation guidelines carefully)

Vista Transformation Pack [Download]

vista transformation pack   5 Packs to Transform Windows to other OS

Vista Transformation Pack does all kinds of appearance tweaks, and makes Windows XP look like Vista. From icons, transparency to new sounds, this pack does it all to make your XP look like Windows Vista.

Mac OS Transformation Pack [Download]

mac osx transformation   5 Packs to Transform Windows to other OS [bigger image]

Transforms XP to look like Mac OS X 10.5. Some important components like Windows Explorer and other shell files are patched to mimic Mac OS X appearance. Work only with Windows XP SP2 (English version).

FlyakiteOSX [Download]

flyakiteOSX pack   5 Packs to Transform Windows to other OS

Again, make your windows look like Mac OS X. However, it’s much more comprehensive than the above one. This enhancement utility does everything from registry tweaks, visual styles, sounds, icons to imitate the appearance of Mac OS X. See other screenshots here. If you’re using iTunes then make sure to deselect “˜iTunes Multi-Pugin’ option (under “˜Software’) in the installation wizard.

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Fedora Transformation Pack [Download]

linux fedora   5 Packs to Transform Windows to other OS

This tool is intended for making XP resemble the Fedora Linux Distro. Though the utility just packs a simple visual style, it does include icons, screensavers and wallpapers, and other Fedora-like skins for programs.

Ubuntu Transformation Pack [Download]

ubuntu pack   5 Packs to Transform Windows to other OS

This pack contains visual styles, icons and other patches that can give the brownish Ubuntu look to Windows XP. If you just can’t get Ubuntu working on your PC, but still love its looks, you can download this pack. [via]

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Michael Wales

Although it doesn’t transform Windows to look like another OS, XPize is always one of the first things I install on a new installation.


Follow-up to Michael’s comment:

“XPize is a GUI enhancer for Windows XP and 2003. It replaces most of the non-XP icons, avis and bmps that Microsoft has always overlooked. The installer simply automates the process of replacing resources in system files, making your XP’s look better.


Oh, yeah. Make Windows look like Ubuntu, I’m sure people are looking for that… ¬¬


LOL! I use ubuntu and wouldn’t want that.
But, I can do anything I want to make it look the way I want it to look.
People don’t use ubuntu for the “LOOK”.

Mason Mouse

I enjoy the warm look of Ubuntu. I’ve been running it for a year or so now and have never changed the appearance on any of the machines except to make my own wallpaper to go along with it. It’s refreshingly different from all the other default blue OS styles out there. If I had to run Windows at work, I’d probably grab this pack.

Shankar Ganesh

Ubuntu looks good, why not import the same look in XP when you happen to use it?
That’s what I was talking about :-)


I love the Ubuntu look. It’s simple and nice, and I’ve always had my XP modded Ubuntu style, and this pack looks even better.


i like the ubuntu look

Mackenzie Morgan

I put an Ubuntu wallpaper on the Mac I had to use last summer at work. My boss liked it. She said it reminded her of chocolate mousse, the only downside being it looked so delicious it made her hungry.


Skins looks cool. Some time back, I tried a Vista transformation pack on my Windows XP.After that I decided not to go for any skin applying softwares. Coz, it created so many problems. I had to reinstall my OS after that incident. :(


You probably tried ver. 7, but now they released version 8, which solves dozens of bugs. Although, it still risky if you’re not sure about what can be done to undo the installation. :-).

Jan Polzer

Wow :-) Fedora and Mac OS Transformation Packs seem to be very cool.
To Veerasundar: You are absolutely right, this transformation pack creates many problems and only solution is to completely reinstall your system.

Shankar Ganesh

Yeah, a backup is recommended before installation.

Toni Hintikka

Is it really smart to but ubuntu skin on XP? More smarter is to install Ubuntu and replace Windows.

Charles Martin

Given that current Macs can run both Mac OS X 10.5 (which, btw is awesome!) *and* XP (or even Vista!) faster and more smoothly than most actual PCs, I would have to say that struggling to make your Windoze look like the Mac is kind of … well, pathetic.

Buy an XBox for your gaming fix and get a Mac already!*

*PS — Macs run Ubuntu and other Linuxes just great as well! Wow, three OSes running simultaneously without exploding? MUST BE A MAC!!


Yesssss Mrrrrrrrrr Jobsssssss I will dooo anyyyythiiiiinng yoooouu saaaaaay…

PC gaming > console gaming any day.

One OS is enough for me, though if I really wanted to, I could go ahead and stick Ubuntu onto my computer. The thing is, MacOS and Linux don’t give me anything I don’t already have with XP. Doesn’t get much simpler than that, does it?


i have my laptop running xp, osx and linux triple boot and it works just fine, the brand i hear you ask?


time to get the mac off of the pedestal and realise it is just a tool to do a job :-)

peter guszti

Who needs windows, after i installed linux i have just been using it for 6 months now, I also posted this link on my blog, with extra funny comments, http://www.opentopix.com/topic/gadgets/windows-on-other-platfroms


Who needs Windows… ?

Millions of people .


Funny, I never want to change my leopard UI…

Shankar Ganesh

That’s because it’s an awesome interface :D

Mackenzie Morgan

That’s because you can’t. Jerks at Apple trying to pretend your computer’s not your own…



Windows != Security.


there are plenty of excellent freeware that can take care of this.

A. Nieves

I love VISTA but haven’t updated yet.. The Vista Transformation Pack looks like a good way to get familiar with the operating system until I’m ready to upgrade.


Great article.

For Vista, I highly recommend (and use) Vistamizer. It is really well done and the best part is that if you didn’t like, all changes can be reversed without any causing any system issues.


How superficial can you get?


why make xp look like another OS?? Just install the other OS!
I got sick of M$ a few years back and have been running linux since then (CentOS, not that ubuntu crap), life is so much easier & stress free now


I guess M$ can easily refer both to Mac and Microsoft now. :-)

Geek Musings

Thanks for posting this. This should provide a couple of hours worth of entertainment screwing around with the vanilla install.

Just keep the re-image discs handy… ;o)


Good Tip!


pathethic, change OS instead and you’ll get avantage from using a OS that not just looks better, but also works better


Given that current Macs can run both Mac OS X 10.5 (which, btw is awesome!) *and* XP (or even Vista!) faster and more smoothly than most actual PCs, I would have to say that struggling to make your Windoze look like the Mac is kind of … well, pathetic.

Right reasoning, wrong result.

I’m running XP on my Leopard-based Mac under Parallels Desktop, and I used FlyakiteOSX to make the ugly XP windows look like the rest of my Mac windows. It’s fantastic. With all of the advances that Parallels has made in the last year, all of the XP programs I’m running look and behave mostly like every other Mac program: they’ve got soft drop shadows, they swoop into the dock, and they work with Exposé. The red-yellow-green widgets are on the “wrong” side, but aside from that, I’ve got no complaints.

It’s the only way to roll.


I believe the url to flyakite is faulty, it points to a rip off site, that maybe even distributes spyware with it. The real site is http://osx.portraitofakite.com
This was also previously discussed on lifehacker here: http://lifehacker.com/337812/make-windows-look-like-a-mac-with-flyakiteosx
(they made the same mistake)


These make sense. I, like many people, use two (or more) machines in day to day work. Whatever the “dominant” OS you use, you kind of get used to more as time goes on. So minor tweaks, whether it be icons, toolbar placement, etc. are nice in this kind of situation.

One example is that no matter what machine, or OS I’m using, I always have the Blue Tango icon pack selected. That way the icons are all the same, and I know by colors and icons what to click on when glancing at a folder cluttered with a ton of items.

I know it’s subtle, but there are advantages to making on OS look like another.


why don’t you just download the alienware theme pack?

much cooler and much better than these,,,,


why cant we just install the preferred OS and stick with it … ???
hehe … good list though …


Check out the comment from “Jaymoon”


“If you just can’t get Ubuntu working on your PC, but still love its looks, you can download this pack.”

Oh yeah, like I can get XP working on my computer but not Ubuntu


am an ubuntu user and i love more the way the ubuntu theme looks in win XP than it does in my ubuntu installation …. weird lol

i am tired of blue everywhere lol

congrats to the author


Hola, tengo instalado en mi pc el Windows xp modificado uE version 7. Mi pregunta es, si el Vista Transformation Pack 8 funciona con el Windows uE7? Saludos!


I tried the Mac one and it only changed the icons in my start menu WTF did i do wrong? my desktop hasnt changed neither has anything else.


I want a pack that makes my OS X and Ubuntu look like Vista!
Vista rocks, *NIX snobs!!

John Smith

Does it fuck up the system just like other similar look change applications?


the stupid mac osx10.5 one does not work at all for me. it changes the imagges in winexplorer, but nothing else, it just looks like plain windows, with Mac icons!

Red Icculus


How about Replacing Windows With KDE?

Planet Lowyat

Why not through away your Windows OS :P


can i transform vista into mac ?
plz reply me at geek_2k@yahoo.com if possible





in that site thr is a transformation pack so called vistaosx

install that

u get the outmost illusions of mac


I have an alternative list of apps to make XP look like Vista here:


And I also changed my Ubuntu 7.10 to look be more like OS X Leopard, check it out here:




I don’t see any reason to make a piece of shit like windoz, looking like fedora, ubuntu, mac osx:)
Burn the damn iso and install them!
These transformation packs are just a load of crap, they use tons of ram and resources to run, they mess up the system when you try to unistall them, and a lot of other nice surprises -.-


If i install this program and have the “vista-look”, can i the uninstall it and have the old “xp-look” back?


wow! grEat huh!

Alvin Adducul

Can this be used if you have installed SP3 build 3311?


i tried “FlyaKiteOS” and it’s a piece of crap… It slowed down my computer, and it only changed the Office icons, the rest was the same… The online demo version is cool though…it gives you the ilusion that you’re on a mac…


nice articl .. thanks again.

m reza

very nice. thank you


What a fucking theme.I’ve never seen a theme like this before.Damn.Thank u.But VISTA theme is too large.Fuck i can’t download it my internet speed is too slow.try to zip it to atleast 2MB.

Justin Amaker

I love Ubuntu Transformation Pack…thanks…whoever made it


to bad all of these is for xp and not vista


hey guys this stuff is very good,i have tried tall this each one is perfcet.thanx to people for there hard work…………..

Nuxly Stardust

The link for the Ubuntu pack is dead, here is a new one:

Ic3cr34m M4n


Always classy nerd humor.


This guide is great. I used option 3 (I Have None of the Above) with my PSP (1001) running OFW 5.01. It worked the first time! Now I have 5.00 M33-4 because it turns the Network Update into an update for CFW. And for all of you having problems with your pandora battery not working, when your turning your PSP on, try holding the L or R button which will make it most likely boot from the Memory Stick due to the MMS settings.


checking out mobilcal now …
thanks …


Nice. More professional and sophisticated in appearance. In one word: smoother. Good work!

Pavan Kumar

Like a white snow… Love it… But I feel its better you change the adsense background color above the post..

Pavan Kumar

Oops… it seems some error with comment posting :(


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i opend it but the whole board was a different one i want u to take a look at this board but i don’t know how to send the images of the battery on this site can u please help me.
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people still use public trackers?


The background color is not established. I have blue as the default and the design looks weird.

Vincent Chow

Hm, how the site used to look like again? It looks pretty much the same, guess it’s because of the color scheme.


Yopmail is perfect!
No need to register, od fill in anything.
Just to add a name, and check the public inbox of the name’s yopmail.
It’s gorgeous: a diposable e-mail shouldn’t be personal, no need to any privacy, because it’s not for personal use.
It wouldn’t be easier! and safer




Tried downloading Ubuntu pack but files are not available anymore.

Mr. J

I’d like to find the new apple leopard transformation pack, and I found it, then I try to Install but, no change in system,, any one can help me!


I recommend rocketdock cheap of resources and very customizable


hey rocketdock.com is the best. rocketdock is the best think known to OS users for changing look. just get the mac os x .mssyle and it will change everything. but not the awsome things that mac has…. man…. but i dont think i want to try any of these because of all the bad posts about “reinstalling”


aku suka Ubuntu, karena tampilannya beda dari yang lain


I don’t see the point to these things. Why change the program you are using why not just upgrade to that program. It would make more sense, at least to me it does.




-= Vista OSX Leopard v1.1 2009 =-

wants convert VISTA or XP in “MAC OS LEOPARD” without consume much memory, and with a easy installation with only 12 steps for do manually?

quieres convertir VISTA o XP en “MAC OS LEOPARD” sin consumir mucha memoria y con una instalacion facil con tan solo 12 pasos para hacer manualmente?

Go Here/Ve aqui:


Screenshots in site!
Screenshots en el sitio!


22 try zaroor kariyo
theek ae thode layi


These are all cpmlicated and potentially dangerous transformation packs. Well, maybe not Flyakite OSX. That’s a masterpiece. Best XP – Mac OS X transformation pack ever. But if you want a good Vista look, I suggest VistaMizer. This is another awesome piece of software. Works brilliantly.


nic post… http:v2tricks.blogspot.com




Wow very nice indeed :)


Vistamizer is a piece of shit, it fucks up the placement of your icons and is a resource hog. Stay away from it… The seven remix is cool and runs like a dream, but there are some bugs. Like the calculator doesn’t work and the new VLC media player doesn’t open either… Something about a dll problem.


does the ubuntu pack include compise effects or atleast the wobbly effect? pleas answer


Well after trying a shit load of them transformation packs, I prefer not to faq up by using transformation packs n stuff..
To me, keeping whatever OS gives and tweaking its settings sounds ok..
And may be install some standard sidebars n stuff (something like google desktop or thoosje sidebar…)…..

Have a look to this…


I have try to Transformation Windows XP into Windows 7.
My start-menu is look so poor and i have problem with minimized icon’s in startbar, there are still more problem and lot of bugs, i don’t wan’t give advise to try to installed transformation packs. What you do is damage your Windows.


mac os looks better than the vista


cheirem meu ovo e ta tudo certo ai vcs me pagan uma peta


bullshit theme pack
really frustrating
i hate such transformation pack.
each any ever os look cool on their own style
even xp looks cool
i hav mac mini with dual boot (xp/lepord)

Chip Ryan

Ubuntu Transformation Pack 2.0
Manual installation, no extra resources needed:

Shankar Ganesh

Thanks for the information on that program.



Shankar Ganesh

Thanks for spotting it. I’ll ping Aibek to edit the post with the new link


@ Guruboy

I am 100% with you on that. ;-)