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best cydia appsJailbreaking your iPad or iPhone has a wealth of advantages, not least of all, the ability to install apps from Cydia that didn’t make the grueling cut into the iTunes App Store. Most of the time, these apps give you new ways to get something done, whether it’s changing the gesture for taking a screenshot, or improving the resolution on your iPad when using and iPhone-specific app.

While you’re at  it, don’t forget to take a look at this tried and trusted list of the best apps The Top 10 Free Apps for Jailbroken iPhone [Cydia] The Top 10 Free Apps for Jailbroken iPhone [Cydia] Read More available through Cydia, as well as our list of the best Cydia tweaks available. Some may be outdated, such as Backgrounder, now that iOS has been updated to include multitasking, but others like SBSettings are just as useful today as they were then.


This is a must-have for any iPad user who doesn’t own an iPhone. It’s pretty frustrating when, as an iPad user, you find that an app has not been optimized for the larger format. FullForce basically tricks the app into thinking it was made for the iPad’s larger screen. In order to activate FullForce with any given app, you have to toggle the feature through your Settings panel.

best cydia appsFullForce is not without its glitches, and doesn’t work with just any app. They have a list of compatible apps, and even that list is filled with issues. While it does solve the resolution issue, it sometimes comes at the price of using only half of the screen and at times even causes the app to crash. That said, it still is an improvement on the way that the iPad handles iPhone apps.

An example of how FullForce works can be seen with the Tumblr app. Before activating FullForce, the app, when scaled to fit the iPad’s screen looks like this:

top cydia apps


Once FullForce is activated, it improves the resolution, but the execution still does leave a little to be desired:

top cydia apps

To download FullForce, just fire up Cydia and search for the app. If you’re willing to pay for this feature, their sister app, RetinaPad is available for Cydia for $2.99, which simulates the iPhone 4’s retina display.


Activator used to come with the multi-tasking app Backgrounder. Now that Apple has finally integrated multi-tasking into its OS, if you want to benefit from Activator’s features, you can just download the standalone app, which is compatible with both the iPad and iPhone.

top cydia apps

What Activator does is allow you to create custom gestures or shortcuts to access certain apps or features. From controlling your iPod, locking your screen, toggling WiFi or bluetooth on and off, launching a specific program or even taking screenshots, you can determine the exact gesture to achieve your task. The gestures you can use including shaking your device, connecting or disconnecting the power and pressing the home or power buttons.

cydia apps


Compatible with both the iPhone and iPad, WeatherIcon is a simple little app which adds the current forecast as a little badge over your Weather icon.

cydia apps

WeatherIcon doesn’t just work with the native Apple Weather app, but works with a whole list of apps including The Weather Channel, The Weather Channel Max for iPad, and WeatherEye.


If you don’t have access to your computer, where you can easily organize the apps on your iPad or iPhone, it’s a bit of a hassle dragging one icon around at a time placing it in the desired folder or changing it’s location. With MultiIconMover you can move as many icons at a time as you want.

First, you have to press down on any given icon until you activate the delete/move feature on your iPhone or iPad. You can then begin to select as many apps as you want, as long as they are not inside a folder. You can then drag just one of the icons to the desired location, hit the home button, and the rest of the selected apps will automatically be moved.

cydia apps


If you’ve installed a lot of Cydia apps to your iPad or iPhone, it can also be a hassle removing them. Normally you have to go through Cydia itself, unlike removing iTunes apps by simply clicking clicking a little X at the corner of the app to get rid of it. Cydelete allows you to delete Cydia installed apps in exactly the same way. Of course with most of the apps listed here, Cydelete isn’t much help since none of them leave an icon on the home screen.

best cydia apps

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What are you favorite free Cydia apps? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. james
    June 16, 2011 at 7:20 am

    grrr... same thing just happened with Activator!  reset in safe mode tho so was able to remove it :)

    • jhdesynz
      July 14, 2011 at 2:38 pm

      yes, there is no jailbreak for iOS 5 so you could end up doing massive damage to the OS and firmware on the device.  Wait for a jailbreak to release before using Cydia or any non-apple app store apps. Otherwise you are taking the life of your ipad in your own hands.

  2. James
    June 16, 2011 at 4:03 am

    FullForce and IOS5 don't mix ... :(  

    My ipad is running IOS5 on Developer...and I just installed FullForce, but it totally screwed my display. icons were right at edges of screen and when I open any app it appears the size of an ipod (even settings etc) and the screen is titled sideways in one corner, regardless of how I hold the ipad... and even worse, I can't do anything in any app! Can't scroll or click anything.. so can't uninstall it!
    So.. I reset... but it wouldn't boot, stuck on apple logo. Tried rebooting through redsn0w... no luckTried reinstalling Cydia... no luckTried hard reboot..nothingTried recovery mode... still no good.My ipad is looking pretty much like a brick right now!I'm now trying to downgrade from 5 to 4.3 to see if I can do a restore that way... not looking good :(Seems that FullForce and IOS5 are not friends!...downgrade to 4.3 is almost done so I'll hang on and post this when I know if I can recover it or not.......(about 30 mins later....)it's just rebooting... stuck at apple logo.... oooh a progress bar :) that's good news!jeeeeees.. that took forever!! but it's working... back down to 4.3.3 booo no gestures :( but at least its not a brick :)Now to re-upgrade etc etc... o sod... I didn't back up anything!!! arg :/ If you're o IOS5... maybe avoid FullForce...

  3. Michael Lochtefeld
    May 1, 2011 at 11:25 pm

    Awesome article. I installed Cydelete, MultiIconMover, and the WeatherIcon on my iPhone, which has a Elago Tire Tread Case given to me by Make Use of!