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christmas gift ideasThis is the week of Christmas. Did you get the Christmas grocery shopping done? Is the house clean and ready to receive guests? Do you have all the gifts? Still need to wrap them up? Oops, is there something we forgot? Don’t stress!

Remember that Christmas is not about consuming, it’s about love. You can express your love in many different ways. And since it’s all about love, the gifts don’t need to be fancy or expensive. Seriously. They should, however, show that you care. If you do, it will be easy to come up with a last minute gift idea.

If you’re too stressed out to come up with a good gift idea, you have come to the right place. Let me share some suggestions and your creative juices will be flowing again in no time. Below are my five last minute Christmas gift ideas.

Gift Cards

A gift card may not be the greatest way in the world to show your appreciation, but in a way it’s honest. You cannot read someone else’s mind, you may not live close enough to organize something special for them, and you may not even have the time to come see them personally. Rather than sending a standard gift that will clutter up their home and consume their precious space and time, you let them choose something that they need or will enjoy.

christmas gift ideas


If you know where they love to shop, you can give a specific gift card. However, if you are not sure what they really like, if you would like to give something that isn’t mainstream, or if you want to conceal the amount you are giving, you need to find a unique gift card store.

One example is Ribbon, which offers several gift card collections to choose from. The best is that the gift cards don’t have a $ value on them and neither do the gifts. Based on the gift card you pick, the receiver can choose gifts from a variety of items, without ever knowing how much you spent on the gift card.

creative christmas gift ideas

You can buy Ribbon gift cards from Amway or from sellers that have made the effort to create something more unique, for example Sam’s Smart Selections. Also check out GiftCardy for more unique gift card ideas.


Don’t buy processed food and gift it, that’s lame. Food is a great gift, however, if you made it yourself or chose it wisely. Bake cookies, prepare candy yourself, bring a cake, invite them to a self-cooked dinner, if they love to cook or bake themselves you can refill their spice collection, or simply share your most treasured recipes that you know they love.

creative christmas gift ideas

Do you need some ideas for recipes? We have the resources:

Personal Coupons

Everyone has to complete chores that they don’t enjoy. You know what they are and you know which ones your friends and family dislike most. This Christmas you can gift relief. Be selfless, take the burden of unloved chores upon yourself, and create coupons for things like mowing the lawn, taking care of the laundry, cleaning the house, or washing the car.

This is a gift you can be very creative with and share your skills. The best part is that this gift doesn’t cost anything, except for your time and consideration.

creative christmas gift ideas

Did you know that some of the most hated chores are doing the dishes, mowing the lawn, cleaning the house, walking and cleaning up after the dog, cooking food, shoveling the driveway or raking leaves, fixing the computer, ironing, trimming trees and shrubs, and taking out the garbage? This should give you some practical ideas for personal coupons!

Now that you know what to gift, how on earth can you make it look nice? Don’t fret, there are tons of free online tools and templates. Try these:

Time With You

Finally, the very best gift you can give a loved one is your time. Let them choose when they would like to spend time with you and in turn you get to choose how. Imagine what would make your friend or family member happy and think of creative ways to gift it to them.

The possibilities are endless, but let me share some ideas. You could take them out for dinner at their favorite restaurant, go to a movie of their choice, attend a sports event with them, organize a weekend getaway, invite them to an all-inclusive-with-breakfast-in-bed-weekend, give a massage, or be their buddy for the first couple of workout classes they have wanted to start for ages.

christmas gift ideas unique

To create the vouchers, you can use the same tools listed under Personal Coupons.


The greatest gift you can give is love. Don’t be edgy, don’t nag, don’t pull a face. Change your attitude, just relax, smile, be considerate, help around the house, smile some more, be generous, express your feelings, give (appropriate) compliments, cherish the moment, don’t expect anything, and appreciate everything you have.

It will put your loved ones at ease and make their holidays more enjoyable. And you will enjoy yourself a lot more, too. Promise! Merry Christmas.

christmas gift ideas

Do you need more consumable gift ideas? Check out the following MakeUseOf articles:

Did you ever give a last minute gift? What have been some of your greatest gift ideas? Please share in the comments!

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  1. Ellie Jay
    December 19, 2016 at 5:00 pm

    I have one to add by Dreamlines. They have gift cards for the person to work with their artist to create a sketch of their dress, suit and bouquet. I have one of their sketches and love this idea for gifts!

    • Tina Sieber
      December 20, 2016 at 9:59 am

      Thank you for the tip, Ellie. Do you have a link?