The 5 Best Joke Of The Day Sites Ever

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Joke   The 5 Best Joke Of The Day Sites EverYou have got to be kidding! Well, that’s going to be your instant response rolled into an exclamation when you read the title. How can one narrow down to five best funny joke-of-the-day sites (or even more) when a simple search reveals so many more of them?

Well, I can’t and won’t. Jokes more than anything else rely on the sense of humor each one of us has. So, I will leave it to each of you to find your own. In the mixed bag of these five joke and humor sites you should definitely find something to laugh at.

If you don’t, then you can head over to some we had previously covered in the 8 Best Daily Jokes Sites To Lighten Up Your Mood.

You can start off with a laugh first thing in the morning, thanks to email subscriptions, RSS feeds, and Twitter updates. So you just have to snap your fingers and get a joke delivered every day. Your job is to decide whether these five websites merit a place in your inbox.

Here are five funny pills for your funny-bone.

Jokes01   The 5 Best Joke Of The Day Sites Ever

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These guys walked away with the domain name that many would have bribed for.  It is one of Comedy Central’s – the U.S comedy network – web offerings. With just your email you can sign up to receive “the joke of the day” by email. A ZIP code is mandatory.

The best thing about the jokes on is that they are not rehashes, but original stuff from the comedians on Comedy Central. If you are on the site, you can search for jokes by the name of these comedians, by tag, or by category. You can also catch many of the jokes on video clips being told the way it should be told.

The Onion

Joke4   The 5 Best Joke Of The Day Sites Ever

Okay, this well known website leans less towards straight-up jokes and more towards satire. If you like caustic sarcasm which simmers slowly to trigger giggle explosions, you will love this site. They take on news and lampoon it for all its worth. From local, national, and international news, to the voices on the street, there’s lot of funny stuff flying around on the site. Like me, you might love their “ËśInfographics’. For instance you might want to know why fewer Americans are marrying these days. Then there are the videos too.

You can subscribe to The Onion and choose to receive news tidbits either daily, weekly, or opt for just videos. The subscription box is right at the foot of the webpage.


Jokes02   The 5 Best Joke Of The Day Sites Ever

Sick jokes test the limits of humor. And Sickipedia is an encyclopedia that’s full of it. You can even vote it up if it’s sick or push it down if it sucks. As contributions flood in, expect to get a great mix of the nasty and the outrageous. Join the Sickipedia community and get a few more perks like editing privileges.

Subscribing to Sickipedia needs a bit of rummaging around. The RSS Feed option is there in front of you where you can choose your timeframe and the content. A Google search revealed that there’s a Twitter route too.

Daily Comedy

Jokes03   The 5 Best Joke Of The Day Sites Ever

Daily Comedy is a well rounded website filled with funny stuff – funny news, fresh jokes, videos, and more. Daily Comedy also features a lot of fresh material from A-list comedians. You can also post your own content and create a page around it. You can get fresh content in your inbox each day by signing up for the “ËśDailyLOL’.

Old Jews Telling Jokes

Jokes04   The 5 Best Joke Of The Day Sites Ever

Slickly created and presented, Old Jews Telling Jokes are several mini-clips of standup comedy routines. The name of the site says all that’s to be said about the site. It’s almost an old-fashioned way of telling jokes, the way your favorite uncle or grand-parent probably tells them. You will have a neurologist, a dentist, a guy who is 50 and has run in four NY marathons, and more, relating funny anecdotes. Not every day, but the presentation is worth the gaps.

Take the RSS feed to receive updates, subscribe to their newsletter, and download the free podcasts from iTunes.

Well, the idea is to get a joke-of-the-day first thing in the morning so that you can go out of the door with a smile on your face. These five online joke stores can help to trigger it. For the rest of the day, you can check out a few other laughs from the websites featured in 5 Websites with Things to Make You Smile & Light up Your Day.

Which are the ones you would like to add to the list? Remember, laugh lines are better than worry lines.

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