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I am one of the people who stood in line for six hours on July 11th for the privilege of buying the new iPhone 3G. My wife, friends and co-workers wondered about my sanity, but they all agreed that as geeky as I am, I really didn’t have a choice!

There have been many articles written about business apps, fun apps, games and so on, so this article will not talk about them. What I want to talk about are the 5 apps that I cannot live without. In the few short months that I have had the iPhone I have to come to rely on one or more of these apps every day. Maybe you will too!

Facebook App

Facebook iPhone App

Ok, so I use Facebook”¦and I love the fact that the Facebook app gives me access to my Facebook friends, mail and I can also chat with them via the app on the iPhone. I can write on my friend’s walls, view their photo albums and see their full profiles. (Free)

Get Facebook App (iTunes)

LinkedIn App

LinkedIn iPhone App


Not to be outdone, LinkedIn also has an iPhone app that although not as robust as the Facebook app, still does a great job of giving me mobile access to my LinkedIn contacts, Updates and Status’s of my Connections. (Free)

Get LinkedIn App (iTunes)

Yelp App

Yelp iPhone App

My day job as a Trainer for Pacifc Union GMAC Real Estate has me traveling all over the Bay Area each week. And since I have been on a major weight loss program, I have been very particular about what I eat. The Yelp app gives me mobile access to the Yelp database of reviews on all sorts of restaurants and many other services. I can always find that great restaurant with the best salads no matter where I am! (Free)

Get Yelp App (iTunes)

Whitepages App

Whitepages iPhone App

I’ve always been irked about having to pay for “Information Calls” as I am old enough to remember when these were free and you always got a friendly operator to help you find someone’s phone number. This app helps solve that problem in the US. It does it’s best to locate someone’s phone number by searching a database of 180 million US adults.

But, that’s not the best feature…it is also a Reverse Directory. In other words, put in a phone number and if the number is listed, the app returns the street address registered to that phone number. We used to have to pay big bucks for that reverse directory feature from a third party company. (Free)

Get Whitepages App (iTunes)

WordPress for iPhone

Wordpress iPhone App

This little gem is a bloggers dream come true. I can write a blog post to my blog using my iPhone and this app handles publishing it to the blog! It works with and self hosted wordpress installations. It can insert pics from my camera or from the pictures in my phone’s library. It supports multiple blogs, multiple categories, allows me to edit exsiting posts, set tags, set categories, in short, I can blog to my heart’s content from wherever I happen to be! (Free)

Get WordPress App (iTunes)

All of these apps can be found on the iTunes store and do not require a jail broken phone. I use one or more of these every day and they are definitely my 5 favorite free apps. What are yours?

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