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free ipad gamesWhile the iTunes App Store is packed with great games, most of them are paid. If you want to kick back and relax with some free games that won’t cost you a cent, we’ve put together a list of five awesome iPad games you won’t believe are free. From great graphics and sound effects, to challenging levels, there’s no shortage of addictive fun in the list below.

While some of them are ad supported, or require paid upgrades to unlock extra features and levels, the free versions are definitely worth downloading. And whether you have some time to kill by yourself, or want to play a game with your friends, there’s a free iPad game here for everyone.

NinJump HD

NinJump HD [iTunes link] is one of those addictive games where you’ll find yourself constantly trying to better your high score. The impressive graphics and sound effects would make you think it would be a paid app, but there is a paid version where for $1.99, you get two additional levels.

free ipad games

The aim of the game is to scale a building, jumping from one side to the other by tapping the screen, while avoiding obstacles that will send you falling into the emptiness below. The higher you jump, the higher your score. You can also get your score up by using your ninja sword to slash the obstacles out of your way. Slashing three obstacles of the same kind will also give you a short boost up the building, without having to jump to avoid obstacles.


best ipad games

Spades HD

Spades HD [iTunes link] is the ideal app for fans of the strategic four player card game.

best ipad games

Great graphics that take advantage of the iPad’s big screen, and adjustable settings from the maximum total score, total time, difficulty and toggling the nil bid on and off. If you’re not familiar with the game, check out the instructions on how to play.

best ipad games

If you’re more of a Hearts fan, we would also recommend their game, Hearts Multiplayer HD, with the choice to play against the computer or players from all over the world.

Cliffed: Norm’s World XL

While the free version of the game is limited to one character, one location and one speed, Cliffed: Norm’s World XL [iTunes link] is an addictive and fast-paced game which will appeal to Ninjump’s fans.

best free ipad games

The aim of the game is to keep Norm racing down the cliff, looking for openings and avoiding big obstacles that make it impossible to get past. To keep Norm moving, use the two large arrows on either side of the screen. The free version of the game also features multiplayer mode where you can play against other iPad owners online, but if they have the paid version of the app, you’ll be hard-pressed to win since the other characters in the game are faster than Norm.

best free ipad games

Escape – Norm’s World XL

If you want a more strategic game, Escape – Norm’s World XL will keep you busy for hours with 33 stages with two levels of difficulty – Intro and Easy. The Medium and Hard levels are available as a paid upgrade, as well as two player mode.

best free ipad games

While the graphics are simple, the strategy behind the game is anything but. The aim of the game is to remove all of the circles from the screen. Move the character by swiping him from one circle to the next and it will disappear. If you find yourself stuck, you can easily reset the level and try again.


Air Hockey Gold

Air Hockey was probably one of the more popular genre of games when the iTunes app store launched, and with the iPad’s screen, the game is a hundred times better. Air Hockey Gold [iTunes link] is probably one of the best versions available, and it’s surprisingly free.


With 1 and 2 Player modes, either using one iPad or through Bluetooth, the latter of which works regardless of what kind of iOS device your friend has. There are 6 levels of play from Kiddie to Insane, and if you really want to make things complicated you can choose to play with two pucks rather than just one. If you want to pause or reset the game – just doubletap the screen.

free ipad games

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What are your favourite free iPad games? Let us know in the comments.

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