The 5 Best Hidden Facebook Tricks You Should Make Use Of

Facebook Logo   The 5 Best Hidden Facebook Tricks You Should Make Use OfHow much do you use Facebook? Every day? Would you consider yourself an expert? It’s true that we do spend a lot of time on Facebook, but surprisingly, a lot of users still don’t completely take advantage of all the features it has to offer.

To help you make the most of your Facebook experience, I’m going to go into depth explaining the best hidden Facebook tricks currently available, such as forwarding messages, organizing contacts in lists, viewing your profile the way another contact sees it, joining and using groups specifically made for your college and its students, and controlling who sees what you’re tagged in by your friends.

Message Forwarding

The simple way to share messages between different parties is copy and paste. Right? Maybe not. Conversations can be difficult to select in the right place. It also can be quite tedious whenever you want to quickly edit the conversation so that it’s easy to read and follow. Thankfully, Facebook has addressed the issue with message forwarding, allowing you to easily share any part of a conversation.

Actions Message Forwarding Dropdown   The 5 Best Hidden Facebook Tricks You Should Make Use Of

The process is simple. With the desired conversation open, click “Actions” and then “Forward…”

Forwarded Messages thumb   The 5 Best Hidden Facebook Tricks You Should Make Use Of

You’ll be prompted to select which messages you would like to send. Do this by checking the boxes next to each message. Click the blue “Forward” button in the yellow banner at the top and send your message to anyone you desire. You can also add your own comments to the conversation as seen in the image below.

It is important to note that you should always get the permission from the other friend whose messages you’re forwarding. It’s the courteous thing to do.

Contact Lists

As you may already know, Facebook has a “lists” feature, which allows you to sort contacts, or do you? If you do know about the feature, do you use it? A quick survey I conducted with 104 people resulted in 72 percent not using this feature. 10 percent said they use only the lists provided by Facebook to organize their friends and 17 percent said they use the provided lists and also make some of their own. Only 27 percent of those who were surveyed are using Facebook lists. That seems quite low to me. However, with that said, Facebook doesn’t make it very simple to organize your contacts, nor do they really explain the benefits of doing so.

I’ll quickly explain the benefit that Facebook lists can be. If you’re at all like me, you probably have connections from several aspects of your life – work, school, family, different organizations, church, friends and people you’ve met through your friends. At the very least, it’s nice to know how those people fit into your life. Sure you may think you can remember them all, but once in a while we all run across someone in our newsfeed that we have to stop and ask ourselves “Who is this person again?” That alone should be reason enough to organize your contacts.

However, you can also create specific newsfeeds for certain people or topics, instead of just seeing everything. Probably the most useful trick with lists, though, is the ability to filter out posts and direct them to certain categories of friends. This can be helpful if you don’t want to annoy fellow co-workers with the vast amount of YouTube videos that you made and posted on your profile for your close friends to see.

This is a good time to quickly point out that you should never post anything on the Internet that you don’t want everyone to see. That doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t direct it to specific audiences, but save yourself some embarrassment and don’t post about that crazy party last night and call in sick on the same day — even if the post is “hidden” from your boss and co-workers. Remember those mutual friends of yours and your boss’s that were tagged in your post? Busted.

Facebook Contact Lists   The 5 Best Hidden Facebook Tricks You Should Make Use Of

To create a Facebook contact list, click on “Friends” on the left sidebar. You’ll likely see some lists already there — those are the ones Facebook has provided for you. The lists include places you’ve worked, gone to school, family, close friends and acquaintances, to name a few. This is a good place to start, but if you want to make a custom list of your own you can click the button “Create List.” Then just name the list and add the people you want.

Even if you don’t want to go back through all your contacts to add them to lists right now, be sure to start with the new contacts that you acquire and immediately add them to a list. This ensures that you don’t forget any newly added ones as you begin your Facebook list adventure.

Profile “View As…”

Ever wonder what your profile looks like to the public eye or even a specific person?  The “View As…” feature allows you to do just that. Beneath the bottom right corner of your cover photo, there is a small gear-shaped button (also next to the “Activity Log” button). When clicked, a menu with the option to see your profile how others see it drops down. Click “View As…” and you’ll see your profile change in appearance.

This is also a nice security feature to see just how much the public sees on your profile. You may end up wanting to change a thing or two that you didn’t know were visible to the public eye.

Facebook View As...   The 5 Best Hidden Facebook Tricks You Should Make Use Of

College-Specific Groups

Remember back when Facebook was only for college students and you needed an EDU email address to even use it? So, what ever happened to that?

Once Facebook opened to the public, all that college student exclusivity vanished. That feature is now back though with even more features and uses to make your college and Facebook experience even better. To see if your college or university group has already been created on Facebook, go to Groups for Schools.

College Specific Facebook Groups   The 5 Best Hidden Facebook Tricks You Should Make Use Of

Facebook will automatically detect what college group you belong in based on your EDU email address that you’ve registered with Facebook. To do this, simply add it to your contact information and Facebook will take care of the rest. In these groups, there are endless possibilities to interact with fellow students. It’s a great way to meet fellow students who may share the same interests, which is often hard to do at large universities.

Controlling Posts You’re Tagged In

No! Your friends did it again! They tagged you in that horrendous photo. Needless to say, this happens all the time. In fact, I’ve even done it as a prank to a friend because I knew they didn’t have this feature enabled. So how can you control tagging?

First off, always be aware of where you go in person. I’m referring to real life here. If you think what you’re doing may end up on Facebook and you aren’t sure all your contacts would approve, maybe you should think twice.

But let’s say you just want a little more control over what shows up on your profile. Personally, this is a big issue for me as I don’t have an Internet-enabled phone so I can’t promptly access Facebook. There are a few features that allow you to approve what posts are submitted to your profile by others and which ones aren’t.

Controlling Tagged Posts   The 5 Best Hidden Facebook Tricks You Should Make Use Of

Just like any other of the privacy and security settings, which I highly recommend you familiarize yourself with, the tagging controls are accessed through “Privacy Settings” in the drop down menu of the top right corner of the page. Once you’re there, select custom and then click the “Edit Settings” link under the “Timeline and Tagging” section.

Timeline and Tagging Options   The 5 Best Hidden Facebook Tricks You Should Make Use Of

The window features several settings to adjust how others interact with you on Facebook publicly. On the third line, you can turn on the option to review posts that friends tag you in prior to it appearing on your timeline. You can also set the option to review tags that friends set to your own posts and also who can see posts that you’ve been tagged in as well as just any posts that friends post on your profile.

Something important to note is that these settings can be much more beneficial if you also have your friends categorized into lists. This is because if you do want to customize the settings beyond all of your friends seeing posts or being able to post, you can allow or prevent specific lists of friends from being able to interact with you publicly.


As Facebook continues to grow, so do its features. Currently, I see these as the most helpful features at the time, but if you feel there is one (or more) that I missed, let us know in the comments below how you use it to improve your Facebook experience. What is the most useful Facebook feature for you?  Also, check out our free PDF manual “The Very Unofficial Facebook Privacy Manual” by Angela.

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Cool, Thanks!

Aaron Couch

You’re welcome Dylan! Thanks for reading. Do you have any additional feedback that you’d like to share?


About the new location feature facebook is rolling out – which lets your users know who’s near them, when is coming out? And mainly will we have the option of disabling it? Coz it could make it difficult to sneak up on someone. Thanks!

Aaron Couch

I honestly don’t know much about that or when it will be launched. You’re the first I heard this from and a quick Google search didn’t render many helpful results.

However, in regards to your question, I would imagine there would be specific security settings that would allow you to post your current location or not and also having contact lists enabled and then allowing only specific people to see where your at, could be very useful. Hopefully Facebook sets it up that way. As far as sneaking up on people… don’t post your location to Facebook? heheh

Does that help?


Thanks! I saw it on a news channel that facebook’s new feature lets you know who’s standing next to you in a gathering. They didn’t give details. I’m we’ll know more once it comes out. Thanks Aaron. :)

Tuesday Peacock

Thanks for your article.very cool!Please also describe about interests list and how it works in your next helpful article.Maybe some people know about friend contact list(in my opinion),but they still hardly know about interests list which can organize and categorize all of our favorites pages in our news feed and in our account even without liking them.That is really useful for me.Because sometime,I don’t like some page really,but I need their update.At that time.I put them in one of my interests cool feature it is!By doing that,we can control our like pages number.:)

Mark O’Neill

Great first article Aaron! Well done :-)

Sree Kumar

I used couple of features before and some other i came to know now. Good.

Aaron Couch

Glad to help! Thanks for reading!

Shahid Anjum

can i hide a specific photo from frnds who tagged me in that photo? and want 2 show all others?


You can do so only if the photo is in your album. Otherwise you need to ask the friedn who owns the ablum to hide the photo from everyone (can also use custom list).


Shahid, does Randeep’s answer solve your problem?

Ramesh Indian

USELESS piece of crap. I can write thousand times better than this.

Dave Parrack

You’ve proved that with this perfectly written comment.

Mark O’Neill

It’s a thousand times better than this. With the level of your grammar in this sentence, I don’t think Aaron is going to lose much sleep over your comment.

Patricia Calvert

I wouldn’t suggest that you submit that resignation letter to your day job boss just yet.
And I would scream “crap” instead of “useless” if you’re looking for emphasis next time.

Gourav Mittal

I still think that the best Facebook trick is that you cannot type: @[4:0] into any status update or even in any comment on Facebook.

Hint: Every time you do that, Mark Zukerberg will come across your way !

Aaron Couch

Haha wow! That’s crazy! I just tried it and you’re right. Odd wouldn’t you say?


If you want to know more guys who played part when this facebook thing started e.g the Co-founder type @[5:0] if I’m not making a mistake

Mederbek Aidarov

Thank you! Great article and very helpfull since i’m the latest FB addict

Aaron Couch

Thanks for reading! Glad to be of help!


1) Go to and get your username if you still don’t have it.

2) Go to, where you can search all Facebook profiles by surname.

3) Facebook doesn’t recognize dots in your username. It means if your username is “amit.kumar”, you can sign in with username – “amitkumar”. Even Gmail doesn’t recognize dots in username.

4) Go to You can create your own personalized paper.

Aaron Couch

These are some great tips! I new about the username — but thanks for sharing that one, maybe others didn’t.

I DIDN’T know about the family feature. Somewhat useful, but also doesn’t seem to be super efficient in finding people. I wonder if it looks at your current family members added and then looks to see if they have any relatives (or contacts in general) with that same last name. It doesn’t appear to work like that, but I could be wrong.

I also didn’t know that you could simply sign in with only your user name! I’ll have to try that. That could even be a better way of signing in to public computers to prevent your email address from showing up next time Facebook is accessed.

Number four, the Interests Lists feature, is also a great one.

Thanks for sharing all of these and for reading!

Carol Foltz

Scheduling posts. Facebook only lets a certain percentage of fans view each post unless you pay. I know a lot of bloggers (including me) who are very unhappy with this. One way to get more coverage is to post and repost, and for this reason and also to spread posts out during the day because people are on Facebook at different times during the day, I schedule my posts.

Enter the information you want to post. If there’s a picture to select (my posts are generally linked to my blog, and there’s often a specific photo I want in the post), choose it.

Click on the little clock icon in the bottom left and then select the year, month, day, hour (and possibly minutes, in increments of 10). Click “Post.” You can do this as many times as you want. I generally do 3-5 a day, in order to reach more people. Spending a few minutes doing this ensures I don’t have to keep logging in during the day, especially as I’m not supposed to be on Facebook at work.

Carol Foltz

Sorry – click “Schedule” when scheduling a post.

Aaron Couch

That’s a good feature. Thanks for sharing. Personally, I use third-party services to schedule and post on my Facebook profile and pages.

In case you are wondering, the reason I left this one out is it didn’t necessarily apply to every Facebook user (only those who have a page – right?) and, like you said, it’s a little bit… oh… feature-lacking? If that makes sense. I feel there are better solutions to scheduling posts than the built in scheduler.

But once it fixes a few things and opens up to profiles (IF it opens up to profiles) I think it will be a great feature. Like you said, there are good and not so good times to post on Facebook.

Thanks for reading! I appreciate your comment.

Gio Giz

Nice, especially the tip about tagging, thanks! =)

Aaron Couch

You’re welcome! Thanks for reading!

Von Nelson-Love

An idea.. is there a way to see post by the day . Sometimes I have friends that make post and I don’t get a chance to see it at the time posted . So they tell me it was on Tuesday or Friday . How can I go back and get that days post to read?

Aaron Couch


Not to my knowledge, I’m sorry to say. I did some looking and couldn’t find anything, but I’ll be sure to notify you if I do.

I was going to suggest that you could subscribe to a contact’s status updates via text messaging, but it looks like Facebook actually removed that feature! I was kind of surprised and a little frustrated.

Mike Hajar

Can you share how did you remove the hyperlink from your name on fb.


I’m giving myself a big pat on the back for knowing AND USING all of these features. I always thought I just a simpleton, but now I have little more faith in myself when it comes to techno-stuff.

Thanks for the heads up and reminders though. It never hurts to have a quick on these things.

Aaron Couch

Thanks for reading! And good job!

Krzysztof Buzko

Cool article. I’am curious how many things we still don’t know about Facebook features. Unfortunatelly I won’t need any of these 5 features ;P

Aaron Couch

Thanks for reading! I’m sure Facebook still has some things tucked back, but I highly doubt there aren’t too many things unknown about Facebook to the tech world when there are some people who actually have the job to stay on top of all the features in Facebook.

Gregory Eccles

Surprisingly, I think I’ve used most of those features… I must be a true addict :O

Aaron Couch

You must be. Actually you’re not an addict… you’re just an efficient user :P

Rhonda Paulson

There is another feature not shown in the section on Contact Lists called ‘Interests’. I use it to categorize the pages I have ‘liked’ by subject matter (e.g. Food, Art, Entertainment, Humor, etc.) FB also offers up additional suggestions based on those interests. FB friends can subscribe to my ‘Interest’ lists if they so choose.

Breaking the pages into lists makes it easier to read them and I see all of the posts for each page. I can’t prove it but I think this circumvents the FB limitation on fan views.


I was not aware of the “Forward Message” feature. Thank you! :)

Aaron Couch

You’re very welcome. Thanks for reading!

Garey Boone

Nice set of tips thanks a bunch

Aaron Couch

Absolutely Garey! Glad it was a help.


I thought I knew a lot about Facebook. From reading this article, it seems there is still quite a bit I do not know. Thanks for the info.

Aaron Couch

Sure thing Ben! That’s the great thing about technology — it’s always changing and there’s always something more to learn. I learned a thing or two even writing this article.

Glad to be of some help!

Chris Lloyd

Thx Aaron
Helpful and informative.
An app add-on for FB that I find great is Social Fixer – makes FB more user friendly :)

Aaron Couch

Good to know Chris! Thanks for your comment and for reading. I’m glad it was helpful!

D.J. Zebbie

Nominee for honorable mention: Deleting (vs. “deactivating”) the Facebook account, which (still) is not plainly viewable from the profile, except from the third-party articles and services that allow you to do so, and which some people are actually inclined to do. (And then there are the holdouts who’ve never joined FB, like me.) :-)

Delete Your Account (.com) gives the link, whereas FB proper hides it, buried somewhere in their FAQ. Web 2.0 Suicide Machine actually doesn’t work anymore since Zuckyduck’s legal goons sent a cease & desist letter! /scary

Btw, what does @[4:0] stand for? /confused

Aaron Couch

D.J. That’s a great point. It is quite frustrating isn’t it?

I looked that up (because I didn’t know either) and found out that it’s a “name” for your mobile number. Zuckerberg’s is the number 4. Doesn’t make sense to me either… don’t worry. But here’s the link if you’d like to read up on it more:


And these 5 tricks will be made use of to its full! XD

Aaron Couch



Maybe you could do an ‘alternative to facebook app’ list or something, since we all know that the default android (idk about iOS) facebook app sucks major you know what. How bout it? lol

Aaron Couch

You know, I personally don’t know much about Android or iOS because, as surprising as it may sound… I don’t have a smartphone. *GASP* BUT, that doesn’t mean I don’t want one *PHEW*

But I will see if anyone else on the team is interested in this idea. Thanks for the input!


Good article by the way, didn’t learn anything new but at least you’re putting the info out there so more people can protect their privacy. thanks

Aaron Couch

Sure thing! Thanks for reading.

Shubhangi Modi

Hello Aaron,
I am sad to say that I found nothg new here!!!!

Aaron Couch

That is the case for some people! What that tells me is that you’re already very competent with Facebook settings, which is what I’m striving for — the more the better!

Thanks for reading.

Shubhangi Modi

But your language was simple and leveled. Your posts had catchy title and that I liked.!!

Aaron Couch

Sorry to hear that this didn’t help you much, but thanks for reading! As you mentioned, I tried to stay simple and easy to understand. The post wasn’t necessarily meant for people who heavily use Facebook or have mastered its ins and outs. It’s for those who are trying to gain a better understanding of how to use Facebook more to benefit them.

Thank for the feedback!


I’ve been checking from a while about some cool funny tricks but i did’nt find much

Rana Adeel

Thanks Aaron for the great and useful information.And i like to follow these simple and most helpful tips.
check this link out it got great information about Facebook Privacy Feature.

Aaron Couch

That does! Thanks for sharing.


Can the other party see (notified) when you forward a message you had with them?

Aaron Couch


Good question! I don’t think so. I will double check and let you know, but I really don’t think Facebook notifies that person.

I’m kind of pulled both directions. In one way, it’s kind of an invasion of privacy… but on the other hand, your email messages can be forwarded too, so I think that’s how Facebook looks at it.

Like I stated in another article I recently wrote, just be careful what you say and do online, even if you think it’s private like a message. If you wouldn’t say it over an intercom in NYC, probably shouldn’t say it online.

Now I realize too that there are more private things shared in messages (I do it too), but just like when talking to someone in person, we just need to be careful and use discretion with who we tell.

Hope that helps!

Hellen Baker

This has been a great help thanks! I’m not sure if anyone will be able to help me but I’ll ask anyway. I’m getting hassle from someone with multiple accounts. As I discover new ones I block them but as he has blocked me using his 2 main ones it means he can disable the blocking at will, stalk me and report me maliciously then re block me before I know what he’s up to! I’ve tried reporting it to facebook to no avail. Is there a way find out who is a mutual friend so I can restrict what they see and therefore what he see’s? As his 2 main accounts are presently blocked he doesn’t show up when I look at mutual friends on peoples timeline. Your article has given me some great tips on restricting what a lot of people see I’m just wondering if there is a way to take it a step further. Any help would be great. Thanks in ‘hopeful’ advance.

Aaron Couch


Sorry for the delayed reply. I’ve been quite busy and I read your comment a while back, but didn’t have time to reply. Since then I’ve thought about what you’re asking and this is what I’ve come up with:

This is what I understand as your problem (correct me if I’m wrong). You have a friend who is bothering you on Facebook from several accounts that you can’t access because he’s blocked you on his end – sneaky.

However, what I recommend is to really get serious with your privacy and security settings. I linked to that article in my article, but here’s the link:

While you’re securing your account, you can use the “View As…” feature, which I mentioned, to see how your account is visible to the public.

Also, be weary of the “Friends of Friends” setting. For the most part, I don’t recommend this since it basically allows people you may not know to see information you don’t want them to see. This may be what this guy is falling under, thus he is able to see quite a bit (I don’t know though).

Does this help? Feel free to ask more questions if you have them or clarify anything I didn’t understand.

Thanks for reading Hellen and good luck!

Hellen Baker

Thank You so much for taking the time to reply I really do appreciate the kindness. Having spent ages sorting and customising my settings and access to my timeline I didn’t think I I would have missed something as obvious as the ‘Friend of Friends’ settings. I checked, and of course I had it set to that! Have now reset it to ‘Friends’ which will hopefully make it even more difficult for him. Thanks again. I doubt I can stop him entirely as it is too easy for him to open new accounts fortunately he has a limited imagination so his fake accounts are pretty easy to spot as they are all variations of his name. Thankfully he isn’t more intelligent! Your article has been a great help and I am truly grateful.

Aaron Couch

You’re welcome Hellen! And as far as him opening knew accounts, with your new and improved privacy settings, that should be completely irrelevant. Although he might try, he won’t really be able to see much. Remember too that your cover photos are always public so keep that in mind when choosing one.

Sonu khan

I want to our Facebook frnd hidden simple answer give me plz

Aaron Couch


I’m not sure I understand what you’re requesting. How to hide a Facebook friend perhaps? If so, I still don’t know what you’re getting at.

If you could explain in clearer English and in more detail, I’d be happy to try to help.

Thanks for reading!


I think he’s asking how to keep your friends list hidden. I have changed the privacy level from friends, to only me, to family trying different variations. No matter what I do, friends of friends can still see (I’ve got a couple of us working on this…)
Any idea – other than just the standard change the defunk privacy setting?


Thanks for the article.Google plus have the feature that can email friends.Does facebook have that feature?
Pls reply.

Aaron Couch

Not that I know of.

Jane Daniel

Hi, thanks for your informative article. I am helping with a campaign for judgeship. Is it possible to send a message to all of the people that “like” the campaign page?

Aaron Couch


I don’t think it is. It is possible to engage with your fans who’ve liked your page, but they must first send a message to you through the and then you can respond.

I know a while back there was a feature to send updates to all fans, but I haven’t been getting updates like that anymore so I’m lead to believe Facebook put an end to that.


Thanks Aaron. Was wondering if there is a way to stop my friends from seeing what I Comment on or Like on my other friend’s posts. (if I click “Like” on my friends post saying I like the Chicago Bears, everyone of my friends see it)

Thanks so much



Did you ever figure this out?

Aaron Couch

Frank, I replied to her question above. I hope this clarifies things for you too.

Aaron Couch


Basically there’s no way that YOU can control this. The privacy of the post that you’re commenting on is in your friend’s control, not yours. So if you comment on a post that is set to public or “friends of friends” then your friends will also see that comment.

If you don’t want them to see your comment, don’t comment and simply send that friend a personal message instead.

It’s just the way Facebook works and there’s really (to my knowledge and I’ve researched this a lot) no way to adjust this on your end.

That said, there are a lot of things YOU can adjust and be aware of so that your friends don’t have to experience the same problem (somewhat).

There’s a great post on Facebook privacy here on MakeUseOf which I encourage you to read:

Hopefully this helps, but if you have any more questions, feel free to ask.


Can i know who look my Account in Facebook

Aaron Couch

Are you asking if it’s possible to see who looks at your Facebook profile?

The answer is no. There are apps which claim they do this, but don’t fall for them. Just think about it – would you really want something connected to your personal information that claims it can “spy” on your friends? That’s a red flag to me.


I have a question please … I have a HTC Sense mobile phone and access Facebook through Android. Recentl, I’ve noticed when I update my Facebook status, the location which used to appear next to the date stamp is now missing. It appears in grey on the bottom right hand corner as I’m typing my update, but it doesn’t appear once I click on ‘Post’. I would like to reinstate this function, and it’s driving me mad that I can’t seem to do it. Can you help at all please?

Aaron Couch

I’m not real familiar with the Facebook mobile application as I don’t have a smartphone so I’ve never used it. However, could it be in your user settings that this is somehow “disabled”?

Another thing that comes to mind is can you manually select your location after typing the status update?

ankit sharma

how can we write additional name on facebook??

Aaron Couch

Can you explain what you mean by an “additional name”?

Anita Callway

My facebook page on my mobile phone & computer are fine but on my iPad I get a friends list with mobile phones next to them on the right side of page it blocks my bar at the top I have tried everything to delete this but it is impossible there is no point having it on my iPad as I can’t control my page can you help

Aaron Couch

You know Anita, I’m not real familiar with the Facebook iPad app, so I don’t know how much I can help. But the first thing that came to mind is do you have the official Facebook app for the iPad? Perhaps you could try removing it and re-adding it and see if that helps.

Prateek Gupta

Loved the article!
Good job Aaron! :)

Aaron Couch

Thanks! I appreciate you reading and commenting!


Dear Aaron,
Somebody has wrongly posted my pic on a site called Hot girls, without mentioning my name or contact details. How can I delete my pic. Pls help. One of my friends saw a pop up and informed me about it. Pls help

Aaron Couch

Definitely a scam. Stay away from the site and tell your friend to stay away too.

If they got a pop up, they likely have some malware of some kind. There are a lot of great articles on MUO about programs that can help with this.

Hope this helps.


hey buddy thanx for that ; but i have one more querry regards how to hide a ‘add as a friend’option?

Aaron Couch


There isn’t a way to completely hide the option, but you can customize it so that only friends of your friends can send you requests.

Go to Privacy > How You Connect and change the middle question “Who can send you friend requests?” to “Friends of friends.”

Hope this helps! Let me know. Thanks for reading!


plz tel how to hide frnds?

sukesh gupta


Elaine Savage

A work colleague has copied and pasted from both my facebook and twitter accounts to cause trouble for me at work. I had my twitter linked to my facebook so the posts went onto my facebook account. I put some general tweets on twitter about people who don’t work very hard, never mentioning anybody’s name. Incidentally, my facebook and twitter account are in the name I write under (my maiden name, and I write poetry and songs under this name) and nobody at work, other than this colleague, knows that I use this name. I keep my married name for work as that is what my degree certificates are named as. This person is trying to get me sacked, and i have been told that people are not allowed to copy and paste from your twitter or facebook acount and this used against you at a tribunal. I never named a single person and my comments were general about lazy office workers.

Aaron Couch


Yes. This happens more than you think. If I may suggest… and actually I said it in my article: Never post anything on the Internet that you don’t want everyone to see.

I find this rather useful. Thanks for reading!


great tips. thanks. I am looking forward to join a flowers community group, to post / upload some flowers photos to their wall, but on the other hand, I want to hide my own personal photos/albums from the rest of group members. Pls advise how i can do that ?

Gail Van Damme



Aaron, thanks for all the time you put in to help us. I know that I can create a friends list and set up the settings that only they can see my personal wall (timeline). But do I have to set up a separate list for business people? I want to create a business account and would all prospective clients to only see my business account and only the ads I post there by default, without seeing my private photos and comments.
I’m a newbie to FB so everything is still a bit confusing to me.

Aaron Couch


Sorry for the late reply. I overlooked this one.

I don’t know… I’m teetering on this. I certainly see why you’d want to create a new account, but I don’t recommend it. Instead, here’s my recommendation:

Always try to remain professional online. Then you won’t have to worry as much. This goes along the lines of what I’ve said in my article and several comments to other readers: “Never post anything on the Internet that you don’t want everyone to see.”

I would recommend adding your business contacts into a specific, but not to keep them from seeing sensitive content (that should never be posted online). Instead, group them to direct relevant content to them, but not all your friends. That way you aren’t filling up everyone else’s newsfeed with content irrelevant to them (and vice versa for your professional contacts).

Hope this helps! Let me know and thanks for reading!

Aaron Couch


I’m not sure what you are referring to as “messages.” Are you talking about posts in your newsfeed or actual Facebook messages?


Seriously im going nuts trying to find how i stop myself from showing up on my friends “friends list” i know there used to be a way to do it and now i cant find it at all!
can it still be done??? HELP!! :)


People are having trouble tagging my name in comments and posts. How can I change my settings so that people can tag my name, specifically in a group. I have tried different privacy combos under the tagging and timeline but no luck.

Kevin H

I can’t see any content when I log onto Facebook, I can see the toolbar at the top of the page, but that’s it. My friends tell me that they can go onto my Facebook page and its all there, but I can’t see anything!!! How do I fix this issue??????

Aaron Couch


Try clearing your browser cache and see if that works.

Thanks for reading.


When I like a photo or whatever…how do I set it so no one else can see it?

Aaron Couch


Donna asked a very similar question to what yours is above. Here was my reply to her. I hope this helps, but let me know if you have any further questions. Thanks for reading!

“Basically there’s no way that YOU can control this. The privacy of the post that you’re commenting on is in your friend’s control, not yours. So if you comment on a post that is set to public or “friends of friends” then your friends will also see that comment.

If you don’t want them to see your comment, don’t comment and simply send that friend a personal message instead.

It’s just the way Facebook works and there’s really (to my knowledge and I’ve researched this a lot) no way to adjust this on your end.

That said, there are a lot of things YOU can adjust and be aware of so that your friends don’t have to experience the same problem (somewhat).

There’s a great post on Facebook privacy here on MakeUseOf which I encourage you to read:

Hopefully this helps, but if you have any more questions, feel free to ask.”

anas rafique

how do i do add “via ipad or ipod” on facebook posts!!

i use facebook through ipad and whenevr i update my status i dont see anyhthing like that while when others do the same they got it!!
kindly help!1

Aaron Couch

Thanks for reading. I, personally, am not informed enough about iOS devices to answer your question and comments isn’t really the place for “tech support.”

However, we realize that our readers often have questions such as this and that is why there is MakeUseOf Answers (

I recommend you post your question over there and if you still haven’t received any feedback, let me know and I’ll do what I can to find someone to help you.


if i forwarded a message on fb, will the original sender be notified?

Aaron Couch

No they won’t be.

Thanks for reading!


Hi Aaron. Quick question! I’ve been looking everywhere. Let’s say I send the same message to multiple recipients by listing all 40 of their names in the recipient box. When a person replies, each reply goes to everyone who the message was sent to. Is there a way to stop that? I want only me to be able to see the replies. Pleeeeeeeeaaaasssssssssse help!

Aaron Couch


II’m frustrated with this too. Unfortunately I don’t think that’s an option on Facebook. It needs to be! However, if you’d like a second opinion, you can ask it on MakeUseOf Answers!


how do you Select all messages about 1000 messages in a a conversation …??? kinda difficult to clik 1000 times right>??

Yeon Sha

need a little favor..
how can i share reading activity on my friend FB feed and my Timeline?
i just be able to see my sharing activity on my timeline like a “recommendation” but i am not be able to see what i have read on my facebook timeline. I already turn the Social plug-ins “ON”,but still didn’t seeing my reading activity on my facebook timeline. please help me.


hey ..
i have 2 q.
1st is there any way to see who views ur profile ?? is it true ??
2cond when i type a letter in the search why there are some names i don’t know them ?? have they searched for me ??

need answer plz

Aaron Couch

No. It definitely is not true and is likely a scam. I wouldn’t trust anything that claims to invade your friends’ (or your own) privacy by telling you information that Facebook hasn’t made available to you. Think about it: do you really want to give something like that access to all your personal information?

Secondly, they are simply showing up because they either 1) have mutual friends or 2) have the same name. I’m not aware if Facebook will display people based on if they’ve searched for you. I do know that Facebook will display the people you talk and communicate with most often at the top of the list.

But as far as people whom you aren’t actual friends with, it is my understanding that Facebook doesn’t rank them based on searches for you.


thanks for the replay

sean gonzales

was wondering in this new feature of facebook.. where can I find the videos that were tagged to me.. i keep on searching but failed to find them.. all i can see are the videos I uploaded..

Aaron Couch


They would be combined with photos which you are tagged in (unfortunately). Let me know if that helps.

Thanks for reading!


Hello Aaron! I was wondering if it’s possible to hide your likes and comments from being seen on the sidebar above the chat sidebar?

Aaron Couch


That is called the Facebook Tickler. To my knowledge, no. And really there’s no advantage to hiding it from there as may also show up on the newsfeed and most definitely your own profile.

The only way to do so would to block certain content from certain people by categorizing your contacts and then making photos, posts, etc. only visible/not visible to specific groups.

Keep in mind what I said in my article though:

“…never post anything on the Internet that you don’t want everyone to see.”

Hope this helps! Thanks for reading.

Manila Gehlot

Heyya Nice blog but I would like to know if anyone can help me to my problem :(
I have an issue regarding tagging on facebook !
As far as i knew only friends can tag you in his posts BUT my subscribers are tagging me daily in there posts and I m pissed off now.. Please help me out guys! :(

Aaron Couch


It’s all in your privacy settings. I recommend looking into them:

There’s a setting which I love and that is the ability to screen what you are tagged in.

Hope this helps! Let me know. Thanks for reading!


Hello Aaron,
Is there a way to disable this intrusive feature adding “seen” at the bottom of the messages once you read them?
I could successfully download the Chrome Unseen extension: friends are not notified when I read the message through Chrome. There’s the same for Firefox.

However as I read them most of the time from my iPhone, there is still the annoying “Seen by Jacky at 11:05 AM” stamp.
Is there a way to disable this feature from iPhone app?
Many thanks,


Hello Aaron,
Is there a way to disable this intruse feature adding “seen” at the bottom of the messages once you read them?
I could successfully download the Chrome Unseen extension: friends are not notified when I read the message through Chrome.
However as I read them most of the time from my iPhone, there is still the annoying “Seen by Jacky at 11:05 AM” stamp.
Is there a way to disable this feature from iPhone app?
Many thanks,


Got the same problem! Please help :-)

Aaron Couch


Please see my reply to Jacky.

Thanks for reading!

Aaron Couch


I did some research on this and to my knowledge there’s no way. It wouldn’t make sense that Facebook would build the ability to turn this off in their own app.

Honestly, I personally think the feature was a great improvement. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help, but as of now, there’s no way I know of to do it. You could always post your question on MakeUseOf Answers to see if anyone else has additional insight to share.


how is a friend on facebook able to see my location ? as in the street im on??

Aaron Couch

Hmm… well there is a setting to show your location or not. The only way they would know what street/address your at would be if you checked in to a certain location wish discloses that information.


Any way so that my “Likes” on comments or posts are not seen by all? Would like to have that private. For example – i have had friends tell me “Oh i saw that you “liked” a certain post”.

Aaron Couch


The quick answer to this is that if they are your friends, you can’t really keep from from being able to see what you like — that’s why they’re your friends.

My best advice is that if you don’t want them to see it, either 1) don’t like it. Or 2) don’t friend them.

There are ways to prevent certain people from seeing or commenting certain things and my best advice would be to read through the sections that cover that in this article and explore your Facebook privacy settings yourself — that’s how you’ll become familiar with the settings (and how I have).

Thanks for reading! Hope this helps.



I there a way on facebook to add someone, but limit what they see to only certain photos? My mother-in-law wants me to friend her, but I don’t want her in my business. I just want her to see SOME pictures of the kids, and that’s all, no posts or anything else. How can I list her, and the pictures? (But still have the kid pictures viable to friends?)

Aaron Couch

Well first off, Tracy, you realize this is a public blog right? I hope she doesn’t see that comment.

You might think, “She doesn’t know about MakeUseOf? How would she ever find this comment?” Well… it’s the Internet.

This actually leads me to the point I made in this article. Actually, if you were to take anything away from this article, take this away. I quote:

“This is a good time to quickly point out that you should never post anything on the Internet that you don’t want everyone to see. That doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t direct it to specific audiences”

So, I know that’s probably not the answer you wanted to hear, but it should be how we treat the Internet. Yes, there are ways to filter things out and keep people from seeing different things. I actually covered that in this article here.

My advice is, explore your privacy settings, organize your contacts and set them in the correct settings accordingly.

Thanks for reading Tracy! Let me know if I can be of any more help.

wendy gallarza

Have a question you may be able to help me with….My sidebar that shows comments that my friends are making to others disappeared…Now, I just have a list of people who are in the chat box as a sidebar on the right side. I can’t find out what happened to the conversation box.

Aaron Couch


Sorry for the late reply.

I’m not sure what to tell you there. I don’t think there’s a way to disable it. What I might suggest is clearing your browser cache and seeing if that helps.

Thanks for your question!

wendy gallarza

Have a facebook account shared with you and your husband as a family facebook account and then keep one for just you and your friends.



Zul Mahmud

Hi Aaron,

Great article with regards to FB features! Thank you so much for it. Question… Is it possible to hide certain friend/s on our friend’s list so others won’t see it? What I could conclude is either “Unfriend” or “Block” the individual/s him/herself – is that correct? But is there some sort of feature that we as FB user could use in order to protect the privacy of one or more of our friend’s lists from others. Cheers man – all the best.

Aaron Couch


Sorry for the late reply man. This is a great question.

When you view your profile as public, your friends list shouldn’t show up. So people who aren’t your friends shouldn’t be able to see your friends list.

However, I don’t think there is a way to keep a current friend from seeing a list. The best advice would be to add certain people to a restricted list, which allows them only to see the information that you’ve made public. You can undo this at any time.

I hope this helps, but let me know if it doesn’t Thanks for your question!

Aaron Couch


After further research I found that you can restrict who can see your friends list. Currently you can do this by clicking the “More” link when you hover over “Friends” in the left sidebar next to the Newsfeed. Then click the “See all friends” button. Then click “edit.” It’s most useful if you’ve organized your friends into categories so that you can filter them out better.

Let me know if this solves your problem. Thanks again for reading.

Richard Mayzz

I like it


I cant able to see my online friends list .please help me

Barbi Watts

I was reading your helpful hints and I have a question about fb that i cannot find a answer, maybe you can help? I’m trying to spread a comment on facebook for everyone to see , like the comments that come accross hit like because someone is trying to get one million hits, how does one compose a message like that or is it just a normal comment and people just copy paste them? Thank you so much for your help…Barbi


Hi Aaron,
I scanned your responses and don’t think you’ve addressed this one yet…
When I’m on a certain friend’s page, I’m only able to see the mutual friends she and I have (okay, makes sense if she’s blocked her friends list). But then, there’s this guy who’s comments are showing up on her page, yet when I click his profile, it shows 3 mutual friends….none of which are her. How could this be?

Aaron Couch


First, sorry about the late reply.

This could be a couple things, mostly doing with her security settings. She may be allowing friends of friends to comment on posts so he may not even be her “friend” per se. Another idea is that they are public posts and she hasn’t fine tuned the settings to keep people who have no connections or are friends of friends from commenting.

Those are just a couple speculations. Hope this helps. Thanks for reading!


How do you tell if a friend has ‘ restricted ‘ you in FB.

Aaron Couch

There’s really no way of “knowing” but if you’re restricted you can only see their public post. If you see that they are rarely post things on their wall, they may just only be the public posts.

But there’s only guessing really. Other than flat out asking them, I don’t think there is a sure way to do it.


I have a friend who has facebook account. I searched her complete name so I can add her as facebook friend but her name never appeared. Do you know how is that possible? Thanks!

Aaron Couch


I’ve occasionally run into this too. It could be her privacy settings. Sometimes you can search people by phone number and almost always by email. Have you tried those options?

Sorry for the late reply by the way.


Very nice collection of facebook tricks.. thank you very much.

Here’s another article about [url=]Facebook Scams[/url]


when typing Posts, everytime uppercase, they keep suggesting a name, annoying little Pop up. Why don’t people hate that?


looked EVERYwhere for a way to turn it off. I’m Typing a Capital Letter, NOT looking for a someone’s name!

Aaron Couch

Unfortunately there isn’t a way to do so. It really doesn’t bother me much. I like being able to tag friends and there’s no easier way. If I’m not trying to, I just keep typing and ignore it. It’s not so bad.


Hey, do u kno if someone tags a pic and sends it to someone else (that is not your friend) can they see ALL of your pics or just the ones tagged???

Aaron Couch

The fact that someone shares a photo your tagged in with someone else does not open you up to having your other photos seen by them. It does however make them AWARE of you, and so they might click your name and look at what you have.

Some people call this “Facebook stalking.” But I just call it “using Facebook the way it was intended.”

NOW, that doesn’t mean they won’t be able to see your photos though. Depending on your privacy settings, they very well could be able to. Watch out for the “Friends of Friends” setting. We almost ALWAYS have a mutual friend with someone, especially locally.


hi i would like to know if you can hide your face from showing up on your friends FRIEND LIST….I can see my face on my friends there friends box. i dont realy want everyone to know that i am their friend any ideas PLEASE…THIS WILL BE VERY HELP FULL……THANX FOR YOUR GOOD WORK ANYWAYS KEEP IT UP..



Aaron Couch

Well first off, there’s not really a way to do this that I know of. There are some settings that YOU can change to make your photos not be displayed or to make your friends not public, but being seen on someone else’s profile is kind of the agreement you “signed” whenever you joined Facebook and started friending people.


thanks…but now how do i delete my comments…if i am blocked :(


Well FB has made many changes and these changes are very good. Like after many days, finally there is very fast loading FB android app and something like ios app but still need some more changes. Hope they will do this as soon possible. There are many secretes we don’t know about the FB and you may find them here:


Hi i liked one of my friend’s pic and put comments as well on his pics. Now he has blocked me. Please tell me how can i delete my comments and unlike his pics?