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proposalOne of the most nerve-wrecking times in a guy’s life is the day he finds someone that he realizes he actually wants to marry, and he needs to get up the nerve to ask her. If you’ve racked your brain for creative ways to ask someone to marry you, I’m here today to offer you a few suggestions that may help.

It goes without saying that these will all be Internet-based, so they’re perfect for the girlfriend who’s obsessed with the Internet – the one who can’t stop checking her Facebook account or surfing YouTube videos. These are also the sort of techniques that you can use to ask a girl to marry you when you’re in a long distance relationship, or maybe if you’re in the military and serving in a foreign country. Don’t let distance stop you. The following geeky tips will get her attention and they may even make her cry, but most importantly, they will also make her say “yes.”

How to Ask Someone to Marry You on the Internet (And Get Them to Say Yes!)

Let’s face it, it’s a web 2.0 world. The days of kneeling on one knee beside a restaurant table are long gone. Today, you’ve got text messages, instant messaging and email. Guys today need to be fresh and creative with their proposal ideas to capture the hearts of that special girl. If you’re one of those guys who have been thinking about “popping the question” for quite some time – stop thinking about it and start living! Ask her to marry you using the many web technologies that are now at your disposal.

1. Create a GPS Mission for Her to Find the “Ring”

This is probably the most creative approach to asking someone to marry you. Geo-caching has been around for a number of years, but it’s especially taking off with a vengeance since more mobile phones have built-in GPS capability and more websites (eg: are offering features that make use of GPS positioning or cell tower triangulation. If the person you want to marry has a GPS device or a mobile phone, you can use the free mission creator at GPS Mission to send the girl you love on a mysterious chase for a final secret discovery.


The great thing about this free online tool is that you can give her clues along the way. Make it extra romantic by tying each location to things that you did together in the past, and test her memory.


On the last waypoint, the “treasure” could be a picture of you holding the ring with the words “Will You Marry Me?” underneath. Or, if you want to be all James Bond-ish about it, you could hide a box with a DVD in it with a “watch me” note on it. When she goes home and pops the DVD into the player, she’ll see a video of you asking her to marry you.

2. Create an Instant Marriage Proposal Website

Recently, I wrote an article on several tools that are available for creating instant websites Top 4 Web Tools to Create Free Websites Instantly Top 4 Web Tools to Create Free Websites Instantly Read More . In my opinion (and the opinion of several MakeUseOf readers), Weebly is clearly one of the best. You can aso try a Wix if you want a flash one.

Another method to ask someone to marry you would be to create a single page website that features a big header “CATHY, WILL YOU MARRY ME?” complete with photos, “will you marry” me poems, a long and heartfelt “will you marry me” letter, and a whole mix of other content that will overwhelm her with emotion.

She’ll be crying and yelling at the computer screen, “Yes! Yes, I’ll marry you, you big geek!”


With Weebly, you can build a great, meaningful one-page proposal website in no time, and when you’re done, just email or text message her the URL and wait for her reaction.

Okay guys, stop laughing at my sample website above… it’s just an example!

3. Create a Photo Gallery of Your Life Together – Including Marriage

If you really want to get the point across, use photos. Recently, MakeUseOf reviewed a great tool called MyLiveGallery that lets you build an online photo gallery quickly and easily. Using this free tool, you could piece together a stunning photo montage of all of the things you and her have done together. Trust me, by the time she gets to the very last slide where you display a photo of yourself on bended knee and holding out the ring – she’ll be in tears.


The ease of creating a photo gallery with this web tool is creepy. You basically just go through a few steps, as shown above, and your online gallery is finished.


You’re allowed up to 10 photos, you can select from a number of premade templates, and the quality of the final gallery isn’t that shabby! Once you’re done creating it, just copy the link and email or text it to her.

4. Write an Article on “How To Marry Your Best Friend”

Anyone who knows me very well knows that I love eHow because, not only can you instantly publish single-page “how-to 5 Cool How-To Videos Sites That Don't Suck 5 Cool How-To Videos Sites That Don't Suck Read More ” web pages for free, but they also pay you a portion of all ad royalties that your page earns. As a proposal tool, it’s very cool, because you could write a step by step, romantic “How-To” article on how to marry your best friend.


The cool thing about these eHow pages is that it’s a lot like the slideshow you created above, because in every step you can include a photo of you and her spending time together. The very last step would be, “Say Yes… Will You Marry Me?” She’ll be overwhelmed by the fact that you spent so much effort creating an entire article for her benefit. She doesn’t need to know that every time someone reads the article, you get royalties – that’s just icing on the cake!

5. Do It On YouTube For the World to See!

Almost from the first moment YouTube became popular, men have occasionally used it to propose to their girlfriend. While it’s not the most original technique to propose via Web 2.0, it’s still unique and fresh enough to make the top 5 list. All you have to do is use any video editing application, such as any of the 18 online tools 18 Online Tools to Edit, Mix and Enhance your Videos 18 Online Tools to Edit, Mix and Enhance your Videos Read More that Kaly reviewed, to create a customized movie professing your love for her, and why you want to marry her.

Some guys get as elaborate as combining music, video, pictures and special effects, while other guys create a movie as simple as shooting streaming audio of themselves asking the girl to marry them.


Do whatever you feel would best convey your true feelings for the girl – but for Pete’s sake, do it right the first time. You only have one chance to get it right, and getting that simple “yes” is a moment that will last a lifetime. Do it right now, and it’s a memory that she’ll remember and treasure for years. Screw it up, and you’re likely to join the ranks of “losers” who couldn’t get a simple proposal right. No pressure or anything.

Would you ever consider proposing to your girlfriend online? If you’ve ever used online tools to ask a girl to marry you, what approach did you take? Tell us your preferred method in the comments!

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