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That’s right, this is a challenge from me to you. I’ll bet all my marbles that no one reading this article has (fairly) earned any of the achievements you’re about to read into. If I’m wrong, let me have it in the comments section below. You deserve your props.

Achievements have taken over the world of gaming. That sense of accomplishment that we feel after unlocking that little badge on our profile has actually managed to convince us that those few hundred hours of gaming were actually worth it! I won’t be complaining, because I’m a huge fan of video games and achievements aren’t so bad after all. Now, let’s look at five achievements that are truly achievements.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter – World Champion (Xbox 360)

Let me start off by saying that Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter is a pretty aged game in the series of Tom Clancy games. I haven’t played it in a few years, and I’m sure that the multiplayer mode is probably looking pretty desolate right now (and I bet this achievement would still manage to be difficult).

World Champion is an achievement that says a lot. It’s awarded to any player that has reached the #1 spot on the game’s universal ladder. You have to be the best of the best to unlock this, and it’s a real stripe to any Xbox profile.

Players that have unlocked this achievement in 2010 claimed that it would take 4-6 weeks of playing the game 24/7. People have stooped to using multiple accounts and hooking up their extra Xbox consoles to essentially cheat the leaderboard. Props to anyone who was able to reach this achievement legitimately when the game was at its peak, because it’s an obvious testament to what a skilled player you are. At some point in time, you were the best player at Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter in the entire universe. Shame on the rest of you preventing the others from getting it naturally!


Super Meat Boy – Every “_____ Boy” Achievement (Steam)

How do you make one of the hardest games ever The 5 Hardest Games in the Online World The 5 Hardest Games in the Online World Read More even harder? Roll out a list of achievements that require you to not only beat the game, but beat the game without dying.

Steam shows that anywhere between 0.6% and 1% of players have completed these achievements, but I’m not buying it. Steam has had a long history of being exploitable in this department. Single-player games are the best type to hack into, so I’ll credit that to a large percentage of this. Good on those who have managed to get it done the right way, though.

Even if you know nothing about this teeth-grinding indie platformer, you can watch the video above, and it should be quite obvious that unlocking any of these achievements isn’t some walk in the park. They might make it look easy, but give it a shot.

Note: Super Meat Boy is available on other platforms, but these achievements are not.

Final Fantasy VII – Materia Overlord (Steam)

I am the biggest fan of Final Fantasy VII that you’ll come across, and I was ecstatic when it was released on PC Square Enix's Final Fantasy VII Re-release: Worth It? [MUO Gaming] Square Enix's Final Fantasy VII Re-release: Worth It? [MUO Gaming] Final Fantasy VII is the most beloved game of the series, and arguably the best JRPG of all-time (if we all forget about some guy named Crono). This re-release (not remake) comes with a few... Read More , but even I don’t have what it takes to unlock this one. There are well over 50 different Materia pieces in Final Fantasy VII. All of these pieces have tiered levels that you advance them through by achieving AP. To get AP, you complete battles. You only get it for Materia that you have equipped. On average, each of your three characters will probably have around eight equipped at any given time.

It takes hours upon hours of gameplay to master a single Materia. You have to master all of them. The worst part is that some of these pieces of Materia are missable. There is one called Enemy Skill, that requires you to learn skills from monsters. Mastering this means to have learned every possible skill. Some of these skills can be passed up. If you make one mistake, the achievement is over.

It’s even frustrating for a cheater. You think you’ve managed to cheat all that AP, get all of them mastered, and then you forget that you never got the Underwater Materia. Good luck.

Rock Band 2 – The Bladder of Steel Award (Xbox 360/PlayStation 3)

Never has an achievement been more appropriately titled. Achievements now go beyond games themselves. We’re pushing the limits of the human body at this point.

To unlock this achievement, you are required to play through the Endless Setlist 2 without pausing a single time or failing a song. The latter is quite achievable, as you can earn this on any difficulty, but be prepared to spend more than six hours attempting this.

Don’t try to be cheeky, either. You can’t disconnect your controller. You can’t hit the Guide button. None of that stuff works. Forget what you’re doing and hit the Start button a single time and accidentally pause? You lose!

Having a friend or two around makes this a little bit easier, but it’s still a tall task. It’s a potential to ruin friendships. Don’t be the guy who accidentally pauses after five hours!

Garry’s Mod – Yes, I am the real Garry! (Steam)

This is a really unique (and rather self-centered) achievement slipped into one of Steam’s most popular titles. To unlock this, you’ve just got to connect to the same server that Garry’s Mod creator Garry Newman is playing on. Sounds easy, right?

  1. Garry isn’t going to randomly add you to his friends list on Steam, so you’ve literally got to stalk him to know when he’s playing.
  2. He’s rarely ever playing. He’s hardly ever on Steam at all, actually. That being said, his activity on Garry’s Mod in the past 2 weeks has seen a huge spike. This isn’t usual Garry activity!


I don’t know what to think of the people who’ve managed to get this one. You’re either refreshing Garry’s Steam profile a lot, or you’re just insanely lucky. This is one of the most coveted achievements on all of Steam.


Giving up? Luckily for you, we’ve got another article on four games that offer some of the easiest Xbox 360 achievements 4 Games For Easy Xbox 360 Achievements [MUO Gaming] 4 Games For Easy Xbox 360 Achievements [MUO Gaming] Everyone loves feeling a true sense of accomplishment. There is nothing better than knowing you worked hard and made something good happen. That is exactly why Microsoft added achievements to their games so long ago.... Read More . Let me know of what other achievements that you guys think are worth a mention, from any game on any console. Leave me a comment, and we’ll talk about it!

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