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playstation vita gamesLast week 4 PlayStation Vita Games That Might Make You Consider Buying The Console [MUO Gaming] 4 PlayStation Vita Games That Might Make You Consider Buying The Console [MUO Gaming] Recently, the buzz around the MakeUseOf gaming office has been all about the PlayStation Vita. I have just finished a lengthy review on the device, and so far, I could not be happier. While the... Read More we talked about the PlayStation Vita games that make the portable console worth owning. In the short life of the system, some solid games have found their way to market, and the future for the PlayStation Vita looks like it could be bright.

Of course, rumors abound about how poor the sales of the device might be. Sony is not helping matters by refusing to release any real sales data. As a proud Vita owner, and someone who thinks it is the best portable gaming device ever made, I am excited.

The list of games announced for the PlayStation Vita is very extensive. Of course, some of them look terrible, and some will never see the light of day, but there are a few that look incredibly promising. I will be at E3 this year, so if all goes according to plan, I will be able to find out firsthand how some of these Vita games stack up. For now, I am still incredibly excited for a few games out there, and they have me on pins and needles.

Note : Most of these games are far out, so the screenshots have been taken from other platforms.

Call of Duty

This is an incredibly obvious choice, but the more I think about it, Call of Duty on the Vita has more potential to be amazing than almost any other game. We finally have a portable gaming system with two physical joysticks, which will allow them to make a “real” Call of Duty game.

playstation vita games


I am optimistic for what a Call of Duty game on the Vita can be, if properly executed. There is not much information available in terms of the Vita version of COD, but if done right, it could be the biggest game on the platform by a long shot.


LBP was really well done on the PlayStation 3, and it was surprisingly good on the PlayStation Portable. With the diverse control options on the Vita, there is potential for some creative gameplay and building mechanics that were not even possible on the PS3.

playstation vita

Using touch, gyroscope, physical buttons and even the rear touch panel, they can offer the player a wide range of ways to manipulate Sackboy and the levels they are creating. The 3G connectivity makes sharing and download levels possible anywhere you go, which should make the experience all the more enjoyable.

Assassin’s Creed

If Uncharted is any indication, climbing around with a PlayStation Vita can be so much fun. Some would argue that Assassin’s Creed has better climbing than Uncharted, and I will be interested to see how Ubisoft uses these mechanics on the Vita.

playstation vita

The Vita version could stand to benefit from the recent additions of multiplayer on the newer Assassin’s Creed games. Much like Uncharted, Assassin’s Creed could easily be one of those games you show your friends to let them see how incredible the graphics on the Vita look.

Madden NFL 13

I usually cannot stand football games, but on the Vita, I can see ways in which they could make it interesting. First, you have the obvious benefit of being able to take football with you wherever you go. If they chose to let gamers play over 3G, it could be awesome. If not, they can use the asynchronous connection to let you play a season mode against real players where you manage your team and simulate the games at your own pace.

playstation vita

The controls could work well for Madden as well. You can quickly choose your plays with the touchscreen, which would offer the benefits of playing on iOS, but with the physical buttons that a football game requires. Madden for Vita might be the first football game I care about since Madden ’95.

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

This game is also coming out for the PlayStation 3, but if how well Rayman translated to the Vita is any indication, a new Sly Cooper game could be amazing on the system. I know I miss that sneaky little bugger on consoles, and the style of gameplay that is typically used in Sly games would work well on the Vita.

playstation vita games

I hope that the developers make creative use of the Vita’s many different control inputs to make the game something truly special. Even if they do not, the core gameplay alone is enough to have me very interested.


As I said in my review of the Vita PlayStation Vita 3G/Wi-Fi Review And Giveaway PlayStation Vita 3G/Wi-Fi Review And Giveaway Today, we'll be taking a look at the PlayStation Vita (specifically the 3G/Wi-Fi model), Sony’s latest entry into the portable gaming space. How will it hold up? Read the review to find out. Plus, we'll... Read More , I absolutely love the device. There are some great games already available online dating part demux online dating part demux Read More , and some fantastic looking ones on the horizon. If you are not sure about whether the Vita is for you, I suggest taking another look, because you might just find that it has what you need. These games are just the beginning, as there are plenty of games that have not even been announced that I am sure will be great.

What Vita games are you anticipating the most? Let us know in the comments!

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