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android honeycomb appsDo you remember why you bought your Android tablet? Maybe you wanted to be connected while on the road, more productive during meetings or maybe you just fancied having a sleek device that you could do really cool things with. So how productive did the tablet really make you?

Tablets are a lot better at being entertaining than at making you productive. Hence, this article is all about filling dead time with fun and entertaining apps. Now if you ever find yourself bored or stuck waiting, get out your tablet and kill time with the following fun Android Honeycomb apps.

Browse The News

The good thing about news is that there are new ones every day. So whenever you have some free time to fill, there will be a new story for you to discover. A really great way to do that on your Android device is Pulse.

android honeycomb apps

Pulse is an application that turns articles from your favorite websites into streams of little tiles. The tiles can either contain an image and the headline or the headline and a brief summary. With Pulse you can browse the strings of articles from different sources.

honeycomb android tablet


Articles you want to read will open in a slide-in window to the right-hand side. It allows you to both keep the present article open and browse other news stories at the same time. You can either view the posts in a compact text view (shown below) or load the website within the same window.

honeycomb android tablet

We also covered Pulse for Android and iOS in the MakeUseOf Directory.

For fans of old school newspapers, Pulse may be a little too flashy. If that’s you and if you got a tablet nevertheless, maybe PressReader for Honeycomb will make you a little more content.

Listen To Music

Just want to zone out and listen to a few tunes? TuneIn Radio is one of the best apps to browse over 50,000 channels, including local presets and national networks from around the world.

honeycomb android tablet

Entertain The Brain

News can be heavy stuff and maybe you’re not in the mood for audio centered entertainment. If you’re looking for some less serious and quiet entertainment, there are a couple of Android Honeycomb apps to stimulate that grey matter in a fun way. My favorite is Funny Facts, an app with random facts sorted into various categories, such as science, celebrities, or sex. It also includes famous quotes.

apps for android honeycomb

Another great way to waste some time and do something for your education at the same time is reading Wikipedia. Wikipedia for Honeycomb Tablet actually is a Wikipedia browser in which you can store your favorite pages as bookmarks.

Play A Game

There aren’t a lot of cool free games optimized for Honeycomb out there. You will find a few basic ones, for example Minesweeper. One that is much more fun is Cordy, a 3D puzzle platform game. A little robot called Cordy runs through its world, collecting zap drops and once he has collected enough energy, he can power up the level, which will open the exit door.

apps for android honeycomb

The first four levels are free. To play the full 27 levels you need to buy the game for $4.99.


In the event that you have to entertain a bored toddler, get DrawFree, a basic drawing Android Honeycomb apps. It may also be useful to illustrate something or make a quick note when pen and paper are not handy.

android honeycomb apps

Interested in more ways to waste time? I recommend studying these resources:

What are your favorite apps to spend fun time on your Android tablet?

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