5 Free Ways To Promote Your Website

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You have a website, now what? You do a search for your website but it does not appear in any search engine. It is not in Google, Yahoo! or any other directory. There are a lot of services that can help but they cost money. Social networking is a good way to promote your site but you do not have the time for that. What can be done to help promote your website without spending a whole lot of time and money? And I know you are wanting free, fast and easy.

These are tough requirements but I’m always up for a challenge. So here are “5 Free Ways To Promote Your Website” – starting with Google.

1. The Best Free Search Engine

Submit To Google For Free

It is no secret, Google is the most popular search engine. From the novice to the expert; young and old; millions of people use Google to find what they are looking for. So getting your website indexed is very important. The best part, submitting to Google is free, fast and easy. However, before you submit you should search Google to find out if your website is already in Google’s index. To do this:

  1. Go to Google.com and enter your domain name into the search box.
  2. When entering the domain name type it exactly as it was registered. For example, if you wanted to find out if MakeUseOf was indexed in Google you would type www.makeuseof.com
  3. If your site was indexed the first result will be your domain name. In this case you do not need to resubmit.
  4. If you site was not indexed, submit using the form above. It may take up to 3 weeks for your site to get indexed. Don’t keep resubmitting during that time. If your site is not indexed after 3 weeks, resubmit it.

2. The Best Free Directory

The next place to promote your website is Yahoo!  Although it is not as popular as Google, Yahoo! is the best directory. It is also free, easy and fast to submit your site to Yahoo!.

Ads by Google

Submit To Yahoo For Free

Just like in Google, you should check to see if your website is already in the Yahoo! index. If your site is listed you do not need to resubmit. However, if your site is not found make sure to add your site to Yahoo!, rechecking in a few weeks to make sure it has been indexed.

3. Email Signature

At the bottom of your email, add a signature that includes your domain name. Just in case you need help with adding an email signature I’ve added some information for the most popular applications:

4. Yellow Pages Directory

Yellowpages.com has a free listing that will remain active for 12 months. This is a good place to promote your site – and it is free, fast and easy.


5. Google Local Business

Last, but definitely not least РGoogle Local Business. When you submit your website to Google Local Business, it is eligible to rank in the local business section. The section is displayed before the organic search results, toward the top of Google. For example, I did a search for: dentist in dana point ca. Local business search is displayed just below the sponsored link section, with a map inserted to the left of the listings.

submit to google local

If you are going to submit to Google Local Business you will need either a business phone number or a business mailing address. Toward the end of the submission process you will be given a PIN number. You will need to use this PIN to complete the submission. If you opt for a postcard, the PIN will be mailed. However, choosing the phone option, the PIN will be displayed and an automated phone call will be made. Importantly, if the number is not a “business line” you will have to take the postcard route.¬† Either way, it is free, fast and easy.

If you have promoted your website using a free, fast and easy method other than the ones listed here, let us know. Also, if you’ve enjoyed this article, check out what Mark wrote on getting your blog noticed.

How did you find this article? Did it boost your site’s traffic? Share it in the comments!

Ads by Google

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Web World Guru

i have listed my website in wikimapia
and its generating traffic.


traffic for me! modernvibe.wordpress.com



Advertise with YellowPages.com at your own risk. Free, yes. Easy to submit, yes. But then the calls come in from a YellowPages.com rep wanting you to upgrade your account. And though you tell him no and he says ok and hangs up, another one will call the next day. I went through 12 account reps wanting me to upgrade and said no to each one. I finally just let the phone ring and they stopped calling after two months (with a call every day).

Gary Reichel

That is good to know. I’ve had three listings (all about a year apart), the most recent was six weeks ago. They called once, but never again. Perhaps they have changed their policy. If anyone else has found yellowpages.com to be pushy, please let us know.


Just say No to yellow pages

Do not sign up for a free yellow pages listing, unless you like getting phone calls daily from their marketing team. When you say no to one, they seem to pass your file onto another rep, who will call you daily.
I cannot believe how aggressive and RUDE these people are. Seriously, do not make the mistake of signing up for a free listing – it’s not worth the harassment.



ohh really good site…….it really help everyone who want to know about new things



Interesting to know these.


Class Amigos

Thanks for good suggestions.


Chris Millas

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very helpful, thank you



oh this is very helpful. Thank you. I am forever grateful


Gal FriDee

Thank you for these great suggestions. I do think I’ll skip the yellow pages, based on the above comments!



yes! it worked for me! modernvibe.wordpress.com



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I would like to promote website for rental business, airbik.com.



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