5 Free Siri Alternatives For Android – Which Is The Best?

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Android Siri Alternatives Intro   5 Free Siri Alternatives For Android   Which Is The Best?A few years ago, you’d only see someone talking into their phone if somebody was on the other side. Fast forward a bit and now talking to your phone when you aren’t on a call is no big deal. Siri for iPhone revolutionized the behavior, and nowadays it’s common to see people use their voice to control their phones. Luckily, these options are available on Android, too.

Not sure what Siri is? Just think of it as an app on your mobile device that acts as your very own personal assistant. This app can keep track of appointments, remind you of important events, give you driving directions, call your friend, and more – all you need to do is speak a command. Siri is for iOS, but Android has a few Siri alternatives that you ought to try.


siri alternative skyvi   5 Free Siri Alternatives For Android   Which Is The Best?

Features: When everything works, Skyvi can do a lot: send and read texts, call contacts, find locations, get directions, play music, retrieve weather information, update social media with voice, and more. The only problem is getting those features to respond to voice accurately.

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Speech Recognition: I don’t know whether I was slurring my words (I don’t think I was), but I had a lot of trouble getting Skyvi to recognize my speech. I asked it to send a text to my friend with the message “I’m trying a Siri alternative” and it wouldn’t register. “Skyfall movie” became “Skype or movie.” A bit frustrating after a while, to say the least.

Quality of Results: When the speech recognition does work, Skyvi’s results are hit-or-miss. When searching for restaurants, it seemed to do well enough. When asking for “Syria news,” Skyvi responded with a joke about two eggs. Huh? If you’re confused, imagine how puzzled I was.


siri alternative iris   5 Free Siri Alternatives For Android   Which Is The Best?

Features: Compared to some of the other voice assistants in this article, Iris is a bit lacking in what she can do. She can do the usual: call and text contacts, Google search, weather reports, find locations, set alarms, and interact with social media. But that’s about it. Iris might be the original Siri alternative (look at their names!), but it has fallen behind a bit.

Speech Recognition: Iris’s speech recognition is impressive. No matter what I said, she heard me perfectly. I tried to trick her using some of the more difficult sounds to register, like lots of “s/th” and “b/p,” but she never failed. Even when I spoke faster than I normally do, she heard me well.

Quality of Results: On the more simple commands, Iris delivers what I expected. Weather information was spot on. Setting up a new appointment was flawless. But sometimes, Iris would understand me perfectly and give me a nonsensical response. “Find [restaurant] near me” resulted in Iris giving a one-sentence physical description of herself. Weird.


siri alternative robin   5 Free Siri Alternatives For Android   Which Is The Best?

Features: Robin’s official title is “The Siri Challenger” but she’s more of a driving assistant than a personal assistant. With that said, she’s still very useful. Robin is perfect when you want hands-free answers for locations, directions, and communication. Retrieving parking info, texting and calling, updating social media–these are just some of what she can do.

Speech Recognition: Robin’s speech recognition was slightly off at times, but it was accurate enough overall that I wasn’t growing frustrated. Additionally, Robin’s speech processing speed seemed faster than the rest of these apps, which meant faster results. That’s always nice.

Quality of Results: I asked Robin and Robin answered. Whether it was weather, restaurants, or movie theaters, she was accurate about it all. Even when I was composing a text message through voice, she guided me along and I never had to fix anything.


siri alternative vlingo   5 Free Siri Alternatives For Android   Which Is The Best?

Features: Vlingo’s feature set is actually a bit sparse. It has most of the basics, but little more than that. If you aren’t looking for a bloated assistant and you’d rather use something small, fast, and sleek, then Vlingo may fit the bill. If you want something versatile and all-in-one, Vlingo isn’t it.

Speech Recognition: Vlingo was average in the speech recognition department. When I spoke too quickly, it would sometimes jumble words together, but if I spoke clearly, it rarely failed.

Quality of Results: When it came to searching the Internet for an answer, Vlingo’s responses were actually the best. Even when I asked for something obscure, Vlingo found exactly what I was looking for. I guess when you have such a small feature set, accuracy has a high priority.


siri alternative maluuba   5 Free Siri Alternatives For Android   Which Is The Best?

Features: Maluuba is a real personal assistant dressed in the Windows 8 design (it was once Metro, but I don’t know what it’s called anymore). Find restaurants, search the Internet, fetch movie times, navigation, play music, social networking – Maluuba can do nearly anything. The one downside to Maluuba is that you must connect a Google account, even if you don’t care about the calendar-syncing and email-reading features.

Speech Recognition: There were a few hiccups when speaking to Maluuba (recognizing “our go” instead of “Argo”) but overall, it left me impressed. The whole process was so pleasant, in fact, that I found myself enjoying the Maluuba experience. Quite surprising for me, actually.

Quality of Results: Nearly perfect. I tested as many commands as I knew existed and the results were consistently strong. However, for obscure pieces of information (e.g., lesser-known video game titles) it would redirect me to WolframAlpha, which gave me some interesting but not-quite-accurate answers.


After spending a few hours with these Android personal assistants, my winning pick has to be Maluuba. Its search results weren’t as strong as Vlingo, but I’d rarely use a personal assistant for searching. Instead, when it comes to making appointments, setting alarms, fetching weather and news, and communicating with my contacts, Maluuba has no flaws that I saw.

As for the rest, I’d order them like so:

  • #1: Maluuba
  • #2: Robin
  • #3: Iris
  • #4: Vlingo
  • #5: Skyvi

I always thought Siri was just a gimmick that provided no real benefit, but having tried out these Siri alternatives on the Android, I can see why this sort of app has become so popular. There’s no way to use Siri on Android, but with these alternatives, you can pick and choose according to whichever will suit your needs the best.

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Aaron Clifford

I hadn’t heard of Maluuba before this. I will definitely check it out.


Maluuba does sound like a remote island in the Pacific. Will definitely look at it though.



Why didn’t you include “Utter” in your comparison?



speech recognition.. what about another language different from english for example Detusch and Italian?



You got to check it out http://sher.pa/
Spanish assistant for Android


mike spriggs

Think I’ll try the Skyvi and report back.


Curtis C.

going to try out these apps later! :)


Joseph Lerro

I realy like SpeakToIt Assistant.


Brandon Brown

I know it’s not an option for many users but after the novelty of the ‘assistant’ apps I tried (s-voice, Iris, Robin) wore off, I find Google now works the best for my minimal needs. More often than not I find it quicker to use my predefined homescreen shortcuts and gestures to get the information I need.


Martin Lanny

I’ve tried all those you’ve listed above, but found that Maluuba is too slow. Robin doesn’t give any wiki type of information. Rest of the apps such as Iris, Vlingo and Skyvi are fine only to some extend. It’s beyond any understanding that apps such as Andy (Siri for Android) and Jeannie didn’t make your lists. Andy is probably by far the best siri like clone and I’ve tried them all. Jeannie would be the next runner up and them perhaps Skyvi and Maluuba. Andy’s can do all other apps can and more. It can text, call, answer questions about pretty much anything I ever asked, it’s truly like having with me a walking encyclopedia. I can use it with Bluetooth, type my questions to it, it does reminders, alarms, directions and navigations, etc. There is hundreds of features. Only dissadvantage is, that it’s minimalistic design doesn’t show the tremendous power under the hood. Give it a try!


Abdullah Sorathia

Maluuba should be at last place..It doesn’t recognize speech properly..


Sean Ang

Thanks for the review. I’d try some of them as well as those listed below by the other readers.


Rajaa Chowdhury

wow, surprising result, I always thought skyvi is a great app and have been using it, surprised and shocked to see it in last place. now, got to try the others.

Rajaa Chowdhury

After this article, just for curiosity sake, i checked out each apps user ratings in Google Play as before installing an app I usually check the ratings and the comments made. The findings are as follows:

User Ratings

Andy (Siri for Android) – Free 3.9
Jeannie (like Siri) 3.8
SpeakToIt Assistant 4.6
utter! Voice Commands BETA! 4.4
Maluuba: Siri Alternative 4.2
Robin, the Siri Challenger 4.1
Iris 4.2
Skyvi (Siri for Android) 4.5
Vlingo couldn’t locate in Google Play search

So, I guess I shall stick with SkyVi, even if it has come last in this article. :)

Ashwin Ramesh

Haha going by the ratings, I would choose Skyvi too :) Well its all a personal choice after all ;)


Mattias Ahlvin

Utter! is definitely worth a look. I like the way it functions better than any other app although the commands are very structured. It does allow for creating your own commands to a certain extent.

Joel Lee

Thanks for the suggestion. I took a look at it and it seems to be a very recent app in beta, which is probably why I overlooked it when I wrote the article. If it works well, that’s awesome! I just wanted to review tried and true apps that have proven themselves somewhat useful.



Have JB, enjoy Google Now, else Skyvi. It never missed a single word of mine or given a wrong result.


Ahmed Ghazwan

I am not a fan of Siri or its alternatives, because voice commands apps are only beneficial in case u can’t use ur hands which mean the only moment u can use them is while driving, therefore they can be distracting. That being said, it doesn’t mean they aren’t cool apps.

Joel Lee

Having gotten over the novelty of voice assistants, I tend to agree with you. There are few situations where I think a voice assistant would be faster or more convenient. Plus, if I have to repeat myself because the app didn’t recognize my speech, I’d probably end up spending more time!


What about all of those times we need to Google something while driving? LOL!


Junil Maharjan

I tried skyvi once. it was alright but when i said “you are stupid” then it would tell me to wait for the robot uprising.

Joel Lee

Haha. Maybe Skyvi is smarter than we realize.


Ashwin Ramesh

Never heard of Maluuba before. Should give that a try. However, I would rank Vlingo above Iris. I feel Vlingo gives faster and more accurate results. Anyways, just an opinion :) Thanks for sharing this article.


Ahmed Musani

wanting this information for a long time. finally arrived here. great work! :)


Charles Yost

The one I have is just a called Assistant. I have a woman names Sam on my phone and my wife doesn’t like me talking to her. It is pretty basic though but I thought is was fairly close to Siri at the time. I will have to check these out.



I use Maluuba and I prefer it over Siri. Maluuba recognizes what I say better than Siri especially in noisy conditions. It’s also faster and seems to provide better answers. Some people might complain because it doesn’t speak back to you but frankly I hate hearing Siri’s voice. It’s like a horrible version of house from Eureka. As for other android Siri alternatives I say don’t even look at them. I say go with Maluuba best one I’ve used so far.


Darren Scurlock

Maluuba, definately the best…


Shridhar Patel

How about google search? I use it for my ios and andriod device.


Ramesh Krishna

Wow awesome


John P

Which if these works without a data connection?

I read that 40% of new smartphone users are not getting data plans, so this will become a more and more important factor in app reviews and selections.


Margaret Midwood

Many thanks for your helpful review, it was very clear and gave me a place to start.



try voice assistant 3d



In this article the journalist fails to mention the fact that Maluuba doesn’t give audio feedback. And personally, audio feedback is a key feature for a “vocal” personal assistant. That’s the cool thing about apps like Siri and Robin. If you ask it a question, it tells you the answer. Rather than just showing you the answer.


Bryan Dantis

SpeakToIt Assistant is the best. I don’t know why you failed to mention it.


Bryan Dantis

SpeakToIt Assistant is the best! I don’t know why you failed to mention it.


Eric Humphrey

I prefer Dragon on my Skyrocket because it is customizable. For example I changed the phrase to turn it on into “Hello Galaxy” to trick people that I had an S4.



There’s one called JEANINE and it’s the best! I love it!

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