5 Free Apps If You Love Solving Crosswords On The Go [Android]

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android crossword appMy love for crosswords continues unabated. After showing my love for the word puzzle game in 7 Quick Tools To Solve Crossword Puzzles Online, I have clued myself in on my Android. Maybe, you can too. Leave the newspaper behind and take up any of these apps to have a go at the black and white cells with your brain cells.

Mobile apps for crossword addicts makes sense…for unlike a newspaper, you don’t have to carry it rolled up under your armpits. Admittedly, the “feel” is not the same but the variety on offer when it comes to free and paid apps makes up for it.

I am foregoing the paid ones right now, and taking a look at five crossword apps for the Android.

Shortyz Crosswords (1.6+)

android crossword app

This crossword app is rated highly if you are searching for free crossword apps for the Android. It downloads and installs in a jiffy. Immediately after install, Shortyz starts downloading crossword files from publications like People Magazine, USA Today, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, and more. The puzzles have varying degrees of difficulty. For instance, the crosswords from WT and LAT are on the tougher side. You can delete, archive, and download puzzles when you are done with the older ones.

You can also set the app to download the puzzles automatically. You can select the sources from where to download the puzzles. There are three categories – Daily Crosswords, Weekly Crosswords, and Experimental Sources. The New York Times crossword requires a subscription while most of the others are free.

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Crosswords (1.5+)

crossword app free

It’s a game which resembles Scrabble more than it does the black-white grid of a crossword puzzle. The rules follow that of Scrabble and you can play as a lone player or go against three more human (as a networked game) or robot players. The game app is free and Open Source. The current version is in beta, so expect some niggles. You can use the default play in English or configure it with a choice of European languages. The crosshair could be a distraction, but it’s the only way for you to position your tiles on the board. The game also keeps score. You can play it with a timer and also configure it to show hints.

Crosswords Plus (2+)

crossword app free

It is described as a full-featured crossword playing app for the Android. Unfortunately, it does not come bundled with crossword puzzles. You have to download your own. But that’s not too much of a problem as quite a few resources are provided. A few of the puzzles are provided in an archived directory (Select My Puzzles). It supports the formats – .puz, .jpz, .xpf, and .ipuz.

If you have a New York Times crosswords subscription, then this app can download that and help you play it on the device. The portrait mode definitely allows for better gameplay. Quite neatly, you can tap and zoom into the grid before you complete the clues.

Cross Me (2.1+)

crossword app free

CrossMe is a Japanese picture logic puzzle in which cells in a grid have to be colored or left blank according to numbers given at the side of the grid. Completion reveals a hidden picture or a letter. CrossMe comes complete with a Japanese feel – music and design. The game is very easy to pick up and quite addictive if you like the 5-min timewaster games.

Crossword Solver (1.5+)

android crossword app

The ultimate cheat tool for crosswords or a vocabulary builder – take your pick. Crossword Solver can deliver you from those hair-tearing frenzies when a 6-Down seems so close to the tip of your tongue but does not spill over. You can tap into a mine of over 250,000 words using missing letters and anagrams. The great thing is that Crossword Solver works offline and looks just the tool to carry on the subway.

The app uses word patterns using wildcards if need be to narrow down to the right word. It won’t solve with clues, so you have to feed in a few letters to get the right answer.  Crossword Solver has built in word lists and you also create your own. Be sure to read through the tips and tricks.

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Do you enjoy playing crosswords with pen and paper, or have you taken to mobile apps? Which is your favorite Android app (free or paid) for playing crossword puzzles?

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