5 Facebook Status Updates Guaranteed To Annoy [Opinion]

facebook logo 300   5 Facebook Status Updates Guaranteed To Annoy [Opinion]Facebook is, by all accounts, closing in on 1 billion users. That’s an awful lot of people maintaining a profile on the site, and telling their family, friends, co-workers, and anyone else who will listen, what’s going on in their lives. Social networking probably shouldn’t be used as a replacement for real conversations and relationships, but many people appear to be posting anything and everything to Facebook.

Much of what people post to Facebook is interesting and, as Ryan conclusively demonstrated in a recent article, often worthy of a response. On the other hand there are certain kinds of status update that are guaranteed to annoy at least one person on your friends list. Craig has already pinpointed five that annoy the hell out of him, and here are five more that keep cropping up in my feed.


facebook update vaguebook   5 Facebook Status Updates Guaranteed To Annoy [Opinion]

We start with vaguebooking, a personal pet hate of mine that so many people are guilty of that it’s grown into something of a phenomenon. So much so that I deemed it worthy of its own article here on MakeUseOf a few months ago explaining what it is and why people do it. In a nutshell vaguebooking is posting a status update to Facebook that is intentionally vague in the hopes of eliciting a response.

This is annoying because people don’t generally want to work hard in a conversation. Vaguebooking means the reader has to ask the poster to elucidate, to clarify, to expound on whatever point they were trying (and failing) to make. If you have something to say on Facebook then say it. If not then stay well away. Vaguebooking is doing both; posting an inane comment without committing to it.

Reposting Pictures

facebook update motivational poster   5 Facebook Status Updates Guaranteed To Annoy [Opinion]

We have surely all posted a picture to Facebook by now. If you haven’t then you’re doing something wrong, as pictures are the lifeblood of Facebook, breaking up the endless walls of text. However, posting a photo of yourself is one thing, posting a random funny picture is another, and reposting someone else’s funny picture is another thing altogether.

OK, I admit I’ve done this on occasion. But it’s “on occasion” and only “on occasion.” Some people do this a little too much, and not just with funny pictures either but also inspirational quotes and motivational posters. Doing this occasionally is fun, filling up your timeline with it is tantamount to admitting you have no imagination and need to rely on other people’s to have anything worthy of posting.


facebook update local   5 Facebook Status Updates Guaranteed To Annoy [Opinion]

The Internet has opened the world up an incredible amount. It’s now commonplace to have friends located all around the globe. The MakeUseOf writers are proof of this, being, as they are, located in all four corners of the world. And yet people treat Facebook like it’s a noticeboard hung in the window of their local store, with status updates that will only be of any interest to a handful of people.

Not only is this annoying for the 99 percent of friends who have no clue who, what, or where the poster is talking about, it suggests Facebook is he best place for this kind of notice. Which it clearly isn’t. If you have something to say to people in your local area feel free to use a megaphone to shout your message out of the window, but please don’t sully my news feed.


facebook update private   5 Facebook Status Updates Guaranteed To Annoy [Opinion]

While it may be Mark Zuckerberg‘s intention to help society become more open, some things are surely best said in private. Sadly some people seem to have forgotten this nugget of wisdom when it comes to social networking. I have lost count of the number of private messages I’ve seen sent in full view of other people.

Do people do this knowingly, not actually caring about the fact they’re airing grievances or talking about delicate matters in a public forum? Or is it an accidental slip of the mouse, or an ignorance of which messages are private and which messages are public? Either way it’s very annoying, and just a little embarrassing. Especially when you’re the subject of the private message.

Love, Love, Love

facebook update love   5 Facebook Status Updates Guaranteed To Annoy [Opinion]

It’s never bad to tell someone you love them. But there are a couple of reasons why pronouncements of love on Facebook are annoying. It’s a given that you love your significant other, your kids, your parents, your closest friends, and your menagerie of animals. Which means it’s unnecessary to declare as much on Facebook. It’s as though saying it on Facebook adds weight to its meaning because other people are seeing it.

Why not turn to your partner and tell them you love them. Directly to their face. Surely that is preferable to posting it on Facebook for them and everyone else you know to see. As for the kids, if you’re showing affection for them via Facebook then it suggests a disconnect with the real world that could prove harmful in the longterm. And the animals are happy for as long as you’re feeding them. So please desist.


You’ll notice that I posted the example status updates just to myself. Because I don’t want to be one of the people subjecting my friends to this banality. Oh, and nothing actually happened, Captain Kirk is awesome, the dog is imaginary, I didn’t have a rash, and I don’t have either a wife, kids, or a goldfish.

We’d love to hear your views on any aspect of this subject. Do the five types of status update listed above annoy you as much as they annoy me? Have you yourself ever been guilty of posting any of them to your own Facebook wall? What’s your usual course of action when you encounter one of these annoying status updates? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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What I have noticed on social media, particularly on Facebook is that quite a number of people tend to babble a lot, forgetting they are on a public platform. That said, privacy settings on Facebook are a challenge for a lot of people.

Dave Parrack

I think a lot of people feel the need to say something, anything, and that means some of the status updates are annoying and/or dull!


but then…it sadly happens to Dave only.

Dave Parrack

Daves have all the fun…


I posted a final warning to the worst offenders on my Facebook about these very things. Mainly the Vague-booking. It drives me up the wall (pun not intended).

Dave Parrack

Vaguebooking is the worst in my opinion. Mainly because it’s a growing trend.

Jack Smith

My feed is always full of “I love him/her so much” but nobody ever says who him/her is! Double the annoyance!

Dave Parrack

Oh, that sucks… a love, love, love vaguebooking status update. The humanity!

Luis Gomez

We just had election in Mexico. After several weeks of viewing loads of political posts I just had it. Put in my wall that I was going to block everyone that put more than 5 political posts, I blocked 10 people and Facebook was again barely bearable.

Dave Parrack

Wow, that’s harsh! Good for you though. The U.S. elections are already prompting political status updates and they’re months away!

Luis Gomez

And it will get worst.

About my decision to block people, I was very polite, actually I got more likes than people I blocked.

I unblocked them already, they are still busy with post-election posts, but it’s ok.

Dave Parrack

Ah, just blocking rather than unfriending. I’m not sure I’d have been so level-headed :)


I thought that when you block someone, Facebook automatically unfriends the 2 people involved.


I’ve done this too – some quite close friends got blocked before the UK elections (and unblocked afterwards), and one person got defriended recently because of her relentless (10 in a row sometimes) ultra right-wing US political posts.

Aaron Couch

Dave Parrack

That sums it up perfectly! :)


I actually did never think of that idea of having status updates just for myself only. lol

Dave Parrack

I was kinda surprised myself when I was testing it out lol. You have to wonder why you’d ever want to post something just to yourself!


Agree! :) Could be used as to-do lists. lol


When as app insists that you allow it to post as you you can use the setting so that you don’t annoy anyone else with those posts. I use it a lot for that!


To vent! Especially about annoying posts.


Since I have a friend who posts things like “Reminder to myself to pick up some milk on the way home” well, I REALLY wish she knew about the only you setting.


One of the most annoying things that I see on Facebook is people posting about the food they are making or the pictures of the food. Like yeah good for you… You made dinner!

Dave Parrack

I’d recommend steering clear of Pinterest then. It’s wall to wall ‘Look at my food, isn’t it pretty’ photos :)


I love Pinterest. I am often looking for things to inspire me or for a client, and see things that I would like to save for myself. It saves the page it came from, so I don’t have to have a gazillion bookmarks. I have to admit, I am pretty selfish about it. I never look at other peoples’ boards. Just my own.

Dave Parrack

I must admit I haven’t got into Pinterest yet. It sounds like it’s working great for you though, Andrea :)

james g

i may have been guilty of these things a time or two. if i see them from other people i just skip past them. i dont like or add to the vague booking,its usualy a fight between people that would know the inside scoop. whats wrong with an occasional funny or inspirational photo? i like em. then again im a relatively private person and dont have that many people that post over and over. its all about relativity, if you are a busy person the trivial side of life is annoying. i’d rather see it on facebook then hear about it in person. its much easier to ignore.

Dave Parrack

Everything in moderation, of course. I myself have posted funny or inspirational pics, but I don’t fill my timeline with them. Someone wouldn’t come up to you in real life and show you a funny picture, would they?

Jim g

Only if its on a t-shirt! Lol

Jim g

Only if its on a t-shirt!lol


No, I go to people and show them funny pictures. That’s not true ;)


The vague booking makes me INSANE. I’ve learned to just close the perpetrator’s feeds. It’s the same people who do it repeatedly and 75% of the time they never respond to the queries re what dramatic thing happened.

There is always that handful of followers who add commentary that gives the impression that they know exactly what’s going on, adding to the confusion and implication that though we’re “friends” on facebook, I’m clearly an outsider not privy to the details of the dramatic event.

Most NAUSEATING are the melodramatic responses like “You’re such a brave, independent, beautiful person. You’ll come through this stronger than ever.”


Dave Parrack

Ha, you hit the nail on the head there. It’s rather worrying that the first place they turn for moral support is Facebook.


I find it annoying when someone posts a question on facebook i.e “does any one know where i can get (insert product name)….” or “does anyone know the phone number for the local hair dresser” http://lmgtfy.com/


everyone need commucation


Try actually TALKING to someone!

Chris Lloyd

try http://socialfixer.com for an app that helps

Don Richardson

I fear that we are getting to the stage where people have forgotten how to actually talk to one another, and now regard Facebook as an email, not a broadcast. I have sat at tables where people actually use their mobile texting to talk across the table! Kids seem to be so addicted to texting that they cannot desist even while waiting to pay at the dentist’ counter11 (saw that yesterday) So Facebook seems to be used now just because it’s there, not because they really have anything worth saying, its easier than setting up an email.

Dave Parrack

As much as I like social networks I do feel they are having some negative effects on communication. I hate seeing people texting away while ignoring the people they’re actually sitting with.


OMG – I could not agree more. Infact I’m halfway through writing an article for my blog on the same subject. I have people who have literally called me to ask “Hey, just checking if your facebook status was about me” That’s annoying. And those who just use the stone age Poke feature even now which looks to me like they’re telling me “Hi, I’m naturally annoying, I can’t help it..lolzzzzz” I strongly recommend facebook creates a : Punch, Strangle, Stab or FUCK OFF button to respond to the pokes.

I’m also really tired when people comment on your status to ask you how you are. Like I’m saying hey, I have migraine and my weekend sucks and they’ll be like hey, how are you. coming to betty’s party tonight. WTF. Ugh.


Was your status vague? Is that why they called you asking if it was about them?




The “I love you sooo much” post makes me roll my eyes.. but it’s the people who RESPOND to it with “You two are the cutest!” that makes me wonder, what’s wrong with YOU?!


I also don’t like when people claim they have “the best” of anything. “I’m so lucky I Have the best baby/husband/girlfriend ever”. Its insulting to other people with babies/husbands/girlfriends.


Really? That’s offensive to you?

Shawn Ashree Baba

These are always on my facebook news feed nonstop!


“Much of what people post to Facebook is interesting and, as Ryan conclusively demonstrated in a recent article, often worthy of a response.” This comment is a joke right? Most of what is posted on facebook is mind numbingly boring written by people who have an awful lot of nothing to say. Facebook is a place for people who want to have friends, but are far to stupid to go out into the real world to make any.


I generally appreciate the posts that show up in my news feed because I actively manage it by adjusting the All / Most / Only Important / Unsubscribe From settings on friends’ updates, moving pages from my news feed to interest lists, or unliking pages altogether. But the COMMENTS on Facebook posts… those I can’t control. I typically avoid looking at users’ comments—especially those on page posts rather than my friends’ updates—because the level of stupidity is absolutely brutal. And almost invariably, if I cave to my curiosity and read the comments, I get frustrated, close any/all Facebook tabs, and go to reddit.

Miranda Hargrave

I want to put this on my facebook! lol


I actually deleted my FB account because of the vaguebookers. Unfortunately, a large majority of my “friends” constantly did that and I found myself always wondering what I may have done to upset, anger, cause distress, etc. to these people, when it fact, their vague posts were never about me and most were nonsensical. Call it narcissim or whatever, but I always felt like they are talking to or about me. I used to always comment and ask them what the problem was or how I could help and after awhile quit doing this. After many months of doing this I finally got fed up and just deleted my FB. It’s wasn’t worth the headache.

After about a year only one of these people even noticed that I wasn’t online anymore.

Zoe Melville

You have some shit friends, mate :(