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If you browse the internet on a regular basis (and which Make Use Of reader doesn’t?), it doesn’t take long to stack up a big list of website URL’s that you will want to check up on later. The default bookmarking feature in the Firefox browser only takes you so far, so let’s take a look at some ways to better organize your growing bookmark collection, whether it’s synchronizing with another computer or just accessing the links a little bit easier.

1. Foxmarks : The Add-on Multiple Computer Users Can’t Live Without

Foxmarks LogoDo you have multiple computers or multiple operating systems that use Firefox? If so, you need Foxmarks, a Firefox add-on that automatically synchronizes your bookmarks between multiple computers. It also allows you to access your bookmarks online. This is particularly useful if you often find yourself using public computers where you do not have administrative privileges to install anything. Foxmarks synchronizes your bookmarks by storing them on a remote server. With Foxmarks you no longer have to worry about backing up your bookmarks when reformatting or changing computers. If you are worried about security, there is an option to turn on encryption.

2. Speed Dial : See Thumbnail Views of Multiple Websites On One Page

Speed Dial Logo Do you have a favorite set of websites you check daily? Would you like to be able to see thumbnails of them at the same time? Want to access frequently visited sites using ‘Ctrl+1/2/3/4…’ shortcuts? Speed Dial does just that. You can specify how many thumbnails it should show, organize thumbnails into multiple groups (sort of like tabs) and choose whether you want a thumbnail to be opened in new a tab or window.

Speed Dial is full of options that allow you to customize each thumbnail to your specifications. It even lets you set how often the thumbnail reloads. Speed Dial also provides an import/export feature which allows you to easily setup Speed Dial on multiple computers.

Speed Dial Firefox Extension

3. Delicious Bookmarks : Integrate Account into Firefox Are you a user? This add-on is not the standard button that every member already has. This add-on gives easier access to your bookmarks by integrating them directly into Firefox. You can easily add your existing Firefox bookmarks to and keep all of your bookmarks organized with tags. Also allows you to search your tags from within Firefox.

Integrate into Firefox

4. GMarks: Integrate Google Bookmarks into Firefox

GMarksAre you an avid Google user? GMarks integrates your Google bookmarks right into the Firefox browser. GMarks allows easy migration to and from Google Bookmarks. Gmarks is completely separate from your existing Firefox bookmarks and does not remove or hide them.

5. Smart Bookmarks Bar: Helps Save Space On Your Bookmarks Tool Bar

Smart Bookmarks BarIs your bookmarks toolbar overcrowded? Smart Bookmarks Bar is an add-on that helps ease the clutter by reducing the space each bookmark takes up on the bar. It does this by only showing the icon for each website. If a website does not have a specific icon, you can set one using the Favicon Picker 2 add-on. By default, when you hover your mouse over an icon, the name of that bookmark is shown. There is also a preference that allows you to auto hide the tool bar allowing for even more browser space.


The following Firefox add-ons didn’t quite make our top 5 list, but we thought they were worth mentioning anyway:

To Read Later : This add-on allows you to temporarily bookmark a site so that you can read it later. Check out Mark’s Build an Online Reading List with “Read It Later” for more information.

Bookmark Duplicate Detector : Like the name implies, this add-on will check for duplicate URLs when you add new bookmarks. (WARNING: be sure to back up all of your bookmarks before deleting anything!)

What do you use to keep your bookmarks organized? Let us know in the comments!

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