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virtual boxTry out Android, Windows 8, any live CD and more, on your computer without messing up your bootloader (or worse.) With VirtualBox it’s easy, if you think creatively.

VirtualBox gives you an easy way to create “virtual boxes”, a sort of computer inside your computer you can use to try out new operating systems and learn more about how computers work.  Lachlan Roy’s MakeUseOf manual on VirtualBox explains how to set up Windows XP, Windows 7 and Ubuntu within VirtualBox so you can use those operating systems at any time, without the need to reboot.

Those aren’t the only uses for VirtualBox, though. Here are some creative uses for VirtualBox you probably haven’t considered.

Try Out Windows 8 Right Now

Curious about the future of Windows? You should try out Windows 8, available free as a developer preview.

virtual box

Windows 8 isn’t exactly stable, and doesn’t run perfectly in VirtualBox. With a few tweaks, however, you will get a feel for what Windows will be like come Autumn 2012.


Read more about installing Windows 8 in VirtualBox Try Out Windows 8 In VirtualBox Right Now For Free Try Out Windows 8 In VirtualBox Right Now For Free Are you curious about Windows 8, the upcoming operating system from Microsoft? Try it out in a virtual machine, right now, for free. All you need to do is download the free ISO file and... Read More

Play With Android On Your PC

Thinking of buying an Android device, but wish you could give the operating system a spin before you spend your hard-earned cash? Set up Android in VirtualBox to take a quick test drive. It’s possible thanks to AndroidX86, a port of Android to the PC.

You won’t get the full Android experience – notably, there isn’t access to the Android Marketplace. You will, however, get a feel for the default apps, and the system’s excellent integration with Google services such as Gmail and Google Calendar.

windows virtualbox

Interested? You’ll find instructions for setting up Android in VirtualBox on the AndroidX86 page.

Try Out Any Live CD Without Rebooting

While we’re talking about using VirtualBox to try out different operating systems, don’t feel like you need to install a system in order to try out it. There are hundreds of free live CDs out there that you can easily run, as I point out in my Live CD Manual.

You don’t need to burn a CD and reboot your computer to try them all out, though. With VirtualBox you can simply mount the ISO and boot from within your current operating system, giving you the ability to test every live CD out there. Give it a shot!

Seamlessly Combine Desktops

Do you like VirtualBox, but wish it was easier to work with software in your native operating system and software in your virtual one? You should check out VirtualBox’s seamless mode, which blurs the line between one system and the other.

virtual box

It’s easy to use if you have the VirtualBox guest additions installed already, but read more about VirtualBox’s seamless mode VirtualBox's Seamless Mode: Combine Two Operating Systems Into One Desktop VirtualBox's Seamless Mode: Combine Two Operating Systems Into One Desktop Read More if you’re having trouble.

Create A Virtual Machine From Your Existing Drive

Do you have an old computer you only occasionally boot up to access a particular piece of software? It’s possible to move that entire system to a virtual machine, though it’s not entirely easy. Check out this tutorial on the VirtualBox website and see if this process will work for you.

Alternatively, you could convert your existing hard drive to a Windows Virtual PC drive Create A Virtual Machine Clone of Your Existing Hard Drive [Windows] Create A Virtual Machine Clone of Your Existing Hard Drive [Windows] Read More .


These are, of course, just a few creative uses for a virtual box. Can you think of better ones? Please, grab yourself a drink and discuss. I’ll be here to chat with you in the comments below.

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