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showoffHere at MakeUseOf, we touch on all of the ways that you can make use of your computer to accomplish all of the major goals in your life. One of the most important goals in the lives of many guys is finding someone that he cares about deeply, and who feels the same way about him. The problem with being a geek is that you’re most likely stuck for many hours of the day behind your computer screen. That doesn’t exactly leave a lot of time to meet girls, let alone impress them.

In previous articles I’ve touched on relationships before. For example, I wrote about some uniquely geeky ways to ask someone to marry you on the Internet 5 Geeky Ways To Ask Someone To Marry You On The Internet 5 Geeky Ways To Ask Someone To Marry You On The Internet Read More using Google Maps. The problem again is that you need to meet someone first before you can ask them to marry you. I also covered Randomate 3 Cool Ways To Use Your Webcam For A Live Online Experience 3 Cool Ways To Use Your Webcam For A Live Online Experience Read More , a speed dating service that you can use with your webcam, but maybe you’re not the kind of guy that does the whole speed dating thing.

Well, thanks to Facebook, it no longer matters that you’re in front of the computer most of the day, because you now have an entire world of wonderful, single women at your fingertips. The only remaining problem is, how does a geek get Facebook girls to notice him?

How A Geek Can Get Facebook Girls To Notice Him

There’s one thing that I’ve got to make clear – I’m basing this article on the assumption that you’re looking for a future wife, not a one-night stand. This is important because as girls mature, the things that they consider important typically change. By the time they are in their twenties (or in college), they’ve been through the same sickening cycle so many times with the sort of guys they dated in high school, that by their 20’s they realize the sort of guy they really want to marry.  Not all women, mind you – others come to terms with this very early in their teens.

So what sort of guy is it that women who are ready to settle down really want? Well, having three sisters who have each gone through this cycle, I’ve observed that he’s the sort of guy that:

  • Is confident, can stand up for himself, but is willing to bend sometimes.
  • Can be soft and understanding when the situation demands it (but not all the time!).
  • Truly loves women for their gender, not for their looks (see below).
  • Is exciting and spontaneous at times.
  • Loves kids.

Now, I realize that I’m completely categorizing women in this introduction and many women reading this may take issue with such sweeping generalizations. For that, I apologize, but the goal here is to help geeky guys come to terms with what most women want. Now, at this point in your Facebook experience, you’ve probably amassed a fair number of women from your past already – from high school, college, past jobs, associations and other friends.

facebook tips for geeks

This isn’t like in the 90’s when hardly anyone was using the Internet, and finding an attractive women online was nearly impossible. Today, you’ll find countless women on Facebook who are beautiful, nice, family-oriented and looking for a guy just like you (they perhaps just don’t realize it yet). Many of these women are divorced or single, and actively looking for a good man, even though it may not be apparent on their Facebook profile. So how do you draw their eyes toward you without coming across as arrogant or intrusive?

Tip #1 – Convey Your Healthy Love Of Women

The secret to attracting the attention of these potential dates is by conveying, through your actions and profile updates, exactly what kind of man you are. The idea is to focus on those characteristics of men that they are looking for (see the list above).

For example, if you want them to see how much you love the female gender simply because women are beautiful both inside and out – portray how deeply you feel about your niece or your sisters. Make it obvious that you both love, and are loved, by many other women in your life.

how to hit on girls on facebook

This works mostly because women at this stage in their lives are used to guys boasting about their accomplishments and their skills, but by using your status updates to communicate with affection and kindness to the women already in your life, they’ll spot your status recognize that you’re a pretty sweet guy.  Before long, they’ll wonder if there’s a way they can get any of that sweetness too (especially if there isn’t any in their life at the moment.)

Tip #2 – Show That You’re Adventurous & Fun

While they may be looking for a little stability and a family, there’s always a small voice inside women (and men) that cries out for adventure, mystery and spontaneity. Sometimes they want to be swept up off their feet and whisked away to a secret, secluded hideaway for a romantic weekend. These are the things they dream about, and these are the things that you should portray about yourself. How? Well now that’s where technology comes into play. Sign up with one of the popular photo sharing sites and start posting photos of your trips, no matter how mundane you may think they are.

3 Coolest Ways A Geek Can Get Girls To Notice Him On Facebook  women3

Sharing your photo adventures (even if it’s just a short hiking trip), proves that you get up and get out and explore the world. It shows that you’ve got what it takes to put a bit of spark and excitement in her life.  Want to do one even better? Run a blog to chronicle your adventures and post the updates to your Facebook account!

how to hit on girls on facebook

It’s one thing to see how exciting your life is through your Facebook profile updates, but when you have a blog, it’s even greater proof that you take your excitement and fun very seriously.

Tip #3 – Show How Much You Love Kids

I grew up with three sisters, and I’ve known many of their friends of all ages, and if there’s anything that they all share in common it’s that just about all women rank a respect and love of children as one of the top-ranking criteria for the man they decide to marry. Now, the odds are pretty good that you have someone in your life with children – maybe a brother or sister with kids. Take every opportunity to spend time with them, and take lots of snapshots. Obviously these won’t be fabricated photos (because you really do love kids don’t you?) – but they will be proof positive of how much you do love spending time with, and playing with, kids. Show how much of a kid at heart you really are.

how to hit on girls on facebook

It’s like a force of nature – a law of physics – if you’re near either little kids or puppies, before you know it there will be a crowd of women around you. It’s the God’s honest truth. I don’t make the rules, I’m just helping you understand them so that you can turn your Facebook account into a magnet to attract the kind of women that you want.

I am not suggesting that you present yourself as something that you’re not – but if you have all of these great characteristics, you should be portraying them on your Facebook profile!  Trust me, if you follow these three basic techniques for updating your Facebook account, before you know it you’ll have single women asking you for your phone number.

If you don’t believe me, try it, and then come back here to share your success stories in the comments section below!

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