5 Cool Ways To Make a Velcro Mount To Store Electronic Equipment

Adhesive Velcro Spots 01   5 Cool Ways To Make a Velcro Mount To Store Electronic EquipmentVelcro was invented by a Swiss engineer who couldn’t help but discover a good use for the nasty burrs of burdock that would stick to his clothes and his dog’s fur after hunting trips. He examined the burrs under a microscope and saw hundreds of hooks. The name Velcro is a made-up word based on two French words: velours and crochet (hook).

The other day I picked up some adhesive Velcro spots in black and white at a local shop. After writing my recent article on how to clean up cable clutter I had a couple of ideas for how to use them and the Internet gave me several more. I found that Velcro isn’t just a cheap zipper alternative – it’s a much underestimated product with many great uses.

Fix The Remote Control

A few weeks ago I damaged my laptop’s external monitor when my backpack with the laptop in it hit the ground. I had slipped on an icy sidewalk. The laptop still worked perfectly fine, so I went to buy an external monitor. Since I pay for both cable and public TV, despite not owning a TV, I decided to get an HDTV as my external monitor. The remote control it came with has lived an unappreciated life on my desk ever since and was the main reason I picked up the adhesive Velcro spots.

I stuck two Velcro spots on the backside of the remote control, one on each end. I also attached the counterpart.

TV Remote Control   5 Cool Ways To Make a Velcro Mount To Store Electronic Equipment

I took the remote control and placed it on the side of the monitor, making the adhesive side of the counterpart stick to it. Then I peeled off the remote control, splitting the Velcro, and made sure the counterpart firmly stuck to the monitor.

Velcro and Remote Control   5 Cool Ways To Make a Velcro Mount To Store Electronic Equipment

Finally, the remote has its place and isn’t in the way anymore.

Mount Your Tablet Or Phone

My kitchen is pretty big, but there is never a safe space for the tablet and I usually bake or cook with recipes from the Internet. Velcro was the solution; I decided to use the velcro mount to affix the tablet on a kitchen cabinet door.

Just a few adhesive Velcro spots on its back (I used 5 in total)….

Adhesive Velcro Spot on Tablet   5 Cool Ways To Make a Velcro Mount To Store Electronic Equipment

…and counterparts stuck to the cabinet using the method described above…

Adhesive Velcro Spots on Kitchen Cabinet Door   5 Cool Ways To Make a Velcro Mount To Store Electronic Equipment

…and I now have a safe space to place the tablet in my kitchen. Make sure you use industrial-strength Velcro or enough strips or spots to really support the weight of whatever you are trying to mount.

Kitchen Cabinet Door with Tablet   5 Cool Ways To Make a Velcro Mount To Store Electronic Equipment

Oh yeah, I also used Velcro for the spice grinders in the top left.

Admittedly, the Velcro mount looks a little odd when the tablet isn’t mounted. However, you can easily cover it up. I haven’t decided what I will use yet, but ideas include a small whiteboard, a picture, a calendar, or seasonal decoration. I’m pragmatic, so I’ll probably go with the whiteboard or calendar.

We have mentioned Velcro in a previous article about 5 Cool Things You Can Do With Your Old iPad After Upgrading in which my colleague Matt suggested to turn the iPad into a picture frame. Much the same way you can mount your tablet on the dashboard of your car or in other cool locations. Find some more suggestions in the video below.

Oren found that Velcro strips work great to mount a tablet on airplane seats. As a counterpart you can use the small patch of Velcro that holds the headrest cover from the passenger sitting in front of you. Oren posted detailed instructions on Instructables.

Airplane Tablet Mount with Velcro   5 Cool Ways To Make a Velcro Mount To Store Electronic Equipment

Mount Your External Hard Drive

With some industrial strength Velcro, you could mount your external hard drive under your desk, like Kevin from Apartment Therapy has done. I have done this with one of my older external hard drives, which I used to store downloads, movies, and other stuff I don’t really need to keep forever.

Hard Drive Mounted Underneath Table with Velcro   5 Cool Ways To Make a Velcro Mount To Store Electronic Equipment

In the back you can see the router I mounted using double-sided tape, but I replaced it with Velcro in the meantime.

Make Your Own Velcro Ties

Most power adapters come with Velcro ties to keep the cord together. You can make your own Velcro ties to bundle cables or strap them to other objects. Simply take a longer fuzzy strap and a short hook strap (non-adhesive ones), attach them to each other with ends overlapping, stitch or staple in place, and voilà, your Velcro tie is done. Detailed instructions with pictures can be found on Instructables.

Do It Yourself Velcro Cable Tie   5 Cool Ways To Make a Velcro Mount To Store Electronic Equipment


Velcro, an invention inspired by nature, has a lot of practical and creative uses. Its best feature is that it is flexible and can be used universally on almost any item, either by sticking or sewing into place. Simple solutions are often the best. And who invented it?

Do you have any cool ideas for Velcro mounts? Please share!

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Catherine M

Have used velcro to hold many electronics in places where WE WANT THEM. Just a few examples of where we attach our android tablet: ~ to our recumbent exercise bike to read articles while pedling ~ to the microphone stand to have music scroll up screen as we sing on stage ~ to the wall in our bathroom to watch movies while soaking. I agree about using industrial strength velcro.


Not only use industrial strength Velcro but also check every so often that it hasn’t picked up kruft. Over time the little hooks pick up stray lint and threads which will lead to loss of grip. That tablet mounted on the cabinet could wind up getting mixed up with the carrots. :-)

Chris Marcoe

Is kruft the actual name of that stuff that fouls the hooks?

Well, after looking it up, I’ll leave it to others to actually go looking for themselves. Because that’s just not right. (Caution, the kruft definition is slightly NSFL)


If you wish to believe the scatological meaning, that is up to you. You might have the same problem with the word “crap”. Both words could also mean “junk”. No, not the kind of junk in a junk yard.

Bob Patterson

I velcroed my portable DVD player’s remote to its lid, so I don’t lose it.
Velcro also sticks my cell phone to my car’s dash and to my desk hutch.

Nevzat A

It’s amazing to see such useful things to do with such a simple gadget :)

Chris Marcoe

2 things…

I mount my Raspberry Pi and its powered USB hub under my computer desk, in the same manner that you mounted the external HD, for easy access and to get it out of the way.

I remember when my Army unit was training to deploy to Iraq, I gave a class, repeatedly, about putting on our chemical protective suits. The suits have many many velcro fasteners on them. Pockets, zipper covers, and other area. While I was giving the class, I was told that I was not allowed to use the work Velcro, which is the name that everyone knows it by. I had to use the name “hook and pile”. When I would say that, the soldiers would look at me and say: What?”. To which I would point out the velcro and they would say: “Oh, you mean velcro…”

Tina Sieber

Well, Velcro is also a brand name, so I guess that’s why you were asked not to use it.

Chris Marcoe

That is exactly it.

Mike Davis

Velcro how you say what you are using, when you talking about your pockets on your army uniform, all the units I was in talked about Velcro when we tied computer cables it was with velcro and we use the word so we all knew what we were talking about.

Chris Marcoe

It is possible they have come to their senses by now. It was before OIF1 that I was training troops.


By now Velcro has joined kleenex, coke, xerox, etc. in the vernacular as a generic term for the item/activity.

Keith S

Hmmm! This is kinda’ CRAFTY wouldn’t you say?! Who cares, guys, I LIKES IT! Thanks Tina & muo.com!

Humpster Sameasabove

great tips on uses of Velcro, guess i’ll have to makeuseof them haha

Robert is Velcro Tape

5 Cool Ways To Make a Velcro Mount To Store Electronic Equipment is easy to use and amazing