5 Cool DIY Ways To Keep Your Laptop Cool

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diy ways to keep laptop coolLaptops these days can work pretty hard to keep up with our demands. It’s not surprising that so many of us complain about laptops overheating when we use them for gaming or other intense activities.

Whether you’re looking for a quick DIY laptop cooling solution, a permanent home-made laptop cooler that will cool even the most over-worked laptop or just a laptop cooler that looks awesome, the Internet has something for you. Some come with full instructions, others with just some vague guidelines and a video of theirs in action.  Hopefully this post will help you find the perfect way to keep your laptop cool.

Type 1 – The Shiny LED Laptop Cooler

These designs look great with the LEDs and usually come with many fans attached to a permanent structure of some sort. If none of these designs take your fancy, you could build a laptop cooling stand using a design from type 2 (below) and adding in LEDs, since that’s essentially what these are.

“Homemade” Laptop Cooling System

This design is simple, but very effective. The fans chosen actually have LEDs in them.

diy ways to keep laptop cool

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DIY Laptop Cooler

This instructable has all the details you need to build your own active laptop cooler using fans with LEDs in them.

Insane Laptop Cooler

This laptop cooler comes with no instructions, but shows you how you might use a mixture of fans and LEDs to create an excellent laptop cooler.

Type 2 – The Basic Sturdy Fan Structure

The myriad ways to attach fans to a laptop stand and cool your laptop with minimal fuss. This active laptop cooling method uses fans to blow cool air under (or hot air out from under) your laptop. What material have you got on hand – acrylic? PVC?  Plastic? Wood? Here’s some great cooling ideas you’ll love!

DIY: Laptop Cooling Pads

If you’re any good with metalwork, this cooler will be a cinch “” Drill a few holes, attach some fans and bend it into the perfect laptop stand.

laptop cool

Custom Built Laptop Cooling System

This is an idea for maximum cooling efficiency. This is really an exhaust system for your laptop.

laptop cool

How To Make A Laptop Cooling Stand

This stand has true elegance and simplicity. If you’ve got the tools to work with acrylic sheets, this is a simple stand you could be proud of.

laptop cool

How To Make A Laptop Cooling Pad With 5 Fans

Here’s an industrial-strength cooling pad, using five fans and a sturdy metal frame. The creator goes into details in the voice-over.

HOW-TO: Laptop Cooler For Under $5!

This is a nice cheap idea, creating a USB-powered cooling stand using a basic black folder and a few fans he rescued from elsewhere.

Type 3 – Water-Cooled Laptop Coolers

For the dedicated DIYer willing to risk mixing water and electronics (not advised), here’s a water-cooled cooling stand. This is another form of active laptop cooling, by using the water to move the heat elsewhere and cool it down.

Watercooling A Laptop On The Cheap

Water-cooling a laptop is quite an involved project and if you don’t get it right it could be very dangerous. Don’t say you weren’t warned!

best way to keep laptop cool

Type 4 – Cardboard Laptop Stands

If money is an issue or you just need something temporary, check out these great cardboard stands to cool your laptop. Some are active and work by having fans attached, while others are merely a passive cooling pad to keep your laptop raised off the table.

DIY Super Budget Laptop Cooler

Here’s a simple USB-powered fan cooler which uses a shoebox for the stand structure.

best way to keep laptop cool

DIY Laptop Cooler With Awesome Temperature Readings *Tutorial*

Here’s a basic cardboard stand and fan design, which plugs into a wall socket.

best way to keep laptop cool

Build A Cooling Pad For Your Laptop

Here’s a no-fuss cardboard stand to simply allow passive airflow beneath your laptop.

diy ways to keep laptop cool

Type 5 – Quickest DIY Way To Keep Your Laptop Cool EVER!

An unbelievably simple passive laptop cooling idea: use plastic bottle tops and a basic adhesive tack. Also try corks or erasers stuck to the bottom of your laptop for a quick DIY cooling fix.

Cheapest Laptop Cooler In The World!

Too easy! You won’t believe you never thought of this before.

More Great Laptop Ideas

If you want some great ideas for keeping your laptop in good health or looking awesome, check out these posts:

Which DIY laptop cooler do you like best? Do you know of any other great hacks? What have you done to cool your laptop? Let us know in the comments!

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