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The browser has come a long way since its humble beginnings in the 1990’s with Nexus, Mosaic, and Netscape Navigator. Not to mention Internet Explorer. Over the years, the browser has improved tremendously, and now as well as Internet Explorer, we also have Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Tor, and many others.

Chrome though seems to be leading the way with its HTML5 Get Started With HTML5 Get Started With HTML5 You’ve heard of HTML5. Everybody is using it. It's being heralded as the savior of the Internet, allowing people to create rich, engaging web pages without resorting to using Flash and Shockwave. Read More experiments, showcasing exactly what the browser is capable of, and more. Below are 5 Chrome experiments you should check out, two of which require the use of your smartphone as well, showcasing the potential of that tiny computer in your pocket.

Kick With Chrome

This is a football game solely played on your smartphone. Just choose your country, and then tilt the phone to move the ball. There are also two other games here – Space Kick and Shootout.

3D City

Ever wanted to make your own 3D city in your browser? Well it’s your lucky day because now you can. You can choose between three levels, and simply click to add roads, buildings, and everything else you need to construct a bustling metropolis. All you need now is your own Batman to deal with all the crime.


Tetris fans will be overjoyed to know that you can also play a 3D Tetris game. It takes a while to get a hang of the keyboard controls but when you do, this is a great addictive game. It will make you want to break out the Gameboy to recreate the original experience.


This is even more fun and addictive, and requires your smartphone to link and sync to your browser (full instructions are provided on the site). The object of the game is to swing the phone forward which makes a coin fly toward the numbered areas at the back. Obviously, the object is to aim for the 100 containers at the back.

House Configurator

Never let it be said that we neglect the Chrome-using housebuilders that read MakeUseOf. House Configurator is a Chrome experiment which lets you build your ideal house — whether you intend to build it or whether you want to dream about it! Add the doors, windows, stairs, and suddenly you will have your castle standing before you.

Which Chrome experiments Play, Learn & Experience New Web Technologies With Chrome Experiments Play, Learn & Experience New Web Technologies With Chrome Experiments The Chrome Experiments website is a showcase for all things new and exciting when it comes to web technologies and browser advancements, with a focus on JavaScript. HTML5, canvas, SVG and the 3D WebGL engine... Read More have impressed you the most? Let us know in the comments.

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