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What’s your preferred Android camera app? Perhaps you’re a fan of the stock camera, or maybe you migrated to the new Google Camera Google Camera: The Official Vision for An Android Camera App Google Camera: The Official Vision for An Android Camera App Today I'd like to tell you about a camera app that doesn't do very much -- by design. You should still try it, though, because it comes direct from Google. Read More when you upgraded to Android 5.0 Lollipop (or use it on an older device How To Get The Updated Google Camera App On Jelly Bean Android Devices How To Get The Updated Google Camera App On Jelly Bean Android Devices For those with older gadgets, I bring great news: You can install Google Camera on any Jelly Bean device. It only requires a few extra special steps. Read More ).

You might even use Instagram or Snapchat 7 Reasons Snapchat is a Teenager's Favourite Social Network 7 Reasons Snapchat is a Teenager's Favourite Social Network The latest craze amongst the adults of the future is the secretive photo-sharing service Snapchat. Why do they love it? Read More as your main camera app.

But does your Android camera really do all the things that you want it to? Does it offer a fast UI, include complete editing tools, built-in filters, cloud storage, sharing and over ten modes including tilt shift and selfie?

We’re willing to bet the answer is no, unless you’re already using a Camera360 Ultimate-compatible Android device (2.3 Gingerbread and up). I’ve spent a quite a while using this app and found 5 great ways to create impressive, stunning photos with absolute ease.


Take Easy Selfies

Are you a selfie-holic? Camera360 Ultimate’s interface features two main options, Effect Camera and Selfie, enabling you to easily launch into a dedicated mode. From here, all you need to do is hold up the camera, pout, and tap the yellow button to capture the image.


But there’s more.

As with all camera modes, the bottom-right corner of the display hides further options, which can be applied before the photo is captured or after. Tap the collection of five colored discs to open the filters, specially selected for taking selfies. Options like Glossy, Light, Deep, etc., can be applied, changing your self-portrait from average to exceptional with a single tap.


Camera360 Ultimate has some settings — available via the menu in the top-right of all camera modes — that you should enable to aid with taking selfies. In Settings > Advanced Settings go to the Camera section to enable Auto under Selfie camera save mode to save time and avoid losing selfies you’re happy with. Also, tap More to set the Volume key function to Capture, unless you plan on using the zoom feature a lot.

As with all snaps, your selfies will be saved to the Camera360 Ultimate album, available on the app’s main screen.

Add Emphasis with Tilt Shift

Long gone are the days when you needed Adobe Photoshop or other image processing tools to create a tilt shift effect How To Make Your Own Tilt Shift Scenes In Photoshop How To Make Your Own Tilt Shift Scenes In Photoshop Read More . Since the effect gained in popularity, the ability to make scenes look as if they’re features of a model village has been included in a variety of apps 5 Ways to Tilt-Shift Your Photos for Model-tastic Mockups 5 Ways to Tilt-Shift Your Photos for Model-tastic Mockups Read More as a preset.


Camera360 Ultimate is no different, and as a user of tilt shift for the first time, I also learned a thing or two about it. In this app, tilt shift is one of the additional camera modes, which must be opened via Explore. From here, scroll right, then tap the camera icon on the Tilt Shift option to use it.


The display will instruct you to move your finger left and right to reposition the focus on the Tilt Shift mode. Basically, the tighter the field, the better the results, but you need to make sure that there is nothing in the foreground; similarly, the subject should not be too far away.

It’s very easy to get a tilt shift photo wrong, so keep the foreground free of distraction and stay within 50 feet of what you’re photographing.

Timed Photos & Videos

Snapping photos and capturing videos that you would like to be in can be tricky, unless you opt for selfies. The alternative is a timer, but sadly not all camera apps offer a timed photo function, and fewer enable a timed option for recording videos.


The timer can be activated in all camera modes, which enables you to place the camera somewhere safe and flat, tap the timer button in the camera menu (3, 5, and 10 second delays are possible if the option is activated) and get yourself into position before the photo is snapped or the video recorded.

Create Awesome Instagram-Style Results

While the secret of Instagram’s ongoing success is its passionate user community, there would be no community if it wasn’t for the filters. However, it doesn’t offer all that many, does it? Camera360 Ultimate, on the other hand, does, with over 200 effects on offer.

To get ready for snapping and uploading photos to Instagram, open the Effect Camera screen menu and enable Square. This enables you to capture the image you want without cropping later. You’ll notice that along with the usual filters in the bottom-right corner, the Effect Camera also has a more detailed set of options that can be activated by sweeping your finger from the edge of the screen.

Meanwhile, filters can be cycled through by swiping your finger up or down on the viewfinder/preview. Take a look at the snaps below to get an idea of the types of photos you can create with these filters.


And don’t forget, once you’ve applied your filter you can upload to Instagram (assuming you have it installed!) using the Android sharing tool.

For the best results, don’t add a second filter in Instagram. If you snapped photos without cropping and using the Effect Camera, don’t worry. You can edit and modify by opening the gallery, selecting the photo you would like to use, and tapping the Edit option.

Create Photos with Sound

We usually associate sound with moving images (also known as videos, just in case you’re still distracted by the subheading), but Camera360 Ultimate offers a very useful mode, Audio Camera, which captures a standard still photo along with any sound that the subject is making.


Unfortunately, sharing these snaps isn’t really an option, so we suggest you only use this feature if you’re able to share the results with friends via TV or monitor, either using mirroring through Google Chromecast Google Chromecast vs. Android TV Stick - Which Should You Buy? Google Chromecast vs. Android TV Stick - Which Should You Buy? What exactly is the difference between a Google Chromecast and a generic Android Mini PC stick? Read More or by connecting your phone to a HDMI display Droid Meets HDMI: How (and Why) to Connect Your Android Phone to Your TV Droid Meets HDMI: How (and Why) to Connect Your Android Phone to Your TV Connecting your Android phone or tablet to your TV via HDMI is an easy way to enjoy your content on the big screen. Read More .

Camera360 Ultimate is probably the best third-party camera app out there at the moment. While it can be slightly frustrating to have to open some cameras via a sub-menu rather than jump to them automatically, the wealth of options on offer makes it an app that you should certainly add to the top of your list of Android cameras.

What Are Your Favorite Camera Tricks?

Do you have a preferred camera app? Did we miss a trick in Camera360 Ultimate? Tell us in the comments.

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