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eMail Contacts for Productivity A bunch of really useful email contacts: PDF converter, invisible personal assistant, scanner (for real), quick document sharing, and an excellent group conversation starter.


Koolwire is a simple, no-login required PDF conversion service. Simply send the document (DOC, PPT, XLS, JPEG, GIF, RTF, and TXT.) to “˜’ and shortly after get it back as PDF.

(2) lets you create so called drops and use them as private file storage boxes. Drops can be shared with others on a variety of access levels (viewer, contributor, etc.). Best of all, each drop gets its own email address, so everything emailed to that email will be added to the drop.

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If you sign-up with Scanr you will be able to use your mobile or digicam as a scanner. You can send it a blurry capture of your notes and you will get back a cleaned up, decrapified and even OCRed PDF version of your image. (Register before)


9cays is a very cool service that allows you start group email conversations by emailing your thread to Add participants by adding them to ‘Cc:’ field. Best part about it, all exchanged messages (and attachments) will be nicely embedded on a custom webpage. (Register before)


An invisible personal assistant that sits in your email program. You can ask it to remind you about something, or even help you organize meetings with friends. (Register before)

  • Schedule Reminders: Hey Sandy, remind me to do my laundry on Sunday. or Sandy, remember my haircut on 11/4 3-4pm.
  • Group Reminders: Just add others to ‘Cc:’ and reminders will be sent to everyone on the list.
  • Daily Digest: Morning email with everything you’ve got going for the day.

Got any another useful email contact? Share it in comments ;-)

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