5 Computer Hardware Review Sites For The PC Enthusiast

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Whether you are looking into building a new computer or just like to keep up with the latest in computer hardware, the internet provides a whole smörgÃ¥sbord of options when it comes to computer hardware reviews.  Here, you will see some of the better, more reliable sites on the internet.

A few things must be considered when looking at computer hardware review sites.  First, quality.  Are the reviews useful and balanced?  Second, quantity.  How much of the current hardware does the site review?  Third, method. 

Does the review give evidence like benchmarks and comparisons, or does the reviewer go on their feelings?

Most people’s first instinct would be to just Google the name of a component when they want to see what people think of a it.¬† This method works fine if you just testing the waters or you already know which sites know what they are talking about and which don’t. However, if you don’t have a component in mind and are just starting out, or are new to the computer hardware review world and don’t know which sites have good reviews; this list should get you started.

Let’s get to it.

Tom’s Hardware Reviews

Tom’s Hardware Reviews is a UK-based review site.¬† I have relied on them many times to get good, honest reviews. Their site is offered in a bunch of languages, making it a great resource for non-English speakers.

The reviews are thorough and give a good feel for the hardware.  Reviews provide technical specs, benchmarks, and nice comparisons with alternatives.

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On top of what you’d expect, Tom’s Hardware Reviews also has a number of features useful to someone just starting out looking at hardware.¬† Some examples are monthly looks at best values in several areas including CPUs and Graphics Cards.

Overall, Tom’s site is nice, but does have some shortcomings.¬† Although everything is nicely organized on the site, it is sometimes difficult to find exactly what you are looking for.¬† A search doesn’t always bring up an exact component and a little digging is required.¬† I find this to be an uncommon issue, but felt it should be mentioned.

Overclockers Club

Overclockers Club is another great resource.¬† Like Tom’s, the site provides reviews of all sorts of computer hardware, but also has some nice guides for a beginner overclocker.¬† You can access the guides by clicking “Guides” in the top navigation bar.

Overclockers Club is laid out in a very fluid way, making finding an article easy as pie.¬† If you just click “Reviews” at the top, you are given a list of reviews in chronological order.

If you are looking for a particular piece of hardware, you can just search for it and it comes right up with what you’re looking for.

The reviews are quite good.  They provide a lot benchmarks and explain them in context.

They give a nice feel for all aspects of a component, even down to how they look and feel physically.

Overclockers Club does not suffer from the issue I found with Tom’s.¬† Searches always seem to return just what I am looking for.


HardOCP is another great computer hardware review site.¬† What I like about this site is it’s overall layout.¬† Instead of a traditional navigation bar, the site has a drop down menu with the links to the other sections of the site.

This helps keep the page nice looking and uncluttered.

The reviews on the site are well done, providing great information on all sorts of computer hardware, including harder to find things like water cooling systems.¬† They even have a very goofy “Miscellaneous” section which provides reviews of anything from solid state drives to eyeglasses.

Another nice feature of the articles is a good level of humor that keeps you entertained while reading what could quickly become a very dry topic.

Some reviews do not provide as many benchmarks as I would like to see.¬† For this reason, I wouldn’t rely on just HardOCP for my reviews, but definitely use it as a great supplement.

Legion Hardware

Yet another great review site, Legion Hardware should be a stop on the path of anyone looking into computer hardware.  This site has a lot going for it, including the best organization style of any site I have seen as of yet.

First, when you click “Hardware” at the top, you are brought to a page that lists the different sections very clearly.

Then, when you navigate to the type of hardware your looking for; all of the reviews are listed in such a way so that finding a particular card is extremely simple.

The articles can be sorted in a bunch of different ways, making it even easier to get to the particular article you are looking for.

The reviews on Legion Hardware are of superb quality, providing a good number of benchmarks and describing all aspects of a piece of hardware.  Also, they have a good database of articles, so it should not be hard to find what you are looking for on their site.

Hardware Canucks

The last review site I will list is Hardware Canucks, a Canadian-based site.  This site has a large number of review sections, even including things like consumer electronics.

The reviews are quite good, providing a lot of benchmarks, which are always good when looking to buy hardware.

The search feature works very well, bringing up exactly what you are looking for without any hassle.

A built in “Price Compare” feature is also good and helps differentiate Hardware Canucks from other review sites.

Of course, these are not the be-all-end-all of review sites.  Everyone has their personal favorite website for one reason or another.  All of these sites are great both for a beginner, just getting into hardware, or a seasoned veteran trying to keep up with the latest technology.

Know any other great review sites?  Let us know in the comments below.

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No Newegg.com seriously?

Mike Fagan

I tried to focus on sites that were dedicated to reviews, rather than having user reviews, but newegg.com is a nice resource though.



Thnku .. this will definately help me ..

Mike Fagan

No problem!



Newegg.com is not a review site. Tom’s hardware is the best.



I’m missing anandtech and xbitlabs in the list.. Far better than tomshardware. I used to be a toms-follower since the early days but I have since left as they have become biased to a certain degree. Their benchmarks have not always been objective and neutral.



Really those where your top choices? How can you have a list like this without Anandtech? or Guru3d? or Xbit labs? Or hell if your any kinda pc gaming/hardware enthusiast how can you not have firingsquad? all in all missing some of the best sites for real enthusiast information.


I agree, no anandtech or firingsquad? WTF?

Mike Fagan

I chose these sites based on my personal opinion and what I have found through my own research. I do not mean to say this list is the be all end all, but I do feel that it is a good starting point for someone wanting to get into computer hardware and a nice list of places for a veteran to check out if they haven’t already.


John Mathers

I’ve always liked http://www.Hexus.net too for the latest news and http://www.eteknix.com because they do video reviews, so much easier than reading through pages of text.

Mike Fagan

Video reviews are nice, thanks for the additions!


Mithun John Jacob

Excellent list !

Mike Fagan







No Anandtech, Legit Reviews, or PCPer? Those are some of the biggest and best sites out there. Weak list IMO. Tip for the noon writer, do some research first or title it as an opinion article.

Mike Fagan

I did do my research and this was an opinion piece. I picked out 5 sites from the sea of available sites on the internet that I traffic and think would be helpful to point out to others.


Dustin Harper

Tom’s Hardware isn’t really that great. You’ll find they have a lot of bias towards certain companies.

HardOCP leaves out a few benchmarks due to their non-real world relevance. Why buy a video card that smashes benchmarks, but can’t really play a game that great… :)

Mike Fagan

These are good points to keep in mind that I didn’t come across in my use of the sites. Thanks!



Excellent, I have visited the sites you mentioned and they all are very good for anybody, novice to expert. I have bookmarked this page for future refrence

Mike Fagan

I’m glad I was able to help.



Anand is far to technical for a majority of users,
They are great for the hardcore and tech savvy, but they are a heavy read and not good for product research.

Also they have begun to focus a lot of reviewing “technologies” and other things like camera’s rather than pure hardware reviews.

Tom’s is a great all around website, for tech news, product research and technical articles, but they definitely aren’t as indepth as a lot of smaller ones.

Another good one is the techreport.com – Good wedbsite, lots of info daily and I really enjoy their podcast.

Hardware Canucks is my favorite for reviews and they take the best pictures! Always a ton of information, great writing and very analytical



I agree with the comments above. anandtech.com is a very informative and professional site that certainly deserves to be in any top five tech reviews list. They have very detailed reviews.

Guru3d, Xbit labs and Firingsquad also deserve to be in here. I know that anandtech and firingsquad have been around at least since 1998 and have been a very good source of information.

Mike Fagan

Those are all good sites also. I did not set out to list the top 5 best hardware review sites, but rather list 5 that, in my opinion, would be helpful to someone looking to research computer hardware.



Anandtech and Hardware Secrets



http://www.TechReport.com blows all of these sites out of the water. Toms hardware SUCKS.


Mike Fagan

Glad to help.



i know and use all of these website when searching for gaming products



No Anandtech or TechReport? Useless.



Mike gave us a good list so what if there’s no Anandtech, etc? He just gave a starting point why bash the guy? Give him a break already.



The Tech Report http://www.techreport.com has the most exhaustive and authoritative hardware reviews out there. Far more balanced than Tom’s or [H]. And yes, they have the nifty price-comparison tools and a great community of regular enthusiasts who keep the editors honest and offer help to advice-seekers.

Mike Fagan

Thanks for the heads up!



Good list, good job !

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