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For me, the iPhone is a constant companion. I might say that the device itself is something I can’t live without, whether I like it or not. In general, having the iPhone with me 24/7 has been a good thing. After all, when I need to disconnect, there is always airplane mode.

Recently, I moved all my apps around so that the most used apps are all on the home screen. Surprisingly, many of the apps that ended up there are free. I say surprisingly because I’ve bought quite a few apps in the past few years.

This little exercise in efficiency made me wonder what the best free iPhone apps were for others. So here I ask: What are the 5 iPhone apps you can’t live without?

I will start things off by sharing the best 5 free iPhone apps that I can’t live without.

Skype [iTunes Link]

best free iPhone apps

Many people I communicate with are die-hard Skype fans. So primarily it’s important for me to connect with them using a medium where they feel comfortable.


When I’m on the MacBook Pro, I generally have a Skype session open with several threads of conversation going. It’s great to continue those conversations as I step away into iPhone land.

I also appreciate and use the international calling features; however, that is not free. If you don’t have a Skype-In phone number, check out this post How To Get A Skype-In Phone Number For Free How To Get A Skype-In Phone Number For Free Read More to get one free.

Google Voice

best free iPhone apps

While not an official app, the new HTML 5 version of Google Voice gets the job done. I recommend that you make the app into an icon that resides on your home screen; when you go to the Google Voice page on your iPhone a small pop up appears that offers this option.

About 3 months ago I made Google Voice my primary number and most times, I forward those calls to the iPhone. Before this app, it was painful to make outgoing calls. Now it’s just a simple as making a call via the native iPhone phone app.

You can also send SMS messages, turn on the “Do not disturb” feature and change various other settings. I also like the ability to view your inbox and listen to voice mails (especially since the voice to text feature is still abysmal).

Lose It! [iTunes Link]

best iPhone apps

I am still amazed that this app is actually free. I suggest you download it now before that changes. As the name implies, this app helps you “lose it” and by “it”, they mean weight.

This app helps me keep track of my weight over time and ties that data with a diet log. There is a large database of pre-selected foods with the availability to add custom foods. You can also add what exercises you completed throughout the day and Lose It! will offset your daily budget of calories accordingly.

Recently, they added a feature where you can join up with friends on your quest to Lose It!

WordPress 2 [iTunes Link]

iphone apps free

As a blogger, it is important for me to be able to respond to commenters when ever I can and make edits on the road when necessary. Usually the kinds of questions I get – especially the solution-based posts – are time sensitive and I know how important it is to respond quickly when someone is looking for an answer.

This app is also a good tool to store future blog ideas. Simply type in the title and perhaps a bit of brainstormed notes and save as a draft to be completed when you get to your main computer.

AppMiner [iTunes Link]

iphone apps free

If you love free quality apps like I do, then grab this app right now and begin to smile. Granted, many of the apps I find here are garbage, so here are the methods I use to find the good stuff:

Method 1: Click the “Sale” tab and look for apps listed in the “Top” section and then click the “Free” tab.

Method 2: Search for the app you wish to buy on sale or free and then “watch” it. Then periodically check the “watch” tab for hopefully a good deal in the future.

You will also want to check out FreeAppAlert to find free apps and receive alerts via Twitter or RSS.

Your Apps!

Please take some time and share your “can’t live without” apps with us. Make sure the app is free and not one of the default apps that come pre-installed with the iPhone. Thanks!

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