5 Awesome Games That Make PlayStation Plus Worth The Price [MUO Gaming]

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playstation plus gamesI recently wrote an article about the biggest rip offs in the history of video games. In it, I was quick to point out that Microsoft charges $60 a year for a service that simply grants players the ability to play games online and a few other little perks. Sony, on the other hand, has an incredible service called PlayStation Plus that costs $50 a year, and gives users some cool extras, while playing games online remains free.

PlayStation Plus offers incredible features such as exclusive demos, deals on PlayStation Store items, 1GB of cloud saves, trials of full games, and early access to stuff on PSN. It’s a nice little service, and all the features are optional, so a gamer can enjoy PSN without needing to buy the service. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, PlayStation Plus subscribers also get a pile of free games, with more added every month.

For $50 a year, it’s hard to go wrong, and the following Playstation Plus games make it an incredible value, with the extra features serving as a juicy bonus.

Infamous 2

Infamous 2 does not do too much to change the formula that made the first one so good. You still play as Cole as he goes through missions using his insane super powers. You can still choose to be good or bad as you run your way through the game, and you can still have a blast running around the city blowing up everything that crosses your path.

playstation plus games

I’ve always thought the best way to describe Infamous is that it is Grand Theft Auto with super human powers. The same holds true for Infamous 2. Not only is a ton of fun, but the game is moderately long, and Amazon still sells it for around $20, so it makes a good portion of the value PlayStation Plus subscribers get for their $50.

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Little Big Planet 2

I love Little Big Planet, which I have made no secret of before. It features some of the best user-generated content ever in a video game. The sequel ramps up the creativity by adding a lot of tools that allow creators to expand the gameplay well beyond the simple platforming of the first release.

playstation plus games list

The tone and feel of Little Big Planet remain unchanged in the sequel, and that’s a good thing. It’s a game that makes you feel good, and sometimes that’s a great way to break out of the “kill everyone” mentality that so prevalent in gaming. Amazon still lists Little Big Planet 2 for a little over $20, so again, getting it as part of a $50 a year subscription is a great value.


Here is another game that retails for about $20, and PlayStation Plus subscribers get to download it free. This game is often compared to Legend of Zelda, and as any hardcore gamer knows, that is some seriously high praise. It features a similar gameplay formula to that of Zelda, and it one of the better sleeper games available.

playstation plus games list

Darksiders recently had a sequel, so if you’ve been waiting to jump headlong into the series, grabbing the first games as part of a service you should have anyway is a great way to get in. It really is a great game, and is clearly a great deal as part of the Sony’s service.

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition

This is one of those games that is great to have sitting on your PS3 HDD for when friends come over. Almost every gamer has a least a rudimentary idea of how to play Street Fighter, and it makes for a great same-console multiplayer game.

playstation plus games list

Not only does this game feature awesome gameplay for having fun with friends, but if you want to get hardcore with it, there is a robust online mode that will keep you entertained for hours on end. You can get really hooked on Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition, but don’t get too addicted, as there are a lot of other free games to be had on PlayStation Plus. All that, and the game retails for around $18, so it’s a steal.

Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One

best playstation plus games

If you want to talk about gameplay for your buck; this is a fantastic deal. You get some incredibly fun cooperative gameplay that will keep you coming back for hours. Ratchet and Clank is a staple of the PlayStation brand, and with good reason, as the gameplay is just downright fun. The game retails for $17, so getting it as part of PlayStation Plus is awesome.


playstation plus games

Sony recently rolled out PlayStation Plus to Vita owners, so you can also grab gems like Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Gravity Rush on your portable system to go along with all the awesome games on the PS3.


To put in simply, PlayStation Plus is one of the best values in the video game industry. I might sound like I am coming down on Microsoft pretty hard, but honestly, before PlayStation Plus, I almost never touched my PS3. Now, getting all these game for $50 has made me use my PS3 more than my Xbox 360, and that is something I never thought I would do.

I should mention that you only own these games as long your PlayStation Plus subscription is active. With the influx of new Playstation Plus games coming to the service all the time, keeping the subscription active is a no brainer.

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