5 Apps For The Internet Meme Lover In All Of Us [iOS]

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badluckbrian   5 Apps For The Internet Meme Lover In All Of Us [iOS]If you are an avid Internet user, (I assume you are if you are hanging out at MakeUseOf) you cannot avoid the meme. You encounter them everywhere. The memes are always lurking, even within the relative safety of your favorite social networks. If you are not so familiar with memes, check MakeUseOf’s brief history of memes. It will help you understand what memes are, and why you should care.

If you really love memes and enjoying them while sitting in front of your computer is not enough, these iOS apps will help you take your meme addiction with you anywhere you travel. Whether you want apps to look at funny Internet memes while on the go or apps that allow you to create custom memes when the inspiration strikes you, there is an app that will happily oblige.

Alien Blue

alienblue   5 Apps For The Internet Meme Lover In All Of Us [iOS]

You cannot talk memes without mentioning Reddit. I wrote a detailed write-up on Alien Blue a few months back, and it is still the best Reddit client for iOS. In fact, they have improved it since then. Simply subscribe to r/adviceanimals or r/fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu and get ready to enjoy memes on your iOS device until you cannot take it anymore.

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As an added bonus, Alien Blue does all the other cool Reddit stuff, so you should download it regardless of your stance on memes.

Meme Factory

memefactory   5 Apps For The Internet Meme Lover In All Of Us [iOS]

This app is double packed with meme goodness. You can use it view memes created by others, and create your very own memes based on the popular templates. Let’s say you want to look at Bad Luck Brian memes. You would click “Bad Luck Brian” from the list, and scroll through all the pictures. You can give them a thumbs up or down rating so others will know if it sucks or not.

That is not all. If you are looking at Bad Luck Brian memes, and inspiration suddenly strikes, click the “+” button at the top of the screen, and you can easily create and share your very own Bad Luck Brian memes. It does not get much easier than that.

Rage Wars

ragewars   5 Apps For The Internet Meme Lover In All Of Us [iOS]

This is a free shooter for iOS featuring nothing but rage faces. Not only is it funny to see rage faces running around shooting everything up, it is actually a decent game.

You are Derp, on a quest to rescue kidnapped Herpina, and you must use your entire arsenal to save her. Sound dumb? Of course it is. Let us be honest, most memes are dumb. That is what makes them funny.

If you want a quick laugh while playing a pretty good shooter, Rage Wars should scratch that itch.

Meme Something

memesomething   5 Apps For The Internet Meme Lover In All Of Us [iOS]

You do not want to be a follower, do you? Sure, you can make captions on the same old memes as everyone else, and you may get lots of upvotes on Reddit for it, but wouldn’t you rather create your own memes from scratch? With Meme Something, you can take your own photos and make them into memes. You never know, your meme might become the next big thing.

It is super easy to use. You simply take a photo or choose one already on your device and add your funny caption. You can share your memes via Twitter and email or save them to your device to do whatever you like with them.


memeapp   5 Apps For The Internet Meme Lover In All Of Us [iOS]

This app is called Meme, so it has to be good. It is a simple app for browsing the latest and funniest Internet memes floating around. You can browse the most popular, latest and even break them down by category. Along with your standard funny pictures, there are plenty of rage comics to keep you entertained.


For all of you meme junkies, these apps should keep you plenty entertained. Whether you are looking to make memes or just want to look at funny ones created by others, these applications will keep you busy for hours on end.

What are your favorite meme apps on iOS? Let us know in the comments.

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Nick Bruce

We need a guide like this for Android as well as Windows Phone.

Philip Nelson

No that wouldn’t be necessary because the average IQ of Android and Windows Phone users is above 65.

Nick Bruce

Nonsense! I own an iPad and a Windows Phone and I like to think I am reasonably intelligent.

These kinds of guides are helpful because of the volume of apps on the platforms (though Windows Phone is still lacking).

Philip Nelson

The comment wasn’t in reference to the fact that they own an Apple product, but rather that they find “memes” to be entertaining.

Nick Bruce


Some of the memes are funny, but not all. A lot of them are overdone, but when you find a good one, it tends to be really good.

Philip Nelson

And yes we need more of these guides. I find it extremely difficult to find a decent app for Android.

Nick Bruce

Same with Windows Phone. The interface for the Marketplace just isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.


Laga Mahesa

Whoever makes a tool that autoblocks all rage faces from a device will make an assload of money.


PJ Wessels

Very Nice looking apps. Might need to get a couple

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