5 Amazing Add-Ons For The XBMC Media Center

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xbmc media centerMake XBMC even better by adding these amazing add-ons. Whether you’re into TV, sports or gaming, these plugins will help you get the most out of your television.

Last time, I lamented the end of Boxee on the desktop, but I got over it quickly when I started using XBMC. It’s the software Boxee is based on, and it’s fun to use. Sure, where Boxee is clean and organized, XBMC can be chaotic and hackerish, but that’s part of the fun. But the real fun comes when you discover the various plugins you can add to this system. I’ve been digging in the past couple of weeks, and was surprised to find very few of these great plugins are written up anywhere.

So here they are – the best plugins for the XBMC media center I’ve found so far. Try them out, and point out anything better in the comments below.

Adding Repos

Before we get to the fun part, a brief explanation of repositories. Installing these is important if you want to get updates for your plugins, but happily it is very easy to do. All you need to do is download a ZIP file, then point XBMC towards it. You can do this in the settings: just head to the “Add-Ons” section, then select “Add from ZIP file.”

Once you’ve added the repository you’ll be able to install the software from it, though I’ve sometimes needed to restart XBMC to see the new plugins. That wasn’t so bad, was it?

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If you want to browse, watch and download videos from across the Internet, this is where you should start. NaviX is a collection of user-generated playlists that we’ve covered before. You can find pretty much anything here.

xbmc media center

Download NaviX and you’ll find it under “Programs“.

Free Cable

Do you want to watch content from TV networks around the US? This is the plugin you’re looking for. Featuring streams from NBC, FX, CBS, SyFy, USA Network and more, this plugin gives access to lots of American television content.

xbmc tips

You’ll need to install the Bluecop Repository to install this add on. Once you do, you’ll find “Free Cable” in the video section of the add-on menu.


Imagine TV stations with only shows you like and no commercials. That’s the fun of PsuedoTV, a plugin that brings the mindlessness of channel surfing to your personal media collection.

xbmc tips

The best criticism of media center software is how active it is. You, yourself, need to pick what you want to watch, as opposed to TV where you can mindlessly channel surf. If you just want to relax and just watch whatever for a while this is the plugin for you. It makes up TV channels based on the shows and movies in your collection, and you’ll never know what you’ll stumble upon.

You’ll find this add-on under “Programs” in the add-on menu, and there’s no need to add a repository.

Rom Launcher

Have a ROM collection? You’ll want this plugin, which lets you browse all of your ROMs from within XBMC. It even collects cover art and game descriptions:

xbmc tips

You don’t need to do much to get this working. Just tell the plugin where your emulators and ROMs are and it will figure out the rest. This works great, and is a great deal simpler than the Boxee method I outlined last year.

You’ll find this extension under “Programs” in your add-on menu, and there’s no repository you need to add.

Sports Devil

It’s no secret – you can easily watch sports not broadcast in your country online if you know where to look. Sports Devil makes this even easier, allowing you to browse several online streaming sites with your TV remote.

xbmc media center

Not every stream will work, but if you read through the directions you’ll find that most of them do.

You’ll need to add the Max Mustermann repository to get this working. Once you do, you’ll find this extension under “Videos.”

Other Favorites of Mine

I’ve found a few other great plugins, including Reddit, Al Jazeera, The Guide and YouTube. These can all be found under “Video” and work great.

I’m wondering, though – can you guys point out any other awesome XBMC media center plugins? I’d love to hear about them, because I’m relatively new to XBMC. Fill me in using the comments below.

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bluecop’s xbmc repository also has a Hulu/Hulu Plus plugin.

There’s a Windows-only companion program called XBMC.MyLibrary that lets you add content from plugins into the XBMC library, so they appear right alongside your own locally stored content.


When I wrote this list the Hulu plugin was broken, but it seems to be up and running now. Expect a writeup soon. 



Thank you for that list. Navi-X is a great add-on. I love the NPR Plug-in (which was updated not long ago) – especially because you can watch Austin City Limits shows with it.


NPR doesn’t work with Eden yet, which is what I’m using. I can’t wait until it does!



Hey there, I’ve been using xbmc for about a month now and like all the features, one question on this, When i tried to add pseudotv I get an error ( i have navix installed) any idea why? also I onl viewing this tru my dual core laptop let me know thanks.



how to you add pseudo tv i did tried navix and like it but no luck on pseudo tv

Justin Pot

It’s in the default repositories, under “Programs”. I hope you get it working.


Neil Kalman

I recently discovered sick beard. Basically, it checks with some sites if a new episode of a tv series your watching got released. If so, it talks with your preferred download manager, downloads the new episode, gets metadata on it and inserts it into your library!
Something like a TiVo I guess!
Made my xbmc experience so much more a bucket of win :-)

Justin Pot

Cool, but remember: we don’t condone piracy.


fred phoesh

Hello there,
My favourite add on is using Artist Slideshow to scrape artwork, biographies and album reviews even when listening to KCRW or other radio stations on the Radio addon.
have a look at my eye candy tour of xbmc on youtube



Justin Pot

Very nice.



Hi, I live in Mexico city , I have used xbmc for a while and it really works , can I add Hulu to Xbmc not living in the USA? does it works?

Justin Pot


Hulu is blocked everywhere outside the USA, so far as I know. You’re going to need a VPN to use it in Mexico. Sorry about that!


Iain Brown

how do I get the xbmc tab on the youtube screen I am using openelec xbmc on a raspberry pi and it is working perfectly but I cant stream youtube from my windows phone or my surface pro



I would love for you guys to contact me, I think I have the best xbmc setup, I actually know I do :). I dare anyone to challenge my setup. Flawless customized system. that can be easily installed on any platform within seconds. pdrplayer.com


Ok Sean, I’m curious as to your set up. I can’t even seem to make blue cop work for me. I am new but know how to add repos. I am looking for a user friendly setup with subs. Am using opensubtitle.org but many movies not listed.


Sean, i would like to know what repos and what add-ons are you using??



I just set mine up last night. I used the fusion repo then used the hub auto setup

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