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addicting gamesWeb games are often disparaged by mainstream gamers, but they’re actually a testament to the value of good gameplay. The fact that these tiny games, often made with little to no budget by a single person, can hook players for hours is impressive.

The only real issue with web games is the sheer number of them – and the fact that some websites which host web games are kind of sketchy. There are a lot of great, addicting games to find, but if you don’t feel like digging to find gold, consider these five excellent games.


addicting games

Adding “craft” to the end of a title seems kind of like magic. Ripping off Blizzard’s game titles, Starcraft and Warcraft, would seem to indicate a copy-cat approach. Yet there are a lot of games that follow this formula and are great. Minecraft is one example, and Gemcraft is another.

Gemcraft is basically another tower defense The Best iPhone Tower Defense Games 2009 + Giveaway The Best iPhone Tower Defense Games 2009 + Giveaway Read More game. What makes it interesting however, is that your defense is created by using powerful gems that shoot magic attacks at the monsters trying to overrun you. These gems come in various types and various shades, and the shade of the gem determines its effect. As you play the game you’ll unlock many ways to combine gems, creating unique results that can then be used for defense.


The levels in Gemcraft also have multiple modes of play, so beating a level once doesn’t mean you’re done. I don’t know how much time it would take to beat every variant of every level, but I imagine I’d have gray hairs before I reached the end.

Monster Slayers

addicting online games

A strategy game that takes stylistic tips from the popular Xbox 5 Microsoft Xbox Kinect Hacks That'll Blow Your Mind 5 Microsoft Xbox Kinect Hacks That'll Blow Your Mind Read More co-op game Castle Crashers, Monster Slayers is designed for single-player battles against, as the title suggests, monsters. And these monsters need to be slain yesterday.

This game is very simple at first, and the controls remains basic throughout. The team of five warriors that you assemble respond only indirectly to your commands, which consist of attack, defend, march and fall back. The strategy of the game partly comes from using the right command at the right moment, but success also depends heavily on choosing the right combination of warriors for a given battle.

While that alone would make for an interesting game, Monster Slayers becomes addictive because of the leveling and item-acquiring aspects. Your warriors gain experience from combat, and sometimes gain new helmets that provide bonuses, keeping you around to play just one more level.


addicting online games

If you like fast-paced puzzle games, Stackopolis will be right down your alley. The basic mechanics of this game are very simple. You are given a grid with blocks on it, and you need to move these blocks to fit a pattern that is shown on-screen. Once you move the blocks into the correct pattern they’ll transform into a building or monument to enhance the Stackopolis skyline.

Stackopolis is easy to learn but hard to master. The patterns become more varied and interesting as you unlock new levels, and you are given more blocks to move as well. You remain on a time limit however, so you’ll need to become very good at furiously clicking away in order to construct the most complex buildings.  This is the kind of addicting game you can go back to time and time again just to see how quickly you can beat the levels.

Line Rider

As much a toolset as a game, Line Rider is the sort of title that you can play to just mellow out and try some crazy experiments. There is no real goal to the game at all. You are simply given a blank white space, some tools for drawing, and a spawn point for the Line Rider, a crazy guy that will sled down whatever you draw for him.

While this may sound very simple, it’s actually rather challenging. The Line Rider can be knocked off his sled and thrown across the map if you don’t design him a course that is smooth and logical. You can’t, for example, expect him to come down a hill and then go up a ramp as tall as the hill he came down – he’ll just crash and die.

If you design a project that is particularly awesome, you can upload it to YouTube for others to see and enjoy. Although you may have some trouble beating some of the amazing courses already uploaded.

Give Up, Robot

addicting games

This game is a simple platformer in which you play a robot who has to navigate a number of obstacles. You have the ability to jump over obstacles and you have a grappling hook that can be used to swing across levels. As is the case with most good platformers, these simple abilities are played upon by the game’s level design. You’ll often be asked to use your grappling hook in unique ways, and you may sometimes find yourself having to stop and scratch your head for a bit before you figure out what to do.

I should mention that Give Up, Robot is hard. You’ll die a lot. Fortunately, the levels are extremely small and you respawn at the beginning of the level after you die. You can also save your game at any time and come back to it later.


These five games are very addictive, and should keep you entertained for a while. Choosing just 5 games from the millions of web games available is obviously a bit limiting, however – I know of games I like that I decided not to list here, and I’m sure you know of even more games that you like that aren’t here, as well. Let the comments begin!

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