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43Things is an active community where people can set, track, discuss and share their goals. It’s also a place to discover like minded people and learn from the experience of others on how to achieve your goals.

Track and Share life goals

43Things Feature Overview

  • Track and Share your goals (learn piano, watch all episodes of simpsons, get rid of debt, etc.)
  • Set and schedule goal reminders.
  • Tag your goals and browse community goals via tag cloud.
  • For each goal see: people who think it’s worth it, people who have done this, related goals, user comments, and more.
  • Monitor updates (comments, people, etc.) for any goal via RSS feed.
  • Get automatically connected to the people with same goals.
  • Challenge yourself with one of your goals and declare your stakes.
  • Zeitgeist section: recently cheered goals, recent tags, recent comments, etc.
  • Subscribe to Popular Goals, New goals, recent comments, etc. (via RSS)
  • Need more? Check out video below or navigate to 43things FAQ page.

Quick video demo/intro (

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