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43 Things is a handy website created by the guys from The Robot Co-op. 43 Things i an online community where peopla can create and track lists of the goals they want to achieve or have already achieved and share their progress with others. This service is designed to help people to achieve their goals by bringing them together with people who have same or similar goals.

How does it work?

It is really simple, but before you can start you are required to sign up with the service (email only). Once you have registerd you can start creating you goals (cut my hair, get a dog, tarvel to space, buy Porsche, graduate from Harvard, learn photography etc).

You can either enter your goals directly or discover other goals you may be interested in from other people’s lists. Add goals to your list by clicking ‘I Want To Do This’ button. After goals have been created you will be able to see other people who want same things at the moment or wanted them before.

Next thing is to actually start working on achieving your goals and a good idea would be to start looking at what the people who achieved these goals have done to do so. This is quite useful as it lets you obtain advice from the person who had actually done it.

When the goal is achieved you can mark it as ‘I Have Done This’ and share your expereience with others. Some more features from the service include:


I think this is really cool service in terms of sharing useful experience with other people. Plus it’s fun and extremely addictive, so you won’t gt bored even for a second. Additionally, it’s very simple to use and and has a large user base. Check it out!

Other products from The Robot Co-op include 43 Places (43 places I want to visit), 43 People (43 people I want to meet), All Consuming and (advice on books, movies, music, meals etc.) and lists of bests. Same username and password can be used for all of them.

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