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After every 500 additions to MUO directory , we select the 40 most unique and unusual services. It’s been 5 months since the first one, so it’s time for batch no. 2. As mentioned earlier, this round-up is about those little-known undiscovered apps that are rather unusual, useful, free, and are the must-be bookmarked type. Enjoy!


Top 10:

1. beFunky – Awesome web app that turns images to cartoonized paintings and videos to cartoons.

2. DisplayWars – Incredibly simple tool that helps lots of people. Want to buy a new screen? DisaplyWars lets you compare screen sizes by mapping one display size on top of the other. For smaller items see SizeEasy.

3. [NO LONGER WORKS] DocSyncer – Synchronize office documents in your ‘My Documents’ folder with Google Docs account.

4. JotYou – By using this service you can send messages to others so they get them only when they are in the area you specify.


5. Keybr – Online keyboard to practice your touch typing skills.

6. Mint – The simplest way to manage your finances. More about Mint Save Money and Track Your Finances with Mint Save Money and Track Your Finances with Mint Read More .

7. Numbr – Free disposable phone numbers.

8. PDFHammer – Merge, edit and rearrange PDF documents online.

9. PhoneSpell – Ever wondered if you phone number spells something memorable ? PhoneSpell will find it out.

10. SecondRotation / BuyMyTronics – Want to cash in on your old iPod ? Or mobile phone ? Both of these services will buy your old (broken) gadget, regardless of its condition.


11. [NO LONGER WORKS] BeamIt – Send pictures, music, videos, docs or any other file to your cellphone.

12. BooksInMyPhone – Download and read copyright-free books on a mobile phone. Comes with its own book reader.

13. CallTheFuture – Schedule text messages and get them delivered (as a voicemail) on any desired date in the future.

14. CameraSummary – Extracts so called EXIF data from the images. Shows what model of digicam was used, image creation date and time, resolution settings, location and so on.

15. CanYouRunIt – One-click web app that inspects your PC’s hardware and software settings to determine whether or not it meets gaming requirements for a game of your choice.

16. CellSwapper – Transfer your current mobile contract to someone else. Or get a free plan with only a short term contract.

17. CivilAnswers – Free legal assistance.

18. ControlC – This small cross-platform (Win, Mac, Linux) monitors your clipboard and saves everything online.

19. Definr – Incredibly fast online dictionary. It takes abt 14 ms to lookup a word.

20. – By far the coolest service for private file collaboration and transfers. Add files by email, send voice messages from phone, etc.

21. File-Destructor 2 – Generates files (Doc, PDF, … ) that look genuine but won’t launch properly. Basically, it’s a tool that helps you put all the blame on your “faulty computer”.

22. [NO LONGER WORKS] File-encryptor – Secure encryption tool to freely encrypt/decrypt sensitive files online. Quite handy for sending over sensitive files.

23. [NO LONGER WORKS] FlashPhone – Free flash-based SIP-softphone. Simply add your SIP account and you’re good to go. No need to install anything.

24. Google Mobilizer – Makes your fav. websites mobile friendly. Must-have for your mobile bookmarks.

25. GetMyFBIfile – Here you can generate letter templates that you can use to request for a free copy of your FBI file.

26. LetterMeLater – Offers one feature that your email doesn’t have, “˜the ability to schedule when an email should be sent’. Coolest part about, you can use it directly from your email program (GMail, Outlook, etc.).

27. [NO LONGER WORKS] Mailbucket – Finally, a tool to help you forward emails to your feedreader.

28. Mobical – Over-the-air mobilebackup and restore service. Backup phone contacts, calendar, bookmarks and settings.

29. [NO LONGER WORKS] MoDazzle – Access Facebook, LinkedIn and dozens of other web services (weather, stock quotes, etc.) via email or mobile text messaging. Update Facebook ‘status’, get un-read messages from Facebook inbox, get someone’s profile info from LinkedIn, and lots more.

30. Nanoscan – Super fast yet compehensive online virus scanner.

31. OhDon’tForget – It does only one thing, but does it really well: Schedule text message reminders to any phone.

32. ProQuo – Reduce junk mail by removing your personal data from telemarketing lists.

33. PPCalc – Comprehensive Paypal fees calculator.

34. Rondee – Fast, easy and free way to arrange phone conference calls with as many people as you want.

35. SpokenText – Convert PDF, Word, plain text, PowerPoint files, ,RSS news feeds, emails and web pages to speech.

36. Sullr – Obtain information about telephone lines in reverse mode. Get address, location, owner’s name etc.

37. WakerUpper – Schedule wake-up phone calls. Lots of useful features.

38. WebMarkers – Adds additional option to your ‘Print’ menu that lets you print documents (or webpages) directly to the web.

39. WhatShouldIReadNext – Book recommendation service. Simply enter the author and title of your latest book and it will give you a list of recommended readings.

40. WorldTaxiMeter – Calculate the cost of a taxi ride in a number of top cities worldwide (London, New York, Rome “¦). Accessible both from the web and mobile phone.

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