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Is your MacBook Pro insured? Probably not, right? What would you do if it was stolen? It’s quite unlikely that your missing Mac would find its way back to you. Heartbreaking, isn’t it?

What if you could run an app that would trace your Mac’s location whenever it leaves your wireless network, show you who’s using it (probably the thief!), and tell you exactly what that person is doing with your computer? What if it did this all automatically? No, it’s not too good to be true — this app exists, and it’s called Undercover.

For a limited time only, Undercover for Mac is available for $29 — 40% off its retail price of $49. Grab it now and secure your Mac before this deal disappears, along with your MacBook.

How It Works

Say your Mac goes missing, and you have Undercover running, all you need to do is head to another computer, launch a browser and hop on your Undercover account. From there, you’ll be able to access your Mac’s location if it’s connected to a wireless network. Even if you don’t notice that your Mac has gone missing, Undercover will automatically transmit its location and records it in your online account. Using IP geolocation, Undercover determines the approximate location of your MacBook, which is good enough for your local law enforcement to track it down.

Undercover can also use your MacBook’s webcam to take snapshots of the thief or anyone using your laptop every 8 minutes — and equally as important, the surroundings, which can assist in pinpointing the exact location in order to retrieve your Mac.

You deserve to know what your missing Mac is being used for — after all, it is your computer. Undercover takes snapshots of the screen at regular intervals. It can also show you what that person is typing. From there, you’ll most likely be able to determine the identity of the person who currently possesses your laptop. Better yet, you could obtain the thief’s email or residential address if they check their email or purchase something online.

If your Mac isn’t returned to you, you have the option to lodge a police report from within Undercover. The report will automatically include all of the collected information e.g. location history, photos of the thief and the surroundings, transcripts and screenshots.

Plan B

What if your laptop cannot be recovered by the police? In that case, you might have to take matters into your hands. Undercover’s Plan B does exactly that. Once Plan B is activated, it will trigger your laptop to simulate hardware failure by flickering the screen and erratically changing the screen’s brightness.

The idea is to provoke the thief to get it repaired or sell it to someone else. When that happens — and you will know, thanks to Undercover — you can set a full-screen message to inform the new owner or repair person that it’s a stolen laptop.

Peace of Mind for $29

What does your MacBook Pro cost? More importantly, how much are your files and information worth to you? Losing your laptop may hurt, but not having access to your files and starting from scratch can be devastating.

From now until September 12, Undercover for Mac is available at $29, saving you $20 off the retail price of $49. Get it now before disaster strikes!

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