4 Websites You Can Use To Learn Video Game Facts

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video game factsHere at MakeUseOf, we pride ourselves on our knowledge of the wide world of video games. Could we learn more? Of course we could! No matter how much you think you know about a topic, there will always be a slew of things you never even imagined learning. The history of video games, while short compared to other mediums, has been incredibly eventful. New games release constantly, each containing its own little factoids and interesting stories about just what it took to make the game a reality.

The trick to expanding your video game knowledge is knowing where to look. We have plenty of gaming articles on MakeUseOf, so you are certainly starting off at the right place. However, I am going to take you through a world of other resources you can go to if you need to learn about video games. Whether you want a detailed history about a game, a franchise, or a person in the video game world, or you just want quick and interesting video game facts, these are the best websites to find exactly what you need.

Did You Know Gaming?

This is one of the most fun places to come and learn interesting snippets about video games. Each fact is told in an image, so they are quick and easy to digest. You may have encountered their work before, as the images are often shared on Reddit and other social media outlets.

video game facts

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I’ve always found that the best way to browse the site is to just go to the front page and look at whatever images are there. If that’s not for you, and you want a little more structure, you can view different categories of facts. While it’s not fully under your control like some of the other sites, it still lets you focus on the kinds of snippets that interest you. That being said, don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone, as you just might learn something you never thought you would!

Giant Bomb

I’ve mentioned Giant Bomb before on a list of the best¬†video game podcasts, but the website is actually the best service they offer. In addition to video game reviews and news, it also offers a giant user-edited database about almost every aspect of gaming you could want to know about. It’s like Wikipedia, but without all the non-gaming stuff to get in the way!

video game facts website

The information on Giant Bomb is not digestible in quick little chunks like Did You Know Gaming, but for anyone looking to dig deeper into gaming’s storied history, this is the place to go. Because Giant Bomb has a huge base of users, the depth of content constantly grows. Simply search for anything gaming related that you can think of, and it’s likely that their will be a detailed description on this website.

IGN’s Crazy Video Game Facts Wiki

This is another place to come for bite-sized, easily digestible¬†facts about video games. Sadly, it has not received an update in a little over a year, but that¬†doesn’t make it any less fantastic. The facts listed here are just as interesting as the other places, but it has something that Did You Gaming doesn’t: screenshots for every applicable fact.

video game facts website

Since this is a wiki that can be updated by users, there is nothing preventing it from becoming active again. Of course, whether it becomes active or not, you will still be able to find some crazy facts. For example, did you know that the bushes and clouds in Mario are the same, just a different color? Interesting indeed.


This is a large website dedicated to nothing but video game facts and trivia. The site is affiliated with Did You Know Gaming, so some of that websites content, mostly their videos, will appear here. Of course, I would not list it if it was just a regurgitation of DYKG. There is plenty of original trivia and facts on this site that you might not find anywhere else.

video game facts

The site is still growing, and much of the content is submitted to the site’s¬†creators by its readers. If you go to the giant list of video game series, you might find that the one that interests you is not there just yet, but the content is always expanding. Don’t worry about the accuracy of the video game facts, because even though they are submitted by readers, everything has a source listed, so you can verify them for yourself.


If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about gaming, these websites have you covered. You can lose almost infinite hours absorbing all the content on these sites. Next time you’re talking gaming with your friends, you just might be the smartest one in the room!

What websites do you use to learn about video games? Hit the comments below and sound off!

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David M

Awesome sites. Thanks guys, they’re great to kill some time.


Lisa Santika O

Have to visit these sites sometime soon. GameFAQs forums are homes to many trivias and rumours, but TVTrope’s trivia pages are good too.

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