4 Websites Where You Can Find Free Furniture

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free furnitureEveryone likes to occasionally sit. Sometimes people like to lay down. As a matter of fact, some people even like to set their things… on things. Fortunately, we have furniture to take care of that! However, sometimes furniture can be pretty expensive. Fortunately, there are people on the Internet who are just dying to give their own away.

Below, we have four sites where you can find what you need to plant yourself (and anyone or anything else). These are great sites for those on a low budget and needing to fill the new apartment. So whether you’re just married, just moved out, or just need a new computer desk, you’re sure to find something.

Craigslist [Worldwide]

free furniture

Oh, Craigslist – the cornucopia of stuff. Really, you can find anything on Craigslist, right? (Granted, based on my experience, you can find a few crazies too, so be careful while browsing or posting).

On the free section of the site, you can find that there are people who are giving everything from desks to chairs to beds away. However, I would pay attention to “curb alerts”. Basically, people set their furniture on their curb for you (or the garbage truck) to pick up. With that said, be wary of picking things up that are at someone’s house or not on the curb. Asking to meet somewhere would be best.

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Preloved [UK]

free furniture website

The UK’s site Preloved has a nice little section called Freeloved where you can find all sorts of free goods. Notably, you’ll find free furniture!

What I initially saw on this section of the site is a picture grid akin to Pinterest that features a few free items. After clicking through for more free stuff, you’ll need to input exactly you want in the search box. Based on what I saw, there are no real categories for what types of free items exist, so you’ll need to bring your Googling skills along for the ride.

SnaffleUp [UK]

free furniture website

SnaffleUp is yet another Craiglist-like site, but rather than being home to mostly sell and want ads, it is devoted to recycling old items. With that said, the site has a section exclusively for furniture!

Just punch in the item that you are looking for, and you’ll be sure to find something. Granted, the selection may be slim depending on when you are looking. However, I found six items for the term “chair” posted within the past month.

Gumtree [UK]

free furniture

UK website Gumtree has a small section of freebies where you can find various items including free furniture. To be honest, it was a little difficult for me to find the section on the site itself, and I ended up having to use the old Google machine to search “Gumtree free”.

As for the selection provided, I did find quite a items on the site. Those items included chairs, wardrobes, and even a children’s bed. However, mixed in with the results are a few “want” ads.


The Internet is full of all things free, and fortunately, that includes many practical items! However, as with all cases of Internet interaction, be very careful with who you speak to or meet with.

What other sites have you used to find free furniture? What has your experience with finding free furniture on the Internet been? What do you think of the sites shown here?

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Yang Yang Li

I am so taking your intro. “Everyone likes to occasionally sit” is a great way to start a speech!



I’ve found(and gotten rid of) a lot of stuff from http://www.freecycle.org/



Should add Freecycle (US). It’s a network that connects people in your area. Everything must be given for free. You can offer items and request items. A quarter of my apartment is from there. :P



There are church charities, thrift stores and resale shops for almost free stuff, and you can check the dumpsters at apartment complexes at the end of the month for move-outs!


Lisa Salter

You could also check out new free classified ads site http://www.adsere.com/ you can sell, swap and give your unwanted furniture away. There are charities using the site to sell their furniture items too.



How can I get a free bed delivered? I sleep on the floor..



I found nothing that I liked.

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