4 Websites That Offer Simplistic Portfolio-Ready Tumblr Themes

icon2   4 Websites That Offer Simplistic Portfolio Ready Tumblr ThemesI like switching up blog services every once in a while, and although I’ve tried it before, I’m currently on a Tumblr kick. With that said, I’ve been looking for items mainly in the portfolio arena of blogging, and for most people searching for this type of thing, we don’t want to have worry too much about the design elements of our website. Of course, we want it to look great, and if I knew how to design themes, I would surely do it myself! However, the fact is that I don’t, and I have to rely on other creative people to help me out.

Fortunately, I’ve found a few options that offer clean, simple Tumblr themes that aren’t distracting and are, for the most part, black and white. With that said, you’ll have a lot of options to play around with them, and if you choose to modify them a little, there’s a bit more of a free reign. The sites below offer several black and white, simple Tumblr themes for you to display your work. Also, most of the themes are free! Granted, there are a few paid selections, but the free ones are every bit as good as the paid versions. Let’s look through them.

Rickerlr Themes

rick   4 Websites That Offer Simplistic Portfolio Ready Tumblr Themes

Rickerlr Themes (say that five times fast) features probably the classiest themes out of the bunch, but the website still offers a variety of creations that stick the general idea of being clean and simple. Here, you’ll find artsy-looking black-and-white templates that are great for bringing the colors of your own work to the forefront. There are a few grid-based Tumblr themes found here, but there are a lot of blog-ready themes as well. Furthermore, the typography selections found for headers are already excellent, but the themes in general should go perfectly with whatever you use (header or font) due to their simplicity.

Themes by James

james   4 Websites That Offer Simplistic Portfolio Ready Tumblr Themes

Tumblr theme-designer James has a nice set of themes to offer that are very image-focused. Honestly, I’d recommend these to those of you who are photographers or stylists, but if you’re an artist, I’d recommend staying away unless you want all your work shown at once rather than individually. (I realize this might actually just be a personal preference, but it’s something to take into consideration.) The themes are a little busy, but not in an unattractive away. However, I’m not a fan of most of the themes’ preset font choices for headers. Granted, this can be changed to whatever taste you prefer.

Themes by Meg

meg   4 Websites That Offer Simplistic Portfolio Ready Tumblr Themes

Our girl Meg has a few themes that follow right along with the simple trend, and quite a few of them are free. She does have a few pay-only themes on a separate page of her website, of course. Furthermore, there is even an option to request a theme, and it would appear that she is quite capable of anything that you would throw at her. I noticed that these themes offer a few selections that include heavy image-based banners for headers, and personally, I’m a fan of those types of elements. There are also a few other types of themes to take a look at, and I would recommend pouring through them all just to get a nice overview of what is on the table.


addwater   4 Websites That Offer Simplistic Portfolio Ready Tumblr Themes

AddWater has a tiny selection of themes that are very business-based, and although mainly black-and-white, they mostly have color-based photo backgrounds. There are quite a few free themes from this site, but as always, there are a few paid themes as well. However, what frustrated me was that there was no distinction between the two options on the browsing section of the site. I actually had to click through each theme to see if it was a paid option or not, and admittedly, that was a little frustrating.


That’s all we have for you today, folks. However, I’d just like to add that Tumblr seems like a great place to show your work. It’s a format that seems to be custom-built for creative people, and I’d recommend it to anyone.

Which is your favorite Tumblr theme? Can we have a link to your Tumblr?

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Justine Muller

I have several Tumblr blogs – I love the set up and ease of use as far as a blogging platform is concerned. I will be bookmarking your page for later though, I just updated my themes last week but loved the first of your recommendations. It is sometimes difficult to find good themes (that are free) and safe for use on your site!

Main tumblr = http://shiestykitty.tumblr.com

Well maybe I will have to check out some of these themes tonight on second thought… thanks for the recommendations!

Joshua Lockhart

Thanks Justine. Loving some of the typography on your Tumblr. Did you create those yourself?

Justin Smith

Great post. I was looking exactly this topic and glad I found this very useful. Thanks

Joshua Lockhart

Glad to be of assistance, Justin.


I like a lot of them. Blog ready themes offer the public a popular alternative to WordPress. WP is great, but so is competition.

Joshua Lockhart

Love WordPress, but finding a decent theme can be so tough sometimes. It’s also often to costly to hire someone right away. Granted, if you can afford it, I say do it. I’m messing with Tumblr right now to see if it is feasible to run a professional site with it (from a creative angle), but we’ll just have to see what happens.

Joshua Lockhart

As a writer of this fine publication, I hope you’ll forgive me for saying “to” instead of “too” in my previous comment.

James Hudson

Great post. I was looking exactly this topic and glad I found this very useful. Thanks

Boni Oloff

Nice themes, but haven’t decide yet which one i wanna use.

Joshua Lockhart

Choices, choices.

Dino Pearsons

You know, it never really occurred to me to use Tumblr as a portfolio. Some of these themes look really good, and should be easy to get a portfolio going.

I’d share my Tumblr link, but sadly, my only Tumblr is NSFW, so I’m sure you’ll be thankful if I skip it. :)

Edwin Williams

Thanks! I was actually thinking about changing my theme too!

Boni Oloff

Union 2.1 from Rickerlr looks awesome, I think gonna use that one for sure.


The typography you must be speaking of is from here: http://betype.co/

Definitely check it out – awesome, original work.

The artist can also be found on tumblr by the username betype.

Donna johnstone

Checking out these themes its about time we have some difference instead of the same ol’ same ol’ I am looking for a theme to display lots of pic’s and videos of dogs and cats. Anybody have any ideas?