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dexter tv showLet me start by saying Dexter is by far my favorite television TV show. I went and signed up for Showtime years ago just so I could watch Dexter, and have paid the ridiculous amount my local cable company charges for the channel ever since. The show just brings a certain balance between great story, great action and great dialog that most shows just cannot match. Michael C. Hall shows why he is one of the best television actors in every episode.

If you want to get a little deeper into the Dexter world, you can of course read the books, but the Dexter television show and the books have separated themselves in terms of plot. The next best way to dig deeper into the world of Dexter is on the internet. The internet has a wealth of information on anything, and tons of people ready and willing to give their opinion on anything you are looking for. Dexter is no exception. Check out these great sites for all things Dexter.

Please be advised that these sites contain spoilers, so if you are behind on Dexter or are new to the show, be forewarned.

When it comes to communities, nothing beats Reddit. They have a massive user base, and with that come many knowledgeable and intelligent people. With the convenient way Reddit splits into SubReddits, it is easy to find a community for whatever niche interests you. Thankfully, Dexter is no exception.

dexter tv show

On r/Dexter there are around 10,000 hardcore Dexter fans discussing past episodes and breaking down what happened. They also post theories and opinions on what they think is going to happen in future episodes. There are even some amazing fans that set up their living room like a Dexter “kill room” for the premier of season 6. Of course, they posted pictures for everyone on Reddit to see, and they were awesome!


Dexter Official Page on Showtime

This seems like it might be too obvious, but sometimes the answer is right under your nose. Dexter’s page on the Showtime website features all kinds of information on all things Dexter. They offer all kinds of exclusive behind the scenes footage. Obviously, since they are the official site they get access to things that no fan site or Reddit user can. They have all kinds of information here, but because they are an official site, they lack in opinions and predictions.

dexter episodes

In addition to just straight up information, the official site also has all kinds of fun interactive features as well. One that is particularly cool is called “Dexter’s Kill Room.” This interactive web app gives you information on all the evil individuals Dexter has brought down during the show.

dexter episodes

If you have not watched Dexter before, the official site allows you to sample a few episodes and see if it something you enjoy. This is free, and does not require a Showtime subscription.

Dexter IMDB Page

The internet movie database is the first place I turn when I want information about anything TV or movie related. There are so many little pieces of facts and trivia on IMDB. Of course, you can also find out about every actor that has appeared in an episode of Dexter.

dexter episodes

Outside of just little trivia nuggets, IMDB also offers plot synapses, photos, Quotes and pretty much everything else Dexter related.

The Dexter Wiki

The Dexter Wiki is chock full of information, and it is all delivered by fans with no official slant. They have user written blog posts about anything Dexter affiliated. They also offer information on every kill, character, and scene that is crucial to the Dexter universe.

dexter tv show

There is so much information here that reading it all would make you the utmost Dexter expert. Of course, that would also take an obscenely long time, so I do not recommend it. However, if you have some burning questions about something that happened in the last episode, or 3 seasons ago, the Dexter Wiki is a great place to check.


As I stated before, I am not responsible if the information contained on any of these sites spoils anything for you if you are behind on the show.

These sites contain a ton of information about the hit TV show Dexter. If there is something you want to know about Dexter, and you cannot find it on one of these sites, than chances are it is not important.

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  1. Vedant Kumar
    October 22, 2011 at 5:38 am

    Dexter is my fav. TV show by far and it beats all the oders HANDS DOWN!!!!Thanks for sharing this :)

    • Dave LeClair
      October 23, 2011 at 9:32 pm

      you're welcome!