4 Ways To Sell Your Used Video Games With Ease

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sell used video gamesCurrently, with the newly announced Xbox One, there is a lot of talk about used games. Microsoft is talking about charging fees when a game is installed on more than one console, and obviously, this has gamers upset. However, while we are still blissfully on the current generation, selling used games is still a completely viable option for making some quick cash. There are lots of online places where you take your used games and turn them into cash or credit for purchasing new games.

Some websites offer more money, but a more involved selling process. Others make the process quick and painless, but your monetary gain will likely be lower. However you want to do it, the websites that follow provide you with an avenue for getting your unwanted games into the hands of someone who will enjoy them. Not only that, they will put some much appreciated money in your pocket, which is always a good thing.


If you want to maximize the amount of money you receive for your games, eBay is the way to go. Even with the fees charged on the auction service, games still sell for as close to fair market value as possible. Of course, selling on eBay will require a little more effort than trade-in websites, but it’s definitely worth it for putting as much in your pocket as you can.

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sell used video games

Another nice thing about eBay is that it does not restrict the kinds of games that can be sold. While many retailers will only accept games for the current console generation, you can sell anything on eBay, even the retro stuff. In fact, eBay is the website many classic game collectors turn to first, so if you have some classics, this is the best place to get them in the hands of someone who will appreciate them.


Amazon offers two methods of unloading used video games. First, there is the Amazon marketplace where you can sell used video games for any price you choose, and there is Amazon’s trade-in service, which takes the games at a set price. The trade-in option is vastly easier, as Amazon even provides a pre-paid shipping label. However, if you aren’t in a hurry, and are looking for as much money as possible, selling it yourself is the way to go.

sell used video games online

Amazon’s trade-in page will even let you sell off retro stuff, although¬†the payouts are not great. For example, Super Mario Bros 3, which has a fair market value of around $10, will only fetch an Amazon gift card of $2.25. Of course, that’s the trade off for convenience.

Craigslist (& Other Online Classifieds)

Craigslist is another great place to sell your video games for incredibly close to full market value. Of course, you will be dealing locally, as I do not recommend shipping your games to anyone on Craigslist. There simply is not the protection in place that a site like eBay offers, and it’s far to easy to get ripped off.

sell used video games online

Creating an ad on sites like Craigslist is easy, and plenty of people check the site for video games. Whether you have classic games or new stuff, Craigslist and online classifieds are a great place to sell them without having to deal with packing and shipping them out.

Local Brick & Mortar Stores

This tends to be my least favorite option for selling used games, as they tend to pay the lowest amounts, especially if you opt for cash instead of store credit. However, there is something to be said for the convenience of bringing your unwanted game to a store and getting your money in an instant.

sell used video games

Stores like GameStop, Best Buy, Game, Game Xchange, and plenty of others offer the ability to trade your games for cash or credit. Chances are, any video game dedicated retailer will take used games and resell them at a profit, but other electronic stores are getting in the mix as well. Your best bet is to simply call your local store and see if they take used games. While you have them on the phone, it won’t hurt to ask how much they give for certain games, as you can find out if it’s worth your time to head down there.

One key thing to keep in mind is that many retailers only take current games, so if you want to sell used retro video games, this option might not be good for you.


If you want to sell used video games for cash before the Xbox One possibly kills the used game market, these places will make it happen for you. Whether you are looking to maximize income or save as much time as possible, these options will suit you perfectly.

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Zhong J

Just be aware that selling video games in trusted websites is always recommended, especially since Craiglist’s is a versatile hivemind for scams and such. You can also tell your friends or families at what games they might need and sell it to them.

Suzie Shepheard

I neither would buy a console where I can’t buy used games. Also I benefit a lot of selling my used video games. Do you sell your old games?

Suzie Shepheard

My favorite site to sell my old games is bonavendi.com. If you don’t know the site here is a link bonavendi.com/sell/b/Video%20games.html


Kay Fritz

I will never buy a console where I can¬īt buy used games. I rather stop playing.


Ben A

Trade4cash.com looks like a new one to the market. Prices seem fair and site is well constructed. They have a lot of games listed, way more than walmart or bestbuy or even target/nextworth.

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