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Twitter is rapidly making itself impossible to ignore in the social-networking scene. Celebrities are flocking to it en masse, and everyone from my 60-year-old neighbor to President Barack Obama is on Twitter these days.

The trouble with Twitter though, as with any social network, is that it can be hard to find friends or followers. You’ve got the people you already know, sure; but that’s only part of Twitter. You want to follow people who are doing or saying interesting things, but how do you find them?

With these four applications, you’ll be set to find and follow the people on Twitter who are the most interesting to you.



Twellow is like the white pages for Twitterers (or tweeps, whatever you want to call them). You can search by category (things like “Health” and “Sports”), or search by a keyword or phrase to see who’s interested in the same things you are.

Twellow’s an ugly, but massive, database that will do great things for you if you want to build your Twitter following in a niche or two.




NearbyTweets is  a personal favorite, because it’s shown me all the people I know, that I didn’t know were on Twitter. Enter a city or zip code, and a distance (say, 50 miles), and you’ll get a list of Twitterers nearby.

Following those near you is a great way to make personal connections, as well as stay on top of local goings-on, and NearbyTweets is perfect for that. It keeps a constantly-updating stream of tweets at your fingertips, so you’ll always see what’s going on near you at that moment.


LocalTweeps is another brand-new application, and one of the most promising. You add yourself to a particular ZIP Code, letting your Tweeps know where you’re located. On the LocalTweeps site, you can click a city or state, and drill down the results until you’ve got people located in your city.

This one’s opt-in, so not everyone is included yet, but the list is growing fast. I’m in Charlottesville, Virginia, and there are already 32 people from my ZIP Code signed up with LocalTweeps.

There’s also a running list of which cities have the most Twitterers, with Austin, TX in the lead as I write this with over 270 tweeps listed.  With LocalTweeps, you’ll be able to find Twitterers near you, wherever you might be.



WhoShouldIFollow is useful, because it uses information about you, as well as what you actually tweet, in order to find similar Twitterers for you to be friends with. There’s no real mention of how it works, or what it looks for, but WSIF does a great job of finding similar followers.

It shows you who of your current Twitter friends a given person is similar to, notes where they are and how much they tweet, and provides a link to follow them on Twitter. Results can be sorted by their proximity to a given location, or their popularity. Despite the mystery about how it works, WSIF definitely works.

There are other applications that will help you run your Twitter, see who’s following you, and make it even cooler. Twitter works best, though, when you’re connected to people and companies you find interesting. With these sites, you’ll be making useful connections left and right.

Do you follow MakeUseOf on Twitter? If not you can start following MakeUseOf right now.

How do you find connections on Twitter? And do you call them tweeple, tweeps, or Twitterers? Or something even crazier?

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  1. 1fastbullet
    April 9, 2009 at 6:20 pm

    What have you got to get RID of twitterers?

  2. Ching Ya
    April 7, 2009 at 9:53 pm

    Who Should I Follow is a new one to me, I guess I should try it out and compare the results with twellow or Mr tweet, see how well it works for me. Also, here's a compilation of Twitter Friends-finding with clickable chart within ~ Killer Apps for a Successful Twitter Network. May save some users' time.

    Social Media/Blogging

  3. Selebritiz
    April 7, 2009 at 6:47 pm

    wow, the last one is kinda cool, thx for this !