4 Videos To Inspire You In Your Gangnam Style Step

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gangnam styleAh, the cultural phenomenon known as “Gangnam Style” – a crazy song that no one on the other side of the world really understands, paired with an equally crazy music video featuring a dance that is akin to riding a horse. Who knew that this is the way K-Pop went mainstream in the (primarily) English-speaking world? I definitely didn’t, but I believe this is definitely the case. Two months ago, I wouldn’t have been able to name you a K-Pop artist (or even a K-Pop song!).

Today, I bring you a humble offering – four videos that are driven by the K-Pop experience. They are intense, beautiful, and fun – much like the actual Gangnam Style video itself. However, they are all centered around that crazy horse-riding dance. Now, for the record, I am unable to perform this dance due to my lack of co-ordination, but I’m sure these videos will aid you in your attempts.

A Simple How-To

Right off the bat, it might be good to know how to Gangnam Style. It’s definitely more than just stomping your feet and dangling your arms about, so it might be a good idea to watch exactly how it’s done. Fortunately, “foodie fashionista” Michelle Park interviewed Psy himself to get the details.

Psy – a surprisingly humble, easy-going individual – teaches Park how to properly ride the invisible horse, and in turn, he’ll help you too (unless you can’t dance. At that point, you’re pretty much on your own).

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Age Doesn’t Matter

Now when I say this, I’m not necessarily referring to people who are “old”. I am referring to people who  think that they are “too old”. That is, there are many people who believe that they are “too old” to dance Gangnam Style, and of course, this age is relative.

With that in mind, whenever I find myself in the presence of someone who believes they are too old, I give them this video of a son and his mother putting their own twist on Gangnam Style. The “too old” argument is out like Western music, and with that said, K-Pop has arrived.

You Can Make Your Own Video

Aside from an awesome dance, Gangnam Style has a pretty slick music video, too. I’m sure that many of you have cried yourself to sleep at night saying, “Oh, but if only I could make a music video like that” or “Oh, but if only I had the fancy cameras and lights and stuff!” To that, I say it’s only your own fault.

Right in London, a small group made their own “London Style” music video, and meanwhile, you’re just whining about not being able to make your own, cowboy. (Granted, the song is the same and no changes have been made, but it is definitely worth watching.)

Gangnam Style Is Classy

Besides the subheader for this section being incredibly ironic based on the song’s translated lyrics, I just wanted to say that this video brings some class to the whole Gangnam Style craze. The song is covered using a violin, and that’s crazy. Most people cover these things with a piano or with a horrible acoustic guitar version that sounds like every other college student coffee shop performer who likes to sing about wheat and rivers and stuff.

No, this version brings its A-game, and it does so in style. Also, did I mention that the violinist dances while playing at some point in the song? Yeah, there’s that.


That’s all we have today on Gangnam Style, folks. However, I’m sure we’ll have more crazy videos for you on the next K-Pop craze.

What other videos do you know of that are related to Gangnam Style? Can you dance Gangnam Style?

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Hoku Sarroca

you all should watch the wedding one, it’s pretty funny

Joshua Lockhart

Link me, dearest Hoku.



You should check out the Gangnam Style video without the music… pretty funny…


Just did! Totally hilarious! Thanks for the suggestion.

Joshua Lockhart

I just recently shot a music video, and I think I’m going to do the same thing now…

Joshua Lockhart

I saw this recently! So cool.



jaja really nice xDDD
watch this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mDpgzn7KuzE


salim benhouhou

very funny thank you


susendeep dutta

Nice article.

But there are some hyperlink corrections need to be made.

In first paragraph,the video hyperlink links to a MUO article about Facebook tips.

Under You Can Make Your Own Video section,music video has error.

I hope you’ll correct it out.

Saikat Basu

Thanks for spotting the errors. They stand corrected.



Very funny links indeed! Thanks a lot!

Joshua Lockhart

Psh. I wish I could do this stuff myself.


Edwin Williams

Ahahah! Thanks! I must learn this!




Nethu Alahakoon

I love this song, plus the music!


Zaven Crawfish

the youtube video says it is private WHAT IS WRONG????


Kevin Lee

You know, it’s weird but K-Pop seems less cool now that it’s not a niche Asian thing. It’s kind of off-setting that all these people watch Gangnam Style but don’t realize that every person in the music video is extremely famous in their own right (especially Hyuna).

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