4 Tools to Backup your Mobile Phone

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mobile-backup.jpg We have covered ways to backup emails, wordpress blogs, Firefox settings, computer files …. all but mobile phones. So it’s time to introduce some services to backup your mobile phone, i.e. contacts list, calendar entries, text mesages, browser bookmarks, phone settings, notes etc. As usual, all listed services are free or come with a dececnt free account option.

(1) Mobical – Simple and straightforward over-the-air mobile backup and restore service to automatically backup mobile address book, calendar, settings, bookmarks and notes online. Mobical supports pretty much all modern handsets and can be accessed from any web-enabled device. You can edit contacts, add appointments, and save notes online and it will sync added changes with your handset. Similarly, all on-phone edits will be synced with the web copy. Simple and convenient.

Mobical - Backup mobile address book and calendar.

More details @ Mobical: Backup Mobile Contacts and Calendar

(2) Bloove – Online mobile contact manager and backup tool. Edit address book contacts, add speed dial settings, make calls, and send SMS messages rite from your browser. Any changes made on the web are automatically synchronized with your mobile and vice versa. Supports only Nokia and Sony Ericsson phones. It’s also quite low on data usage and consumes only about 20 Kbytes per hour in idle mode.

Bloove -  Backup your Mobile Contacts

More details @ Bloove: Contact Manager for Your Mobile

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(3) ZYB – Update: The service is no longer available: ZYB provides an easy way to backup and synchronize your mobile phone’s contacts, pictures, text messages and calendar events online. Unlike the above two, ZYB is a mobile networking platform that allows you to connect with friends, share pictures, exchange free messages, and follow-up on updates rite from mobile.

ZYB-ultimate companion for your mobile phone

More details @ ZYB : BackUp Your Mobile Online

(4) Anywr – Anywr is a web-based contact manager and calendar that offers free contacts and calendar backup functionality. Plus you can use to import contacts from your Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, and Gmail accounts and sync them with your phone’s address book. For fulll feature list check out Anywr review on MUO directory.

Anywr - Backup your mobile address book online

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Although it’s still in closed beta, DashWire is another option for Windows Mobile.



okies…good one here too…



Yeah, this link is still here – I just got caught too!




That comment by Swapnil is spam…goes to a “internet business opportunity” site.


Thanks for heads up, I have just removed it.



Hey guys, it’s also worth checking out mobyko.com – it’s is all about ease of use and making mobile back up as simple as possible – which is something we can all relate to! It’s compatible with more than 200 handsets and has a function for i-Phones as well. Well worth a look.


Thank you, will definitely check it out.


Jim Van Dyke

Try out mShare and mHome built by Guiang Corporation. I tried it myself and was able to share and backup everything on my cell phone.




You really should check out Dashwire. It is a completely free service that will backup a windows mobile phone. It’s very easy to use and backups everything.. not just contacts and sms. It will upload all of your pictures, videos, email conversations, you name it. I was just pointed to it a few weeks ago, and have been trying to spread the word on this great service. Give it a try!



Unfortunately, none of these seem to backup a phones settings – i.e. the SMTP, Bluetooth, Ringtone settings etc.

I would gladly pay for a service which could backup these settings.

Any Ideas folks?



I also come across with the same problem.But thanks to a software “Godsw SMS Transfer”,it helps me well to deal with this case.
Maybe you can have a try: godswmobile.com/download.html
And here is the step by step guide from the page of this software:
But it just fits for system “Windows Mobile 5 system” or “Windows Mobile 6 system”. So you’d better check your mobilephone system before you use this software
Goodluck to you



I have an account at http://www.sabidu.net . It’s a free no frills mobile backup site. Probably the right thing if you just want to backup your data without joining another community thingi.



i didn’t use the four above to backup mine,but i use this,
i’ve been using it for a long time ,to tell you the truth,really satisfy me.
you can also have a try too.



This works great.
A lifesaver for me and my girlfriend.

iMobileTool is good.


Hisyam Halim

If you’re looking for a complete backup & sync solution you should try out the free service Rseven (rseven.com). It backup call logs, SMS, MMS, email, images, video, audio and sync your contacts & calendar to a secure, private website. It supports Nokia & Samsung S60 (Symbian) & Windows Mobile phones.

Read more about it at



(imobiletool.com/windows-mobile-backup-suite.html) iMobileTool Windows Mobile Backup Suite 2.10

Requirements: Pocket PC,Windows Mobile 2005,WM5,WM6

Key Features:

* Backup SMS Messages for windows mobile into txt file or .sms backup file and save onto your computer
* Restore SMS Messages from a .sms backup file
* Support customized sms backup
* Support all SMS default folders (Inbox, Outbox, Drafts, Deleted, Send) and custom folders.
* Restore SMS from the .sms backup file
* Export your contacts into txt file or .cbf backup file format and save onto your pc
* Backup both sim card contacts and outlook contacts
* Backup contacts’photos and ringtones
* Edit contacts info on computer directly
* Set photos and ringtones for contacts on computer
* Restore contacts from the .cbf backup file
* Support unlimited contacts and SMS backup/restore.
* Support VGA,WVGA.
* Fast backup and restore speed
* Easy to use



3GMobile SMS + Contacts Backup
It could help you transfer your windows mobile sms to txt files or other backup file and save them in your pc.



I just had a look at most of the services,
here’s what I think:
Really dislike the idea of having to install a software; also would never use a service that cost me money when there are others that are free.

Also had some serious doubts when looking at some privacy policies:
Mobical e.g. might send you spams, Bloove collects personal information and details as do Anywr and Mobyco.
Doesn’t sound pretty convincing to me; really wanna be the only one having access to my data.

My opinion on the services mentioned above:

-Mobical: seems to work with almost all phones, but the way the contacts are displayed looks pretty dated to me

– Bloove: like the Skype-like call function; only works with Nokia and Sony Ericsson though which really sucks

-Zyb: nice design, but I read that it is in Vodafone hands now and can be used only with one phone type…:(

-Anywr: really like the basic functions, but sync works only with the 4 mentioned E-Mail accounts…:(

-sabidu: looks like the winner to me: all the basic functions you need. Easy sync process and compatibilty with Outlook. Clear design, contacts are not doubled during sync, and no collecting of personal data!



Still no joy after ages of trawling through backup software offerings: I do NOT want to backup calendar and SMS – I want to backup the phones settings like bluethooth connection details, SMTP email settings etc.

It seems crazy to me that manufacturers like Sony/Ericsson etc don’t provide a way of going this…

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