4 Subreddits You Should Read For Tips To Stay Healthy and Fit

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I will tell you right now that I couldn’t possible write an article about living a healthy life. I’m a self-confessed Taco Bell¬†connoisseur. My exercise consists of intense finger workouts writing articles for a tech blog that you read. I’m terrible! However, I can certainly tell you¬†where¬†you can find some other health tips. Where’s the first place that comes to my mind? Reddit, of course.

Below, I’ll show you four subreddits designed to help you with your health success. Each one offers a variety of information that should hopefully suit your personal pursuits. However, even if you have a set goal in mind, you might find a few tips along the way that are a little different from what you originally planned. With all this said, I¬†really¬†should get back in shape.


This subreddit is a great way for getting to know the ins and outs of being healthy and fit, and as we all know, there isn’t one particular way of making that happen. Members of the subreddit come from different backgrounds, each one offering his or her own unique tips and choice links for living a healthier life.

There is a variety of content found on this subreddit, and every bit of it is in tune with the idea of health.¬†One keyword found on this site is “exercise”, so if you aren’t sure where to start as far as that goes, you’ll find help here. Everybody will find something different on r/Fitness, so it’s definitely worth checking out.

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The best thing to pair with healthy exercise is healthy food, so luckily, there’s a subreddit for that as well. Here, you’ll find all sorts of health food recipes, ideas, and concepts for living a better life. Furthermore, since there are so many different kinds of diets and plans that exist in this world, there are food tips coming from varying backgrounds, so hopefully, you’ll find the help that you need. The subreddit is a little bland compared to most, but the information found here is quite valuable.


Behind all this healthy food and exercise is a bunch of numbers, and with r/Nutrition, you’ll find all sorts of information covering calories and minerals and other doo-dads that make your body keep going. This subreddit includes a lot of information that you’ll find on r/HealthyFood, but it does differ in just a few ways. For instance, I have already mentioned how there are different types of diets and plans. On r/Nutrition,¬†in order to help with this, the subreddit’s sidebar offers links to all sorts of other food subreddits, so you’ll never be short on information.


If per chance you feel so inclined to lose a bit of weight, then r/LoseIt is a great community for support and tips on making that happen. The environment is very friendly and pro-active, and pictures of before and after bodies are always welcome. This subreddit primarily consists of some redditors seeking a little attention to their progress (which isn’t wrong in the least) and other redditors taking on the roles of being personal cheerleaders. Honestly, if there’s another supportive community like this one, I’ve yet to see it. With such a touchy subject these days, this subreddit (and website) is the one to go to if you are serious about weight loss.


Well, that’s a wrap, folks. You won’t find many other healthier, populated subreddits than the ones shown here. However, as always, I’m sure there are a few smaller, lesser known subreddits with some great health tips.

What other subreddits do you know of that offer great health advice? Do you have any personal health success stories?

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Or for the rest of us, /r/gainit/ if you’re looking to bulk-up at the gym with a healthy lifestyle in mind.



Or you can visit r/popping


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