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therapysignThe World Wide Web has fast become the resource we go to when we need advice on something. How do we do this? Why does that happen? Where can I get XYZ?

Unfortunately, the web is occupied by a lot of spiders that will give you poor advice for a high price or just ridicule you outright. But there are those out there that want to help others, often just for the altruism of it. Let me share with you some sites I’ve used.

Elder Wisdom Circle

elders_wisdom_circleThis is a great resource that helps fill the void left by moving away from our hometowns and having older relatives close by.

What Elder Wisdom Circle does is connect you with cyber-grandparents. These are people who are a little older, often a lot wiser and willing to lend an ear. You submit your question and concerns to the site and one or two Cyber-grandparents will offer you advice based on their experience and wisdom, over e-mail.

For legal reasons, they can’t advise you on legal, medical, tax or investment issues. Mostly it’s to give you free relationship advice – like how you can relate better to your teens, or free love advice – what you can do to show your wife just how much you love her. These are the really important issues of life. Anything else is just gravy.


I have written to them before, and I have to say the free advice I received back was very well thought out and presented clearly with genuine concern. I hope you find the same to be true.

Life Advice from Old People

Seth's Blue Hoodie headshotSeth Menachem’s blog takes him out into the world to ask older people for advice on having a good life. The insights aren’t necessarily directed at anyone’s personal issues, but it does help us tap into the rich resource of experience our senior citizens have. I like to think they are senior in the way a General is senior to a Colonel. Not senior just because they’ve survived, but because they have overcome.

Especially interesting is that the interviews are in video format. It lends a certain credibility to the advice and allows us to get the whole impact of the message. Often, the printed word fails in conveying how hard earned a lesson might have been or how enthusiastic a word of encouragement could be.

Seth also takes some time out to get advice from our future seniors as well. Definitely worth watching!

Teen Advice on has some guides that are, well, lacking. Teen Advice is not one of them. Now, yes, I’m almost twice the age of any teen, however it helps me to better understand the advice today’s teen is looking for. It is a different world, and some principles are eternal, however, I have no idea how to deal with things like cyberbullying or single-parent homes. That didn’t seem to be the norm when I was growing up. So this advice helps me to help my teen as well.

It’s also a fun site for teens as it isn’t all about being talked to. It’s about being heard and being able to put fun into different areas of your life that might be very stressful. The Friday Mixtape idea is pretty cool.


free_adviceLife has been fairly free of litigation for me, but it seems everyone will be involved with the law sooner or later. That’s where a site like FreeAdvice wants to be of help. FreeAdvice seems to cater mostly to the American legal system and its laws, but since a lot of the laws in the world are based on the Common Law system, like the U.S., you may find something that prompts you to dig further in your own local laws.

Although FreeAdvice says it offers free legal advice, well, it isn’t completely free. It is intended to act as a gateway to find you a lawyer to help you and those lawyers pay to be featured. However, that isn’t something that should deter you from this site.

FreeAdvice also has a free consultation feature that is interesting. You can submit your case for review to up to 5 lawyers. No cost – no obligation. Of course, there is also the forum where you can ask questions as well. Over all a very good site to help you understand the law as it applies to you.

Where do you turn to for advice on the web? Got any good sites to share? Where do you turn for free online vet advice, free automotive advice or free doctor advice?   Tell us about it in the comments. It’s like I often say, “The reason there are 6 billion of us, is because we can’t all do it alone.”

Image Credit : Frippy

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