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gifts for dadEvery year, there’s a last minute scramble around June for Father’s Day presents. Even though as of now, Father’s Day is quite far away, it’s never too early to keep an eye peeled for good deals on cool gifts for dad. Or, perhaps you’re looking for a birthday present.

Either way, I have the sites for you, whether they’re ones that carry amazing deals, but that you’ll need to check daily, or the ones where you can find truly unique presents for a truly unique individual.


cool gifts for dad

If your dad is into gorgeous designer watches, Chronoshark is a great site to keep a watch on for that cool gift for dad. Although it only features one watch a day (a bit like Woot!), the deals are spectacular. For example, today’s offering is a Lucien Piccard Rally Sport Watch that retails for $600 in the Watch Group. However, ChronoShark has the same watch for an astounding $59.

Each watch is up for exactly a day only though, as you may be able to tell by the timer under the ‘Buy Now’ button, so if there really is no time to mull over the purchase. However, there is a 14 day return policy, so as long as you keep the watch in pristine condition, including all packaging and tags then you have an additional 2 weeks to determine whether or not you really made a smart purchase. Standard shipping is a lowly $5, so even if you do end up deciding not to keep the watch, you’d only be down 10 bucks.



cool gifts for dad

If your dad’s a bit more of a geek than a watch man, ThinkGeek has pretty much an endless supply of trinkets for your gift giving needs. As you can see in the screenshot above, I’ve picked out something decently masculine, just to give you a sample of what ThinkGeek has to offer.

They have everything from stuffed animals to Caffeine pills to a shirt with a playable guitar graphic on it, which means you have a very very good chance of finding something appropriate. Shipping costs differ by the item, but ThinkGeek has a 30-day return policy, so, once again, you can buy first, think later.


cool gifts for dad

I cannot stop recommending Etsy, simply because the collection of items there are so unique, and so beautifully crafted. Granted, the selection of items is not as large, but the items are all handmade. I ran a search for ‘Father’ to see what came up, and I found cuff links with a hand drawn map of Brooklyn on them, a hand carved collectors Sherlock smoking pipe, and the awesome Man Cave sign pictured above and lots of other very cool gifts for dad. Prices, shipping policies, and return policies all vary by seller, but regardless of which artist you buy from, you’re guaranteed to get a one of a kind item.


gifts for dad

Now if you’re not feeling as adventurous, you could always just get the newest shiny tech toy for your (hopefully) technology inclined parent. TechBargains has an extensive selection of electronics, movies, and games, most at sizable discounts. Although this is another one of those hit or miss sites, when it comes to timing, you can at least rest assured knowing that, regardless of what you buy, you’re going to be getting a good deal. Since TechBargains is just a conglomeration of links to good deals on the internet, there’s no standard return or exchange policy, but as long as you do your homework and step cautiously, that should be no problem.

Now that I’ve shown you four great websites to browse for that perfect gift for your dad, there should be no excuse for any lame gifts ever again. You never know, if you start looking now, you might find a little something not JUST for your dear old papa, but for yourself as well. After all, with all those options, who could resist?

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