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movie-addict.jpg I am a major movie addict. Movies are one of those few things I never get tired of. Over the last couple of years, I have come across many movie websites, most of which I don’t even remember anymore. However there were also ones that made it to my permanent bookmarks. Here, I want to share with you some of my favorite ones. More importantly, those that provide super-useful RSS feeds.

Check them out below.

(1) RSS Feed: Upcoming Movies and Release Dates

The very first feed you should subscribe to is the one for upcoming movies. I use the feed from Rotten Tomatoes, it’s one of the few (if not the only) major movie websites that provides a RSS feed for upcoming movies.

Upcoming Movies - Rotten Tomatoes

Here is the feed:

(2) RSS Feed: Movies and Showtimes for your Favorite Theater

Do you have a favorite movie theater? Here is an excellent tool that finds movie theaters in your area and generates an RSS feed of the currently screening movies.


Check Movies in nearby Cinema

The feed also includes the movie showtimes. So whenever you’re up for the movies just check your feedreader.

Check Movies in nearby Cinema

(3) RSS Feed: Recetly Added Movies to Hulu and SurfTheChannel

Do you like watching movies online? Nowadays, pretty much any movie can be freely watched online. There are websites like Hulu which have agreement with major movies studios and allow you to stream movies online. All of the movies come in a very good video quality. There are also questionable websites like SurfTheChannel (update: the website no longer available). The latter one falls a bit short when it comes to video quality but has a lot more movies to choose from.

Both of these websites offer RSS feeds for latest movie additions.

Rss Feeds for Latest Movies

  • Hulu:
  • STC: (update: no longer online)

I recommend you subscribe to both of them. As soon as new movies are added to one of them you’ll see them in your feedreader. Click and watch it online.

If you’re from outside the United States and want to know how you can watch Hulu Movies check out our quick article on HotSpotShield.

(4) Locate what’s On TV with LocateTV (Movie Listings)

Finally, you might be also interested in knowing what movies are going to be played on TV today. My favorite website for the task is LocateTV. We have briefly covered it here.

Unlike the above ones there is no RSS feed for it, but you definitely have to check it out. Go to the website, select your service provider and choose ‘Movies’. Then you should see something similar to below.

Movie Listings

One really great feature is that you can filter movies by category. Say you’re feeling like watching an action movie then simply check the action category. No need to go through individual channels.

That’s about it… Are you aware of any other websites for movie addicts ? Let us know in the comments!

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