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don't care about ipadTablets are all the rage right now. Whether it is Apple’s iPad 3 or whatever the latest Android model being launched is, it seems like everyone is ready to run out and buy one. Every year, Apple has the media eating out of the palm of their hand when it comes time for them to announce the next incarnation of the iPad, and the iPad 3 was no exception.

Apple does a great job of marketing their products and getting everyone excited, and maybe this has to do with why they are expecting to sell over one million iPads the first week the product launches.

Personally, I do not care about the iPad or other tablets. Whether it is an iPad or an Android Galaxy, I could not care less, and I have no desire to use one. I own an original iPad, and I never use it. It is the most expensive paperweight I have ever owned. I just cannot figure out what it is that people see in them. For me, they just fit into a niche that I have no need to fill.

It Is Just A Big Phone

I already have an iPhone. I use it constantly. In fact, I have had my data throttled every month since AT&T instituted their policy of slowing users down who use large amounts of data. The only difference between my iPhone and my iPad is that the screen is bigger on the iPad. Do I really want to carry around a device that is the same, only bigger? Absolutely not even a tiny little bit.

don't care about ipad

My iPhone fits in my pocket; my iPad needs a bag in order to carry it around. I can bring my iPhone skiing and have it fit comfortably in my jacket; I would look ridiculous with an iPad in my jacket pocket while tearing up the slopes. In the end, the iPad, and all tablets, are just less convenient versions of their phone counterparts.


Not As Powerful As A Laptop

You have to compare tablets on both sides of the spectrum. They are a big phone with the same limitations as a phone, and against a laptop, they are a small laptop with more limitations. They beat the laptop in terms of convenience (with the possible exception of the MacBook Air – that thing is tiny). However, they lose in terms of power. The iPad 3 is pushing some pretty incredible specs, but it still cannot compete with the power of a fully fledged desktop or laptop.

why tablets are useless

Not only do tablets lose in terms of power, but they also lose in terms of apps. So many desktop programs out there cannot run on a tablet. What if I want to use Magic: The Gathering Workstation to test a new deck or play some World of Warcraft? Well I cannot do that unless I also own a laptop, and if I already own a laptop and a phone, than why should I own and use a tablet?

why tablets are useless

There are no SD card slots on many tablets and no USB ports. As much as the companies who make tablets want it to replace your regular computer, with no outside ports other than whatever proprietary thing comes on the device, it will just never happen.


This is not true of all tablets, as some of the Android ones are reasonably priced, but the main thing that prompted this rant is the announcement of the iPad 3, and that machine costs at least double what it should. So it has a retina screen, my iPhone has had that for 2 years! There is no way you can convince me that the iPad is priced fairly when I could get a decent PC for the same price as the base iPad.

why tablets are useless

Thankfully, I did not have to buy my iPad, but if I did, it would have been the biggest waste of money of my life. It has a pathetic 16 GB of memory and cost over $500! Even though I did not spend my money on it, I still feel ripped off just thinking how little I received for the price that was paid. In all honesty, the iPad might be the most overpriced piece of mainstream tech on the market.

Bad For Gaming

I will admit that video games look beautiful on an iPad screen, but who wants to hold a device that big as a video game controller? Playing Real Racing on the iPad gave me more wrist pain than any other video game I have ever played.

don't care about ipad

The iPad 2, iPad 3 and many Android models have made this a little better by making their devices lighter, but in my opinion, it is still way too big to be used comfortably as a gaming device, no matter how many times Apple tells me that gaming on the iPad is amazing.


To sum this whole thing up, I think tablets are a waste. They fit right in between a full computer and a phone, and I do not see why we need another expensive piece of technology to bridge that gap. For some people, who do not need all the features that a laptop offers, I suppose it makes sense to buy a tablet. However, if you cannot live without your laptop, and you own a smartphone, I just do not see the reason to waste money buying an iPad or some other tablet.

How do you feel about the tablet revolution? Do you own and love your tablet? Do you think they are a waste of money? Let us know in the comments.

Image Credit: Two vintage cell phone via Shutterstock, 3d rendering of a laptop and a tablet via Shutterstock, Injured Hand and Arm via Shutterstock

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