Crop, Retouch, Fill, And Create New Images With These 4 Online Photo Editors

pixlr1   Crop, Retouch, Fill, And Create New Images With These 4 Online Photo EditorsWhile there is simply no comparing robust photo editors like Photoshop or Gimp to online alternatives, sometimes a simple online tool is all you need to get the job done. Whether it’s content aware cropping and filling, applying filters and textures, or even doing a little bit more Photoshop-like tasks like using a cloning stamp, there’s a wide array of online tools that will get the job done, and for free.

We’ve put together a list of four online tools that should be in the arsenal of any photographer, designer, or blogger, making it easy to get basic photo editing tasks done on the fly, and in some cases, even on your mobile phone. In no particular order, here they are.

Content Aware Cropping with Croppola

If you’re looking for the perfect way to crop your photos online, look no further than Croppola.

The free online service goes beyond giving users a way to simply crop images. Croppola provides users with content aware cropping, meaning that it will suggest, based on your image, how it should be cropped.

Upload your image to Croppola, and choose the dimensions of your new cropped image – the options include maintaining the image’s aspect ratio, square, 4:3, 3:2, 16:9 and more. It even has a setting to crop an image to the Facebook timeline’s cover photo.

Croppola   Crop, Retouch, Fill, And Create New Images With These 4 Online Photo Editors

After choosing the crop, you can download the cropped image to your computer.

With Croppola, you can crop multiple images on the website, and download them all as a zipped file. Find out more about Croppola here.

Content Aware Filling with WebInPaint

While Photoshop offers users a great content-aware filling feature, not everyone can afford Photoshop. If you want to use the feature online, give WebInPaint a try. The free service allows users to upload images to the website. Simple swipe over the parts of the picture that you want removed, and WebInPaint will do the rest.

For a free, online service, WebInPaint works surprisingly well. We tested the service with busy photos filled with distractions that we wanted removed, we tried it with simple images, removing just one element, we tried it with black and white photos and color, and in all situations, it was able to successfully remove the parts of the image we didn’t want. An example can be seen below. Before putting the image in WebInPaint it looked like this:

Coptic Egypt17   Crop, Retouch, Fill, And Create New Images With These 4 Online Photo Editors

And after removing one element from the photo, this is what it looked like:

Coptic Egypt17 edit   Crop, Retouch, Fill, And Create New Images With These 4 Online Photo Editors


Robust Photoshop Features with Pixlr

If you’re looking for an all-in-one online photo editor, Pixlr is one of the most robust options out there. We’re also big fans of the fact that it looks and feels a lot like Photoshop, making it pretty easy to use. You can upload images directly to the site, or even just import an online image using the direct link to the JPEG. Another great feature that Pixlr offers users is the ability to create new images with transparent backgrounds, so you can create PNG logos without having to worry about having access to Photoshop.

pixlr   Crop, Retouch, Fill, And Create New Images With These 4 Online Photo Editors

Pixlr is packed with basic and advanced editing features – from cropping and resizing to a clone stamp, magic wand, layer,s and much more. Pixlr is also available as a mobile app.

Apply Filters with PicMonkey

With an Instagram-led obsession with filters, no online photo editors list would be complete without at least one option which gives users access to lovely vintage filters. PicMonkey definitely fits the bill with a ton of filters to choose from. Not all of them are available for free however, with some features limited to paying members. A membership will set you back $4.99 a month.

PicMonkey   Crop, Retouch, Fill, And Create New Images With These 4 Online Photo Editors

Other than adding filters, PicMonkey also provides users with basic photo editing features, retouching, adding text, frames and textures to images, and more. Find out more about PicMonkey in our in-depth review here.

What are your must-have online photo editors? Let us know in the comments.

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Noy Sobu

I am using the last two sites mentioned. They are really of great help.


There is another pixlr service,, which allows you to add filters, overlays, and borders to photos. It’s great fun and produces pretty good results.

Deep Chauhan

There are other sites that helps in editing and enhancing your images and

Jeffrey Zabala

I’ve used Pixlr before. It’s definitely a good site for some quick edits.

Shaun Campbell

Great tools, thanks.

Saturday Sazaran

no Sumo Paint?


Is there any site to work on TRANSPARENCY of PNG images? I hate to fire Photoshop for such small needs.

Marian Cimbru

WebInPaint is awesome! Thanks for the tip!

Andrei Anikin

been using pixlr fo some time, now I need to check out the others, thanks!

Xhonaldo Myrtaj

I use them very often and they seem to satisfy my needs.

Juan Carlos Espinosa Agudelo

I think Sumo Paint is definitely one that should join this list.

Other than that, in Chrome Web Store, I always see Psykopaint as one of the most popular ones, although, I personally haven’t used it yet, so can’t tell you how it is.

There’s also “deviantART muro”, which I suppose would be more specific for DeivantArt users.

Utpal Deb

For simple editing needs, I think iPiccy is very good. No registration is needed and one can start editing right away.


I agree with you. It is easy and free of charge as well


I agree with you. It is easy and free of charge as well

Utpal Deb

For simple editing needs, I think the free online ” iPiccy ” is very good. No registration is needed and one can start editing right away.

Tech Nech

wow! Nice sites. I am gonna use them now… YAY! :D

Shawn Dreelin

Great list. I’ve been using the last two and Pixlr Express as well since the Aviary suite shut the doors to their online offerings. I find these tools to be useful when you need a quick edit and you are not near your computer.

One thing I wished at least one of these offered was the ability to do photo markup. Aviary had a tool to do this. On my mobile I like Skitch, but anyone know of a good online tool to markup photos with highlighting, arrows and text? Still looking for a good tool.


Pixlr is an awesome online editor. Lots or great features like the “magic wand” tool. Easily open, edit and save without downloading the need to download any software to your computer. Both and advanced and express version – love it.

Cher Kissell

Wow, I didn’t realize there were so many options for photos right online…thanks for providing this article…I’ve bookmarked every page and will be exploring. I do have both photoshop and gimp…but they are not very intuitive programs to work with.

Scott Macmillan

These will be very nice when I really don’t need the full use of Photoshop.

Library Lady (free) has many features similar to Gimp, but is more user-friendly. it is a very good all-around editing program. The tools you describe are perfect to fill in its gaps. Thank you!


I always wondered, what is done with your picture after you upload them to a editing site? Are they kept? Deleted?

Fiona Andersen is a free download and is absolutely brilliant for editing photo’s. It’s my first go-to point before I use Photoshop.

Brenda Whitehead

I have Photoshop Elements, but for the quick jobs, I love Photo! Editor. With this free service, I can resize, change the lighting, have my choice of colour filters, crop,
fix red eye, denoise, deblur, and straighten a crooked picture. There are other things as well, but these are the main ones. If you missed it earlier, IT’S FREE.

Alexis Gelay

Is there anything that does all of these in one or do you need to go to the various sites for whatever you need? Otherwise these are great finds for people who don’t have the extra money lying around to cough up for photoshop.

Shmuel Mendelsohn

Now I feel bad that I spent so much for Photoshop!

Larry Workman

Other that the WebInPaint program the two online features worked great! I could NOT get the WebInPaint to remove any objects. Yet it effectively underexposed the whole photo. I even went to the program on the website and tried it there, same result.

Edward Bellair

But if you already have GIMP why would bother with online photo editing?

Keith Swartz

Online, online & online! I doin’ mo’ & mo’ online!


Photo Raster is pretty good, too.

Jacques Knipe

Actually wanted a decent online Photoshop type editor two days ago. This is a great help!

Ashok Kumar

good information. Pixlr and Picmonkey are really good tools for photo editing.


Pixlr is a great extension and app. I’ve used the desktop version extensively and it’s one of the simplest ways of doing screen captures, annotation and posting- all within the browser. really nice.

Catherine McCrum

Has anyone looked into “who owns the altered image” after it has been altered using any of these options? I seem to remember something about an online photo/image service that claimed ownership of the finished image to use however they wanted to use it. I have not checked into the usage agreements of these services yet, just wondering if anyone found anything to be concerned about?