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one-deal-a-day Looking for a place to find some really good deals? Feeling like spending a couple of bucks on something cool? Or just plain bored? Continue reading. Below you’ll find some of the best One Deal A Day sites out there.

You might have heard about Woot, but there are others good ones as well. While none of these sites will give you an amazing deal every other day, once in a while there will be some awesome items at dirt cheap prices.

So here you go, one sale a day sites that don’t suck.

(1) Woot

woot like sites

In case you haven’t heard about Woot before, here is a quick recap.

Woot offers one product per day until the item is sold out or the product is replaced at midnight with the new offering. It is the pioneer of the “one deal a day” business model and so far the best one deal a day site on the web. It’s also the most popular one, so whenever it posts some nice item it sells out within the first few minutes.


More about Woot:

– usually sells some computer hardware or electronic gadgets
– charges a fixed $5.00 shipping fee
– very active forum where you can discuss the daily deal with others
– Bag Of Crap (BOC) : read below

In lieu of typical product sales, Woot occasionally offers a $1.00 fukubukuro-like blind grab bag officially called “Random Crap”. Its accompanying picture has lent it the name “Bag O’ Crap” (BOC). The BOC includes dollar store items and may also include significantly more expensive items such as large flat-screen televisions.[6] The BOC typically triggers the flooding of Woot’s servers with thousands and thousands of order requests. The available BOCs typically sell out within seconds

(2) Whiskey Militia

Whiskey Militia -  one sale a day website

This one is for gear addicts. Whiskey Militia usually lists brand goods at heavily discounted prices, everything from sunglasses and backpacks to snowboards. I don’t have much experience with the site but everytime I compared their daily deal with the cheapest item on eBay their deal would be about 2 times cheaper. So they do offer a bargain deal here.

Some noteworthy features:

– shows item sellout rate and how many left (like on Woot)
– in most cases the item available in different sizes and colors
– multiple images
– max. 3 items per person
– ships internationally
– Whiskey Militia tracker / alert (get notified about new items)

(3) 1 Sale A Day

1 Sale Per Day

1 Sale A Day (the link was removed) is nowhere near the popularity of Woot, but that being sad they do post some good deals. Now one thing I really don’t like about it is that there is no indication of how many items were sold and how many are still left. So you can’t really see how fast the item is selling and how hot it is.

Another issue is customer feedback, many people complained that they have never received items or that they weren’t as advertised. You can check those reviews on ResellerRatings.

Update: the 1 Sale A Day site was delinked due to negative feedback from MakeUseOf readers.

(4) Shirt.Woot & ShirtsOnSale

These two are only for t-shirts, nothing else. If you’re a t-shirt guy then make sure you add these two websites to your bookmarks.


The Shirt.Woot is a little sibling of Woot that sells only t-shirts. One item a day at a flat rate of $10 (free shipping).

woot shirt - one tshirt sale aday

Shirts On Sale

The Shirts On Sale gives you the straight dope on the best tshirt sales and discounts. They don’t sell anything but only collect bargain t-shirt deals from other sites like Shirt.Woot, Uneetee, The Ryde and Shirtaday.

We will never send you somewhere we aren’t willing to spend our own hard-earned cash — unless they’re offering a deal that’s too good to pass up of course.

Moreover, the site offers plenty of discount coupons (ranging from 5 to 30 %) for some of the most popular t-shirt printers on the market.

The other relatively good one sale a day websites you might want to check out are Steep And Cheap, Shnoop, Yugster and ThingFling

Are you aware of any other sites that should have been mentioned as well? Lets us know in comments!

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