4 New Fighting Games To Keep An Eye On In 2013 [MUO Gaming]

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new fighting games 2013Ever since the release of Street Fighter IV, the fighting genre has seen something of a rebirth. For a long time, the genre had grown stagnant, with only the hardcore fans keeping things afloat. Since then, Capcom has saved the day, and given way to some incredible games from itself and other popular developers.

With the rising popularity of the e-sports scene, fighting games have been placed in the forefront more than ever, and gamers are being exposed to high levels of play in ways that were never possible. No longer do spectators have to travel to events to watch the best players in the world. Instead, simply jumping on Twitch provides access to the most skilled fighters around.

With all that in mind, there are some big, new fighting games in 2013. Some have already been released, and some are still to come. These games are definitely worth looking for, as they all bring something special to the table. If you love fighting games, these are the games you are absolutely going to want to play in 2013.

Dive Kick

Dive Kick is a weird game that drops complicated button combinations, one of the staples of fighting games, entirely. Instead, players simply jump and execute a kick. Instead of the game being based on who can press quarter-circle-punch faster, it’s about precision timing and speed. The interesting gameplay, slick visuals, and high interest from the competitive scene makes this a fighting game worth keeping an eye on.

new fighting games 2013

Dive Kick actually started as a joke from its creators, but as it turns out, gamers are actually very interested in a simplified fighting game. The Kickstarter campaign was actually canceled midway through funding because the game landed more traditional funding through a publisher, and it is set to release sometime this year.

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Injustice: Gods Among Us

Do you love comic books? Do you love fighting games, specifically Mortal Kombat? If so, this is the game for you. The creators of Mortal Kombat, one of the most beloved fighting franchises around, have applied their skills to this fighting game, and so far, it’s looking impressive.

The game is already available, and it’s currently sitting at above 80% on GameRankings.

new fighting games

Will this game make a splash on the competitive scene? That remains to be seen. However, if you love the idea of having Batman and Superman square off in a one on one fight, get this game. It makes some changes to the Mortal Kombat formula, but keeps enough to feel familiar.

Tekken X Street Fighter

Admittedly, I don’t know for sure that this game is coming out in 2013, but it’s possible. Street Fighter X Tekken was released last year, which brought some of the most beloved characters from the Tekken universe into a Street Fighter style game. Now it’s Namco’s turn to take Street Fighter characters and adapt them to Tekken’s fighting style.

If this game does release this year, it will be the fighting game to play. Seeing Street Fighter characters fighting in a 3D space is just not common, and if done right, it will be downright incredible. If it doesn’t come out this year, I would certainly expect it be released at some point in early 2014. It’s possible that Namco could be holding back the release for the next generation of consoles, but only time will tell if this is how it happens.

Dead Or Alive 5 Plus

Looking for something to play on that PlayStation Vita? Dead or Alive 5 Plus takes the best from Dead of Alive 5 and adds some awesome new stuff. It adds an interesting Touch Fight control mode that allows gamers to play the game using only the Vita’s touch screen. It also adds a new tutorial mode designed to help gamers who are unfamiliar with the DOA formula get up and running.

new fighting games 2013

The PlayStation Vita is hurting for games, but DOA 5 is definitely one that is worth owning. It’s an incredibly deep fighting game that can be played anywhere you go. It’s available now, so if your Vita is feeling sad, lonely, and unplayed, get this game and you will be happy.


It’s a good time to be a fighting game fan. Each of these games brings something new and exciting to the table, so no matter what kind of a fighting game you enjoy, at least one of these games will suit your tastes. Whether you want simple or complex, 2013 has you covered.

Are there any other new fighting games in 2013 you are looking forward to? Hit the comments section below and let us know!

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