4 Mobile Versions of Popular Social Media Platforms

shutterstock 57482836   4 Mobile Versions of Popular Social Media PlatformsSocial media, although the ideal match for smartphones and tablets (read: the iPad), still doesn’t venture too much from it’s traditional home; the desktop PC.

Nevertheless, these websites all have mobile counterparts, be it mobile websites tailored to look like mobile apps, or actual applications. StumbleUpon, a latecomer, only recently added mobile support.

This inspired an article. Exactly how decent are these mobile social media counterparts? That’s what we decided to find out.

Digg Mobile

You can reach the mobile Digg website by surfing to m.digg.com on your internet-enabled phone. If you just want to give it a spin, you can also open it in your local web browser. The website works pretty much like you’d expect. If you aren’t logged in, you can view the Top News and upcoming stories. Clicking on an article’s Digg count will open the comments page. You’ll need to be logged in to comment.

digg droid   4 Mobile Versions of Popular Social Media Platforms

Contrary to the full site, Digg items work like regular links and open without the Digg frame to save on screen real-estate. It should be noted that the mobile website is already fitted to the ‘new’ Digg. Logging in allows you to view the My News tab, which are essentially site subscriptions.

StumbleUpon Mobile (App)

StumbleUpon has recently released applications for the iPhone, iPad and Android systems. It doesn’t offer a mobile web-interface. Those of you who’ve been using StumbleUpon’s desktop web interface knows that’s the right course of action. Even on my aged v1.6 Android phone, using StumbleUpon was a remarkably fluent experience. If you’ve got a decent carrier plan, you should definitely give the application a go.

stumbleupon droid   4 Mobile Versions of Popular Social Media Platforms

Once you’re logged in, the five-buttoned interface shown above is almost everything you’ll need. Clicking the StumbleUpon logo will show you random, interesting pages. Just like its desktop counterpart, you can stumble through single categories or websites. You can rate a page, and influence future suggestions by pressing the thumbs-up or thumbs-down button. The info-icon will show you the overall web-page info, people who’ve liked the page, and reviews/comments.

Delicious Mobile

Like Digg and Reddit, Delicious offers a mobile version that’s on par with most site-based mobile applications. But even though the Delicious interface felt good and no features were lacking, this mobile counterpart of Delicious felt more like a bookmarks browser than a complete tool set.

delicious droid   4 Mobile Versions of Popular Social Media Platforms

You can use the tabs at the top of the page to explore newly popular links, or browse through your own bookmarks. New links can be copied from your browser’s address bar and pasted in the save tab. Here you can add a title, note and relevant tags.

Reddit Mobile

Reddit is the biggest competitor of Digg, and has become even more popular when people turned up their noses at the new Digg. No matter your personal preference, Reddit is generally recognized as one of the great social media websites, with an especially vigorous comments section – it’s where half the fun happens.

reddit droid   4 Mobile Versions of Popular Social Media Platforms

The mobile Reddit website sports an iPhone app-like interface. Between these mobile web-competitors, Reddit comes out best; with great screen real-estate and every feature easily at hand. It was very satisfying to use. Clicking on the comment count will get you to the comments, as shown in the right screenshot. The options button allows you to mail, tweet, or report the article with just two taps.

Do social media sites like Digg and StumbleUpon belong on a smartphone? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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Dave Drager

AlienBlue is my favorite iPhone reddit app by far. Love the interface and ease of use! Even the founders recently admitted they don’t use the mobile version because the app is so sweet. There is a free version and a pay version.

Simon Slangen

Thanks for the tip, Dave!


“Reddit is the biggest competitor of Digg,”

Lol. You fail.

Simon Slangen

Care to weigh in? What do you see asl the main competing website?


“Reddit is the biggest competitor of Digg,”

Lol. You fail.

Nat Jay

Yahoo! Answers recently launched the mobile version of their Q&A service. Personally, I feel that news & forum-like sites translate well to mobile screen space compared to graphics-heavy and content-heavy sites. Easy-of-use and accessibility are the core drivers for the success of mobile sites.